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Insomnia Control Review
Insomnia Control Review

PUBLISHED: 01/23/2017 by BR Publishing
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Insomnia Control

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Insomnia is the main cause of stress induced by lack of sleep in today’s world. The product Insomnia Control is a specially formulated remedy for insomnia. The product helps balance the system and give you the deep restful sleep you truly deserve. This product is of all natural ingredients so there are no side effects while using this supplementation. Insomnia Control is advised only to be used by adults and is mainly for external use only. The company that manufactures Insomnia Control is Forces of Nature. This is an American company that is manufacturing different products for homeopathic treatment for stress relief. The company has FDA approval and is acclaimed of producing high quality products for homeopathic remedies.


Insomnia Control contains the following ingredients: Coffea Cruda 30C (common name: Coffea- Remedy for Restless Sleep), Lactuca Virosa 12C (common name: Wild Lettuce- Remedy for Insomnia), Lavendula Vera 12C (common name: English Lavender- Remedy for Insomnia), Lupus Hummulus 30C (common name: Hop Leaf- Remedy for Insomnia), Piper Methysticum 30C (common name: Kava- Remedy for Sleeplessness), Verbena Hastate 6C (common name: Blue Vervain- Remedy for Insomnia), Scutellaria Laterifolia 12C (common name: Blue Skullcap- Remedy for Nervousness).

Product Features

The product is used to give relief to insomnia. Insomnia control is made of all natural ingredients. The ingredients used and what they do are follows. The product contains Coffea Cruda which is commonly known as coffee. This ingredient is most commonly used as a remedy for restless sleep in homeopathic medication. Lactuca Virosa most commonly known as wild lettuce is also there in the product and it is used as a remedy for insomnia. The other ingredients used as remedies of insomnia that are present in the product are Lavendula Vera which is English lavender, Lupus Hummulus which is commonly known as hop leaf, Piper Methysticum which is known as Kava commonly and Verbena Hastate which is mostl popularly known as Blue Vervain. The ingredient used for nervousness is Sctellaria Laterifolia which is most commonly known as Blue Skullcap. These are the active ingredients in Insomnia Control which mainly focuses on treating insomnia and helps promote restful sleep. The inactive ingredients in the product are Lavandula Super Oil which is Lavender oil, Salvia Sclarea Oil which is most commonly known as Clary Sage Oil, Anethenis Nobelis Oil which is Roman Chamomile oil and Sesamum Oil is most commonaly known as Sesame oil. These oils are used in the product to calm the system, promote calming, to promote calming effect on pain and to provide a deep penetration action.

This product is produced as an ointment to apply on the forehead, chest and back of the neck. The application is very simple and mess free. Insomnia Control does not contain any chemicals pesticides or toxins and only contains medicinal plants as above. These plants are grown naturally without the use of any chemicals or pesticides far away from pollution.

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  • The product is an ointment so there is no risk associated with digestion which is very hard to treat.
  • Insomnia Control contains all natural ingredients and therefore safe to use.
  • The process is a certified homeopathic medicine.
  • The use of this product not only promotes deep restful sleep but also feel refreshed in the morning.


  • The product if contacted with eyes, damaged skin or skin with blisters may cause certain issues. Please contact a medical professional in such instances.


As you can see this homeopathic remedy for insomnia has been proven to provide restful sleep and it is safe to use.

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