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Hyland’s Arsenicum Album Review
Hyland’s Arsenicum Album Review

PUBLISHED: 03/31/2016 by breditor
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Hyland’s Arsenicum Album

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Arsenicum Album by Hyland’s is offered as a homeopathic support for diarrhea. The manufacturer claims the formula works to stimulate the body’s own responses to the disease so that the body heals itself, which is one of the core principles of homeopathic medicine. The formula featuring a single ingredient (Arsenicum Album) is claimed to work without producing any unwanted side effects or interfering with other medications.

Hyland’s is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in U.S., having been founded in 1903. Currently, the company offers a wide variety of natural homeopathic medicines designed to treat a broad spectrum of conditions, from pain relievers to skin care products.

Hyland’s Arsenicum Album is recommended for adults and children and the dose should be adjusted accordingly. Pregnant and nursing women are advised caution, and explicit medical recommendation is advised. Also, the supplement administration should be stopped if symptoms persist more than 7 days, in which case a healthcare practitioner should be addressed for treatment adjustment.


Hyland’s Arsenicum Album contains the following ingredients: Arsenicum Album 30X

Product Features

Arsenic is a trace element, naturally occurring in small amounts in foods like seafood, poultry, grains bread, mushrooms, cereal products, and some dairy products. Some forms of arsenic are used as medicine, which is the case of Arsenicum album – is a solution used in homeopathic remedies which is prepared by diluting aqueous arsenic trioxide generally until there is little or no arsenic remaining.

Despite serious safety concerns that usually have to do with its reputation as a powerful and dangerous poison, Arsenic is successfully used in dilutions as homeopathic remedy. The array of potential benefits is rather large, including psychological problems and mood related issues, as well as physical conditions.

In homeopathy, treatments are based on the principle of “like cures like”. Particularly, a substance which may in large doses be the cause of undesirable symptoms can in homeopathic potency (dilutions of various concentrations) repel these similar symptoms out of your system.

Arsenicum album can prove effective against digestive disorders (diarrhea, such as this formula being reviewed), sleep problems, anxiety, food poisoning, vomiting, flue, indigestion, nausea and intense thirst, asthma, allergies, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), a variety of skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, burning, swelling, itching sensation, etc.)

There are no known side effects associated to Arsenicum Album, and other than pregnant and nursing women and children under the age of 3 there are no other categories which should consider extra precautions.

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  • The formula is based on a very popular homeopathic remedy, which has a ling history of safe usage
  • The manufacturing company is a highly respected manufacturer of homeopathic remedies
  • The price for the formula is rather low
  • The formula is suited for both adults and children, in different doses


  • Limited number of consumer testimonials
  • Lack of research involving the formula, as well as some amount of controversy regarding homeopathy effectiveness


Proposers of homeopathy claim that highly individualized prescription that take into account a number of physical, psychological and emotional characteristics of the patient can be just as effective as traditional or alternative (Ayurvedic for instance) remedies. On the other hand there are others who claim that homeopathic solutions are sometimes so diluted to the point where there may be no molecules of original substance left, and hence no grounds for effectiveness.

There are no large scale scientific studies to support its effectiveness; therefore certain questions remain over its effectiveness. The formula reviewed here has received a limited number of reviews, mostly positive nonetheless. The fact that the price is low limits the risk associated to a lack of effectiveness. Remember to talk to your healthcare provider prior to starting treatment.

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