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Honeybee Propolis Review
Honeybee Propolis Review

PUBLISHED: 01/14/2013 by BR Publishing
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Honeybee Propolis

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The dietary supplement Honeybee Propolis advertises the spectacular benefits of Bee Propolis, a resinous mixture collected by bees and used in numerous countries all around the world for many centuries. The manufacturing company Goldshield Elite advertises the following benefits for this product: immune system boost, alleviating symptoms of allergies, hay fever and sinus conditions. However, the benefits of Propolis are not limited to those exercised on the immune system, but also include blood vessels and the endocrine system.

The reputation of Goldshield Elite is extremely positive. The company is an international distributor of dietary supplements. Its brand portfolio includes four manufacturers of dietary supplements, herbal formulas and home care products, particularly: W.T. Rawleigh Products, Achievers Unlimited, and Changes International. The company operates a direct selling business, with products being sold through a distributor’s network.

Honeybee Propolis is recommended to those who wish to boost their immune system or treat an immune system condition.

Honeybee Propolis Ingredients

Honeybee Propolis includes the following ingredients: Bee propolis, Molasses, Honey, Dextrose, Cocoa powder, Carob, Gelatin, Magnesium stearate, Talc, Silica, Wheat germ, Natural and Artificial flavor and Riboflavin.

Product Features

Honeybee Propolis features as core ingredient Bee Propolis, a mixture of beeswax and several types of resins collected by the honeybee from tree buds and plants. The mixture enjoys an incredible popularity, being used medicinal purposes since 350 B.C. Unfortunately, published scientific research is rather limited at this moment. Nonetheless, Bee Propolis is used on a large scale for its numerous antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties.
Its practical therapeutic applicability is consequently extremely extended. Some of its most notable uses include immune system benefits (relieving symptoms of flues and colds, allergies, etc), gastrointestinal benefits, wound healing properties (skin eczemas and swollen skin, insect bites, skin ulcers, lesions, wounds, etc), liver protection and many others.

Propolis contains high concentrations of antioxidants, making it an excellent free radical damage fighter. Additionally, it contains Vitamin C, B complex Vitamins, and Vitamin E which naturally support immune system function.

Bee Propolis is generally safe, however in rare cases side effects such as hives, wheezing, itchy throat or, in really extreme cases, anaphylactic shock. There are several consumer experiences shared online however it should be mentioned that they are published on one of the company’s distributors website and hence must be treated with caution. The recommended dose is 1-2 tablets daily.

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  • The long history of use for Bee Propolis
  • Moderate price (approximately $45 for a 3-6 months’ supply)
  • Several distributors offer a money back guarantee for the formula
  • The formula is available with numerous distributors


  • The consumer testimonials available are published on a distributor’s website
  • There is research available on Bee Propolis, however the amount is limited
  • No clinical trials to support the formula’s benefits


Folk medicine still enjoys a great amount of trust and popularity. Many alternative remedies today are based on the knowledge of our predecessors. Honeybee Propolis is a product that capitalizes on the numerous benefits of bee Propolis, which extend from support for the immune function, to endocrine system properties and cardiovascular benefits. We cannot however draw a clear conclusion to whether this works as advertised or not, due to the lack of scientific (research or trials) and empirical evidence (consumer testimonials). We can however assume that the product will accomplish its purpose at least for some consumers, due to the numerous positive endorsements from consumers Bee Propolis has generically received.

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Honeybee Propolis Review
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