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Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula Review
Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula Review

PUBLISHED: 06/29/2013 by brreader
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Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula

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Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula is advertised as a dietary remedy whose core effects are related to enhancement of wakefulness, improvement of focus and boost in concentration levels. Hence, it seeks to offer daily nourishment for the brain with the help of some ingredients that gave been obtained from natural sources.

The business responsible for this product is named Botanic Choice and was founded in 1910 by a man that has had a passion for nature and its properties from a young age. The company is described as a high quality and valuable natural supplementation supplier with coupons and discounts provided for regular customers. Moreover, every remedy has a money-back guarantee and concentrates either on a general health improvement or particular features like bodily functions or organs.

Featuring five ingredients within which there are three herbal extracts, a mineral and an acid, Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula is recommended for the utilization of people over twelve years old. Moreover, its components have been officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, according to its labels. Even though there is no FDA test attached to Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula, some of the client testimonials point towards good results. The concept behind the supplement is to help the organism heal itself.

Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula Ingredients

Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula contains the following ingredients: Wild lavender, Ambrergris, Poison nut, Phosphoric Acid, and Zinc.

Product Features

Relying on homeopathy which represents a two hundred year old form of natural medicine, Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula contains five ingredients that possess beneficial properties. Some of these were pointed out through studies and client testimonials. For example, one of its ingredients is Poison nut which is in fact an herb whose seeds are utilized for making medicine.

If we ignore the safety concern, this component has been included in treatment for some circulation and heart disorders, as well as issues of the digestive tract, lung, and eye problems. Additionally, it may prove certain positive effects when it comes to migraines and depression. It works in the body because it features chemicals which affect the brain and also cause muscle contractions. On the other hand, the quantity taken on a daily basis is of high importance mainly due to its toxicity levels which were linked to some problems. Examples of side-effects associated with supplementation which contains this herb include dizziness, restlessness, back stiffness, and anxiety. If the daily recommended intake is exceeded, other more concerning issues such as liver failure, convulsion, and seizures may appear.

An interesting addition to Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula is represented by Ambergris which contains some fatty digestive fluids that are mixed with squid and cuttlefish beaks. It is obtained from whales and it is known due to its strong odor. Although it may have a positive impact on cognition, its effectiveness hasn’t been demonstrated.

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  • The manufacturer is represented by a company which has more than one hundred years of experience on the nutritional field
  • It is a product destined for cognitive enhancement and features some ingredients which tend to have a positive effect on that area
  • The business offers an Auto Refill Program which lowers the costs for transportation


  • Its ingredients aren’t the ones generally used in supplementation that target memory enhancement and they may come with a series of unwanted side-effects
  • The product contains Ambergris of which some studies reported as being toxic
  • It can’t be taken by people under twelve years of age


Homeopathic Mental Alertness Formula is presented as a dietary remedy that contains a rather unique mixture of nutrients in comparison to similar others. For example, it possesses an ingredient that comes from whales and it’s regarded as unconventional due to the fact that some research claim its effectiveness while others state that it can be highly toxic. The supplement is recommended for people over twelve years of age and pregnant or nursing women should check the advice of a professional healthcare provider prior to taking this treatment. Unfortunately, it can’t be consumed by vegetarians or children. The efficacy of this product has yet to be fully demonstrated.

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