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Holy Basil Extract Review
Holy Basil Extract Review

PUBLISHED: 01/02/2017 by BR Publishing
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Holy Basil Extract

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Holy Basil Extract is a one ingredient supplement which uses the nootropic non-culinary basil. It’s manufactured by New York company Futurebiotics, which has been in business for three decades. According to their website: “Futurebiotics has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing products based on the latest science and research for good health and recognizes the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle through a comprehensive regimen of diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation.” It’s not clear who would benefit most from this product, but some people use Holy Basil to reduce stress. It’s often viewed as a general nootropic for overall health.


Holy Basil Extract contains the following ingredients: Holy Basil leaf extract (Ocimum basilicum) (standardized for 2.5% ursolic acid) (500 mg).

Product Features

Each capsule contains 500 mg of Holy Basil Extract with 2.5 percent ursolic acid. Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) has been used in traditional Southeast Asian medicines for hundreds of years. Modern research, unfortunately, has not conclusively deduced if it has benefits. It may reduce stress, help protect the liver, boost the immune system, and have antioxidant properties. It may also impact testosterone amounts and reduce fertility. 500 mg twice daily is thought to be the ideal dose for people, with some needing more. Servings are often calculated by weight and need, so some people will need massive amounts (as high as 3,000 to 9,000 mg). Lower amounts are most common.

Ursolic acid is a substance (phytochemical) found in apple peels, Holy Basil, and various plants. There aren’t any decent human trials which have discovered any benefit to this substance, but it could be useful. It’s potentially a good way to help increase muscle mass and decrease your body’s fat content. It may reduce fertility, so caution is advised when taking supplements with ursolic acid. High amounts are generally recommended, if your doctor thinks you should take it. 150 mg with each meal is considered ideal until further research is done (with a minimum of 100 mg daily). With this particular supplement, you’re not likely to get that. An estimated 12 mg ursolic acid is in each capsule, which isn’t much, and you may not get results from such small amounts.

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  • Easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules without artificial colors.
  • Only one active ingredient, with standardized amounts, so you know exactly what you’re getting.


  • Not a lot of clinical evidence that Holy Basil is notably useful in treating problems.
  • Might be more effective as part of a nootropic stack, with a few other ingredients.


This is a low priced supplement with suitable serving sizes. The company behind it is reliable and appears to generally have high quality and purity of its products. If you’re interested in the idea of taking Holy Basil Extract, it’s safe and inexpensive. It wouldn’t hurt to try it out. The Ursolic acid content is somewhat pointless, as there isn’t enough to have a noticeable impact. Holy Basil itself may provide long term benefits, but it isn’t completely clear. It could be a good addition to your routines, combined with multivitamins or Omega-3 supplements, for maximum long term benefit.

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