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Histamine Balance Review
Histamine Balance Review

PUBLISHED: 09/26/2013 by BR Moderator
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Histamine Balance

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Histamine Balance is an allergy relief aid  manufactured in USA by an Canadian company, Bell Lifestyle Product. It was not only designed to help people predisposed to allergies, but it was developed to increase immunity. Basically, whoever spends his life in the urban environment is prone to attacks from external factors such as: flower pollen, dust, pollutants, fluff, or animal hair.

Bell Lifestyle Product is a natural supplements manufacturer with almost 20 years of history. During this time, it has developed over 50 formulas, testing recipes for dysfunctions of the entire body in its own laboratories. So, its reputation is a guarantee for each developed product.

Histamine Balance contains a number of ingredients used since ancient times in this purpose. Being a natural product, it can also be used to prevent allergies, not only to relief them. The use of this supplement does not have an age limit, so the only condition for children to take would be a medical consultation before it. For adults, there is the same recommendation, especially if the decision to take Bell Lifestyle comes after the onset of the allergy. It is also important to consult the list of ingredients, it is likely that one might be allergic to one or more of the substances contained.

Histamine Balance Ingredients

Histamine Balance contains the following ingredients: Extracts of rosemarinic acid, basil, sage, mint, perilla, lobelia, quercetin, and rosemary.

Product Features

An herbal formula, Histamine Balance contains a fairly large number of antioxidants. Those substances are the strongest factors of defense, because they are trained by nature to counter. Basically, antioxidants neutralize the free radicals of atmosphere. So they create an invisible shield around the body, improving immunity and preventing allergies of any kind. Rosemarinic acid and quercetin are two examples of this type of antioxidants. These two substances can be found in most plants that this supplement contains. On the other hand, basil and rosemary are ingredients used in cooking, but how many of you know that they are very good for your immunity?

This product contains only natural substances so there are no contraindications for this product. Until now, nobody reported any negative side effects from this supplement.

The manufacturer recommends a dose of one pill per day. If there are signs of an allergy onset, you may take two pills per day. However, medical advice is recommended before starting to take Histamine Balance because depending on your health, your body can react differently to this kind of supplement. Considering that the manufacturer’a website doesn’t provide a free trial offer, you should know from a specialist if the investment of a box of this supplement is worth it or not.

Sale Price: $21.94

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Is a natural allergy relief aid
  • Contains an intense activity of antioxidants
  • There were not registered negative side effects
  • The manufacturer’s website provides a money-back guarantee offer


  • The manufacturer’s website doesn’t provide a free trial offer
  • It is not the only allergy relief aid and there are cheaper options on the market
  • There are no specialized studies that this supplement really works


Histamine Balance is not the only allergy relief aid on the market, but it has some ingredients that build a strong immunity in addition to the main purpose. The problem is that you do not know if it works or not until you buy it. The manufacturer’s website doesn’t provide a free trial offer, so you it is really a matter of luck. Fortunately, Bell lifestyle Product realized that its reputation is not enough to sell a supplement. Therefore, if you do buy the product and you are not satisfied with it, you will receive all your money back (excepting the shipping costs, which are nevertheless pretty expensive).

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Histamine Balance Review
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