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HGH Booster Formula Review
HGH Booster Formula Review

PUBLISHED: 06/18/2013 by breditor
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HGH Booster Formula

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HGH Booster Formula is advertised as a dietary remedy which seeks to positively impact all aspects of people that have gotten older and began noticing the negative effects of sleeplessness, stress and improper eating. The business that has designed this product and released it on the nutritional field is named Botanic Choice.

With an experience that goes beyond one hundred years on the nutritional field, this company released a wide array of products with a high success rate on American ground and not only. They claim to offer remedies of high-quality which come with an additional money-back guarantee. Furthermore, they have an Auto Refill Program in which an individual states the place and the time of order and will constantly receive the desired product. Furthermore, as compared to a normal shipment, the one affiliated to this program comes with a reliable discount.

HGH Booster Formula contains a combination between two minerals, two amino-acids, and an herbal extract and desires to improve the immune system as well as other bodily areas such as cardiovascular, muscular and nervous system. By enhancing the quality of sleep, individuals who follow this treatment should notice an improvement in mood through stabilization in their emotional state. It is mainly recommended for people who suffer from bodily decline due to aging.

HGH Booster Formula Ingredients

HGH Booster Formula contains the following ingredients: Calcium, Phosphorus, L-Arginine, Mucuna pruriens, and L-Lysine.

Product Features

Presented as a dietary remedy meant essentially for individuals over forty years of age who began to observe damaging effects on their organisms due to stress, lack of sleep, or other issues that directly affected their health, HGH Booster Formula contains amino-acids, minerals, and an herbal extract. The main target of this product is to offer antioxidant so damage done by free radicals in the body is minimized and most of bodily regions and functions are improved.

For example, one of its ingredients is L-Arginine. With a wide variety of qualities, this component delivers beneficial effects to the heart, muscles, and, in some situations, even cognitive functions. It works by enhancing blood flow due to its conversion into nitric oxide which opens the blood vessels. In addition, it stimulates the human growth hormone release, which is often abbreviated as HGH. This is the explanation behind its occurrence in the title.

It plays an important role in stabilization of body fluids, bone, and muscle growth, thus organism is directly affected potential lacks so functions and organs begin to decline. Unfortunately, with age its production is lowered, thus people have to obtain it from other sources. Moreover, there are some studies that reveal its positive effects over the energy levels, thus besides the health regain, people should also feel re-energized and ready for action. However, some HGH Booster Formula side effects may appear, particularly if the dosage isn’t taken accordingly; these include headaches and diarrhea.

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  • It was particularly designed to enhance the HGH production, thus helping the entire organism
  • Unlike others, the company has more than one hundred years of experience


  • There is no FDA testing of the product which means that the supplement shouldn’t be used to treat, cure or prevent any type of disease
  • No information is given about long-term usage
  • Nothing stated about the possibility of following this treatment for pregnant or nursing women


Promoted as a dietary remedy whose formula contains amino-acids, minerals, as well as an herbal extract, HGH Booster Formula desires to utilize antioxidant qualities to improve the lives of individuals who began to observe the negative impact of getting old. From their hearts to their skin and immune system, individuals should notice during its consumption an overall bodily enhancement which shall further impact all features in their lives, from job to the time spent in company of others. On the other hand, some side effects like nausea and diarrhea may occur if the daily recommended intake isn’t followed accordingly. Furthermore, this is only a remedy and is to be viewed likewise which means that results are more likely to happen if a healthy lifestyle is mixed with its usage.

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HGH Booster Formula Review
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