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Herbal Medi Care Mood Aid Review
Herbal Medi Care Mood Aid Review

PUBLISHED: 03/31/2016 by BR Moderator
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Herbal Medi Care Mood Aid

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The manufacturer of Mood Aid advertises this supplement as a non-GMO, natural, botanical mixture of organically grown herbs able to enhance mood. Specific benefits of Herbal Medi Care Mood Aid include reduction of stress and tension, improvement of mood and emotional balance, and promotion of a healthy nervous system in general. The supplement is claimed to include whole herbs instead of standardized extracts of the same plants, this way it is suggested that the formula’s potency is in fact enhanced.

Secondary benefits include improvement of sleep patterns, as a result of the sense of tranquility and relaxation the formula is able to provide. The formula is designed for adult use only and is designed to produce effects over a longer period of time (after several months you should notice some benefits)

Herbal Medi Care produces a large variety of herbal dietary supplements obtained from 100% pure natural herbal ingredients with no fillers, additives or animal by-products. All ingredients used to create these formulations are certified organic or wild harvested. The company has been established in 1995 and enjoys a good reputation among consumers.


Herbal Medi Care Mood Aid contains the following ingredients: St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, Skullcap, Valerian Root, Gotu Kola, Black Cohosh, Motherwort, and Chamomile.

Product Features

The first ingredient listed on the label of Mood Aid is St. John’s Wort. The plant is tremendously popular among medicine producers as well as patients for a variety of health boosting benefits. Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties have lead to its medicinal use since many centuries ago. Today, its most frequent use is linked to depression, anxiety and mood swings.

Its effectiveness is comparable with standard antidepressants, even though it is not fully understood how it works. Adverse effects are lower than with conventional antidepressants, however the lack of clinical research involving St. John’s Wort makes it hard to know the full range of potential side effects and drug interactions. Known precautions are linked to the plant’s ability to increase the risk of photo sensitivity, and the risk of serotonin syndrome. Unwanted side effects may include altered menstrual flow, bleeding, unwanted pregnancies, and hormone level changes.

Ginkgo Biloba, the second ingredient on the list of Mood Aid ingredients is just as popular as the first. And just like St.John’s Wort, it too has been therapeutically used for centuries. Several research studies on Ginkgo Biloba have looked into its ability to assist with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, depression, macular degeneration (a condition of the eye), cerebral atherosclerosis, short-term memory loss, dementia, menopause, peripheral vascular disease, vascular diseases, or vertigo. Ginkgo Biloba appears to work by improving peripheral blood flow, and to possess antioxidant effects.

Skullcap is another multi-valent plant with potent sedative, nervine, tonic, and antispasmodic benefits. The plant may help relieve anxiety and stress and strengthen and support the nervous system.

The formula should be taken as a dietary supplement, three capsules taken before or after meals, taken up to two times per day.

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  • The formula includes organically grown herbs and features whole herbs instead of standardized extracts
  • The formula lacks artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and fillers, including magnesium stearate
  • The formula is free of any GMO ingredients, yeast, gluten, dairy, soy and corn


  • The formula lacks clinical research, as it is the case for most dietary supplements
  • There is no official website of the manufacturer where we can check official information or product list
  • There are no consumer testimonials available for consultation


Stress, tension, the agitation of the daily routine is often source for imbalances of emotions, mind and body and if this goes on for a longer period of time serious threats may exist to one’s health. It is important to address any imbalances immediately so that do not degenerate in more serious conditions. Mood swings, stress, nervousness are signs that should not be ignored. The formula being reviewed here is presented as an all natural way to restore emotional balance. Although we were not able to track down any consumer testimonials, the manufacturer’s reputation and long market presence are strong arguments in favor of this formula. Should you try it out, please come back and leave a comment in the Comment section of this review.

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