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Heart Health Pack Review
Heart Health Pack Review

PUBLISHED: 01/11/2013 by brreader
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Heart Health Pack

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Heart Health Pack is advertised as the ultimate cardiovascular support. The product, offered by Goldshield Elite, contains 6 products combined in a convenient economical pack. The product is especially formulated to target a full spectrum of cardiovascular needs. Additionally, the formula is claimed to support the overall health of the body and mind by providing optimum amounts of essential nutrients (vitamins, antioxidants, etc).

Heart Health Pack includes the following products: OC-MAX (supports the cardiovascular system and reduces cholesterol levels), FiberCap (keeps the gastrointestinal tract functioning properly and maintains healthy cholesterol), Bee-III (reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure, and improves overall circulation), Super E Plus (features Vitamin E), Tru-Sorb CoQ10 (assists with energy production) and GarliGuard (Garlic essence reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol)

Goldshield Elite is composed of 3 separate companies which produce various healthcare and home products. The company complies to the GMP rules and regulations set forth by the FDA.

Heart Health Pack Ingredients

Heart Health Pack includes the following ingredients:
OC-Max – Vitamin B12 3 mcg., Plant sterols 400 mg., Rose hips 50 mg., Royal jelly 44 mg., Sodium alginate 25 mg., Serrazymes 16.67 mg., Lipoic acid 5 mg., Bee pollen 400 mcg., E.D.T.A (disodium EDTA), S.H.M.P. (sodium hexametaphosphate).
Tru-Sorb CoQ10: Coenzyme Q10.
Advanced Formula # 7 Bee-lll: Niacin 100mg, Lipid blend,334mg – – marine lipids (omega-lll fatty acids EPA and DHA), borage seed oil (omega- Vl fatty acid GLA). Choleretic blend 66.8mg, – fenugreek plant, angostura bark, chinese gentian root. Cholestatin 40mg, Garlic 33.4mg, Lecithin 66mg, L-carnitine 6.8mg, Lipase 13.40 IU, Herbal Fiber Blend 166.60mg, beet fiber, oat bran, carrot fiber, citrus pectin, flax seed, yucca bark, chokeberry fruit, polygonum,
Advanced Formula # 6 Fiber Cap-Fruit and Vegetable fiber blend – apple pectin, beet fiber, carrot fiber, citrus pectin. Fiber Blend – celulos fiber oat bran, oat fiber, pea fiber, rice bran, Ginkgo-Q – Ginkgo biloba leaf 25mg, Coenzyme Q-10 20mg,
Garlic Guard – reduced odor garlic 350mg,
Super E Plus – Vitamin E 250 IU, Herbal Base Blend 14mg – alfalfa leaf, barley grass, soy lecithin, wheat germ extract, canola seed oil, flax seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed oil, grape seed extract

Product Features

Heart Health Pack is a mixture of vitamins, antioxidants, herbal extracts, minerals and other nutrients.

Research on Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) indicates that this powerful antioxidant may help treat heart failure (when combined with traditional drugs), lower blood pressure and cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart attack. Levels of this naturally occurring substance tend to decline with age; hence supplementation becomes a must in people above the age of 40. CoQ10 may help counteract age related damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. Evidence, although limited, encourages CoQ10’s contribution to slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Heart Health Pack is also rich in vitamins such as B12, E, and Vitamin B3, essential to numerous body functions.

Vitamin E has been heavily researched in relation to cognitive impairment. It appears that low Vitamin E levels have been observed in patients with Alzheimer’s or forms of neurodegenerative disorders. Long term supplementation of Vitamin E indicates superior cognitive function and reduced risk of dementia. In addition, Vitamin E is used for treating and preventing conditions of the heart and blood vessels, such as chest pain, hardening of the arteries, pain caused by blocked arteries, heart attack, or high blood pressure.

The manufacturer recommends taking one packet a day. The number of reviews received by the formula is relatively low and they are available on one of the distributor’s website.

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  • The packet’s price is roughly 60% less expensive compared to if you purchased the products separately
  • The main ingredients included have been scientifically researched
  • The formula is accompanied by a 60 day money back guarantee (available with some distributors)


  • Limited number of consumer reviews
  • Consumer reviews only available on the websites of distributors
  • The cost for a month’s supply is relatively high – roughly $70


Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Due to stressful lifestyles, poor nutrition and unfavorable environmental conditions, many people face various forms of cardiovascular disease. Heart health Pack is advertised to provide all the right nutrients in convenient packets so that your heart health is protected. There are numerous ingredients included in the formula which have been scientifically linked to benefits for the heart and vascular system and functions. Still, like for many of Goldshield Elite’s products, this one too lacks consumer testimonials to support the benefit claims. Because the large number of ingredients and potential interactions with one another, we recommend you ask specialized advice prior to using Heart Health Pack.

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