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Healthy Origins Teavigo Review
Healthy Origins Teavigo Review

PUBLISHED: 01/10/2014 by breditor
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Healthy Origins Teavigo

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Healthy Origins Teavigo is an herbal supplement designed to offer an additional antioxidant supply for the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system. The formula is produced by Healthy Origins, a popular experienced manufacturer of nutritional supplements available worldwide. The company has developed a wide range of products that aim to assist in the prevention and treatment of a broad spectrum of health concerns. Their line of products includes formulations that support the general health of certain systems (such as the immune, cardiovascular, cognitive, digestive, bone and joint systems), and targeted supplements aimed to assist in proper detoxification, increase energy levels, promote healthy sleep patterns or offer the proper support for healthy aging.

Healthy Origins Teavigo includes increased amounts of EGCG, a catechin present in large concentration in the green tea plant. The compound is a very popular ingredient featured in nutritional supplements due to its excellent antioxidant properties. Abundant clinical research has been conducted to determine the chemical’s range of benefits and medical applications.

The manufacturer recommends this formula as a natural support for adults concerned with maintaining cardiovascular health. The key active substance is Teavigo, obtained through a proprietary, patented manufacturing process. The ingredient includes a minimum of 90% EGCG, which makes it a highly potent extract.

Healthy Origins Teavigo Ingredients

Healthy Origins Teavigo contains the following ingredients: Red Yeast Rice (from traditional fermentation of Monascus Purpureus Went), and gelatin.

Product Features

Healthy Origins Teavigo is based on the therapeutic properties of the herbal extract ECGC. The compound is obtained from the plant Camellia sinensis and is thought to be the most active green tea flavonoid. Green tea is the subject of abundant research that seems to confirm its vast benefits on the human health. A sufficient amount of green tea provides the necessary nutrients for maintaining a healthy heart and preventing potentially lethal cardiovascular diseases, increasing the life span and quality of life. Other clinical trials involving human or animal subjects have revealed benefits in many other areas including in the treatment and prevention of cancer, infections, allergies, brain degeneration, decrease in bone density (and associated conditions), diabetes, etc.

It has been stated that this is the widest researched beverage in the last several years.
Its benefits seem to arise from the large amount of active substances that act as powerful antioxidants from the plant’s composition. EGCG is one of these antioxidants that were scientifically shown to impact progression of cancerous tumors including in the case of breast, prostate, lung, mouth and pancreas cancers. However, the scientists have concluded that a quantity of more than three cups per day should be consumed for noticeable benefits.

Some of the side effects associated with green tea (especially large quantities) are increased alertness, dizziness heartburn, confusion that may lead to insomnia, stomach upset, anxiety symptoms, and in rarer cases, liver problems. Special precautions are issued for pregnant and breast-feeding women who should limit the amount of green tea used because the increased amount of caffeine present in this plant.

The suggested dose of Healthy Origins Teavigo is 1-2 capsules per day with a meal.

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  • The key ingredient is a highly concentrated substance obtained through a patented process, free of herbicides, pesticides, and caffeine.
  • The manufacturer is a reputable company
  • The lack of caffeine makes the formula a good choice even for people who get unwanted reactions to caffeine
  • The formula is supported by consumer testimonials
  • Free shipping is ensured for US orders larger than $100
  • The product is free of artificial stimulants and colors


  • The formula is insufficiently described on the official site, pushing the interested consumers to seek information elsewhere
  • The supplement is not itself a researched product or FDA approved
  • Certain side-effects have been linked to the use of large quantities of green tea extracts
  • A daily recommended intake has not been established


Healthy Origins Teavigo is based on the patented green tea extract developed and marketed by the Dutch company DSM. The substance is advertised as the result of a unique production process that uses the highest purity green tea available. One of the important advantages of this supplement is the lack of caffeine which is an indication of an increased safety and reduced likelihood of developing side effects.

Healthy Origins Teavigo is advertised as free of sugar, salt, herbicides and pesticides and allergenic chemicals (starch, corn, barley, fish, shellfish, dairy products, soy, nuts, egg, wheat or gluten). The patented key ingredient is clinically researched, but most of the studies are sponsored by the developing company DSM.

A moderate number of testimonials are available for consulting, and most of them seem to support the benefits of the formula. Healthy Origins Teavigo contains certain active substances shown to cause mild to serious side effects, although the manufacturer does not indicate any of them in the presentation of the product. This alone is a sufficient reason to take all safety measures and ask a healthcare professional before starting to use such a supplement.

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Healthy Origins Teavigo Reviewbreditor32016-05-03 12:09:31
Healthy Origins Teavigo Review
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