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Health Alliance Non-GMO Lecithin Powder Review
Health Alliance Non-GMO Lecithin Powder Review

PUBLISHED: 11/27/2012 by BR Publishing
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Health Alliance Non-GMO Lecithin Powder

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Health Alliance Non-GMO Lecithin Powder is advertised as a 100% vegan nutritional supplement designed to support a number of various bodily functions and systems including the cardiovascular system, the nerve and brain functions, memory, liver, fat burning processes and cholesterol and triglyceride levels. According to the manufacturing company Health Force, the formula is free from the most common allergens and gluten and is derived 100% from soybeans that are not genetically modified or engineered. The formula is recommended exclusively to adults who wish to be protected from potential negative effects of free radicals.

Health Force is a manufacturer and a marketer of herbal dietary supplements, whole foods, sports nutrition and green foods. The company is committed to providing high purity and potency therapeutic solutions at an affordable price.

Health Alliance Non-GMO Lecithin Powder Ingredients

Health Alliance Non-GMO Lecithin Powder includes the following ingredients: No Genetically Engineered Lecithin: Phosphatidyl Choline and Phosphatidyl Inositol.

Product Features

Health Alliance Non-GMO Lecithin Powder features soybeans derived Lecithin. Lecithin is composed of several phospholipids, including Choline, Linoleic Acid and Inositol. It is required for normal cellular function and has a number of other essential benefits on the body, most of which refer to the circulatory and nervous system and brain function.

Lecithin is a component of all cell membranes, and its absence leads to their hardening which may translate into artery diseases. Also, Lecithin has shown benefits for the normal functioning of the brain, by assisting with brain cells communication and influencing how well the brain receptors function. Some claim potential effects on treating Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis, but these claims are not backed up by actual evidence. Choline, a component of Lecithin has received much attention as a potential brain enhancing supplement. Evidence is still limited though, but seems to conclude that the substance increases mental acuity, memory, energy and awareness in people suffering from memory impairment.

Side effects of Lecithin are rare but have been reported to include diarrhea, blurred vision, nausea, chest pain and headache.

There are no consumer reviews available online. The recommended dosage is 1-2 tablespoons per day. No side effects or precautions are mentioned for Health Alliance Non-GMO Lecithin Powder.

Sale Price: $29.56

Free Trial* Available: No

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  • Vegetarian formulation gree of gluten and common allergens
  • Lecithin sources is not genetically modified or engineered
  • Powder formulation, water soluble and easy to absorb
  • Affordable price


  • Lack of consumer reviews
  • Concerns exist about Lecithin making depression worse in case of depressive patients


Lecithin is a component of cell membranes, making its presence necessary for their normal functioning. The substance has a very important role in normal brain functioning in particular, as it is believed to help synthesize Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in memory and learning among other functions. Health Alliance Non-GMO Lecithin Powder is soy derived and is free of common allergens and gluten, making it safe for most consumers. Unfortunately, there are no reviews for the formula, and we are unable to conclude whether the formula is effective or not.

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