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Head Soother Review
Head Soother Review

PUBLISHED: 01/27/2017 by BR Publishing
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Head Soother

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Head Soother is a natural herbal supplement and pain relief product to help people deal with headaches. It was created by Herb Pharm, a company founded almost 30 years ago in Oregon. They’re one of the larger supplement and herb companies in the United States, and they use 24 locations around the globe for growing their herbs. This is essential for growing certain plants in a natural, effective, environmentally conscious way. Most of the plants are harvested by hand with trusted partners of Herb Pharm.


Head Soother contains the following ingredients: Feverfew leaf & flower (Tanacetum parthenium) 1Meadowsweet leaf & flower (Filipendula ulmaria) 1Periwinkle flowering tips (Vinca major) 1 2Lavender flower (Lavandula angustifolia).

Product Features

There are four main ingredients in Head Soother: a blend of feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium), meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria), periwinkle (Vinca major), and lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). The rest of the liquid is made up of organic cane alcohol, distilled water, and organic vegetable glycerin. One serving (0.7 ml) gives you about 140 mg of herbs. Meadowsweet, or mead wort, is an herb most common in the United Kingdom. It grows in damp areas and its components led to the invention of aspirin in 1897. Traditional medicine usually doesn’t use meadowsweet for headaches, it’s more for upset stomach, but it might be capable of reducing pain like feverfew does. Meadsweet is also used in drinks and potpourri because of its good taste and smell.

Feverfew is possibly best for people with frequent headaches or migraines. Its effects are thought to increase during the first 12 weeks you take a supplement with Feverfew in it. After that, it’s considered fully potent and the benefits are consistent. Some studies have questioned whether or not feverfew is effective, but most studies find that it’s beneficial. Feverfew is usually considered a good option for people who are experiencing frequent headaches. The only big downside is that if you suddenly quit using feverfew after taking it for a long time, you might experience symptoms of withdrawal (such as rebound headaches or joint pain).

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  • Most people probably won’t need to take this every day. That drives down the price considerably, and it’s a rather affordable product to begin with.
  • A decent blend of ingredients which does seem to include an ability to help fight off headaches.


  • The taste “may take getting used to” for many people. Some people really hate the taste, although you can probably dilute it in soda or juice.
  • The label doesn’t list the strength of each herb or its active components. A serving of Feverfew, for example, should have at least 0.2 percent parthenolide in it.


Herb Pharm products are usually pure, potent, effective, and affordable. Common complaints revolve around the taste, and sometimes the consistency of potency for each individual. In most cases, something like Head Soother should work for people who experience headaches more often than is normal. Whether it’s frequent or occasional, this product should be capable of reducing pain or other related adverse effects like nausea. Not everyone experiences the same benefits in the same amount of time, so you might have to use Head Soother for a while. But it does look like a good product.

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Head Soother Review
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