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HCF Happy, Calm & Focused Review
HCF Happy, Calm & Focused Review

PUBLISHED: 05/09/2011 by BR Moderator
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HCF Happy, Calm & Focused is again our top amino acid brain supplement pick for the 4th year in a row. Although not a real shocker for all you overly informed consumers who keep up on all the do’s and don’ts of the different fade products that are coming and going each year. HCF always seems to continue its strong consumer following year after year and we would have to be idiots to not listen to your feedback.

So here’s the HCF Happy, Calm & Focused breakdown and a few of the criteria that seem to make it popular..

    1) Proven Track Record on it’s 90/10 Amino Acid Formulation – Unlike the typical high-dose “fifty-ingredients-in-one” glorified multi-vitamins or herbal “artificial stimulate or inhibit” brain supplements that come and go, HCF’s 90/10 formulation (90% F&Q amino acids with a solid 10% delivery system) has proven itself over the test of time to support BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) penetration and naturally feed key “feel good” neurotransmitters and the Hypothalamus (balancing your entire Endocrine System);
    2) Years of Consumer Feedback by Professionals – Not only has our site here been bombarded by HCF Happy, Calm & Focused feedback over the years, but the company itself has collected over 100+ documented experiences from professionals around the world as a strong record of product effectiveness;
    3) Solid USA Trial Offer and a 3-5 Day “Anywhere in the World” International Shipping Policy – Appears USA consumers would rather try a product before buying it and international consumers hate paying outrageous shipping fees and then having to wait 3-4 weeks before even getting their product.

How Does HCF Happy, Calm & Focused Work?

Well the short answer is that most brain supplements and memory nutrients work very similar to multivitamins in a “all-in-one” approach or like a drug (natural herbs) that either stimulates or inhibits your neurotransmitters into feeling something. Let’s face it.. most people want instant gratification. But HCF takes more of a long view approach (although a large % report results in 24-48 hours) in terms of naturally feeding the brain the F&Q amino acids that any science book will tell you that your brain needs to have on a daily basis.

HCF’s F&Q (F = DL-Phenylalanine, Q = L-Glutamine, pronounced: “D-L-FEN-L-AL-UH-NEEN” & “L-GLOO-TUH-MEEN”) are two powerful, key amino acids found in whole-food proteins like fish, milk, cheese, and turkey. F&Q works by naturally supporting the increase of these “feel good” neurotransmitter levels responsible for helping you feel happy, calm, and focused every single day.

Its been said by a well respected neuro-scientist that “based on the modern day stressed out life, which most people live and their bodies face every single day; we would have to consume up to approximately 16 lbs. of fish, 2 lbs. of cheese, 2 gallons of milk, 2 lbs of turkey each and every stressed-out-filled day, just to keep our brain neurotranesmitter levels normal.“ Now if that is the case…it makes for a convincing argument for F&Q in our diet every day.


HCF Happy, Calm & Focused works on a 90/10 formulation (90% F&Q amino acids with a solid 10% associated neuro-nutrient delivery system) and the simplicity of the formula to whole food proteins seems to contribute to its effectiveness. Many brain supplements we review will often try to load up their ingredient list with whatever exotic-sounding, “media hype” ingredient is on TV, or will somehow help them pre-sell the product even at the expense of creating an ineffective formulation. But through the years, The HCF Company’s no compromise on their manufacturing principles, history and even their track record of standing behind the product has always impressed us and others in the industry. HCF’s ingredients include two parts:

Part 1) Two Key Amino Acids (90% Avg of Formulation)

Amino Acid F: DL-Phenylalanine (pronounced: “D-L-FEN-L-AL-UH-NEEN”)
A) Essential (only comes from outside food) amino acid of tremendous nutritional importance.
B) Known nutritional precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine (noradrenaline), epinephrine (adrenaline) and involved in the release of PEA, phenylethylamine which can sensitize endorphin receptors to endorphins.
C) These neurotransmitters strongly support warm feelings of love, pleasure, happiness, alertness, energy, motivation, memory, attention, internal calmness, and sleep to name just a few.

Amino Acid Q: L-Glutamine (pronounced: “L-GLOO-TUH-MEEN”)
A) Conditional (only sometimes produced by the body) amino acid.
B) Major precursor for the neurotransmitter GABA, or gamma amino butyric acid.
C) Helps the mind relax and “tone down” unwanted “mind chatter” which can sharpen a person’s ability to focus and concentrate with more clarity.

Part 2) Associated Neuro-Nutrients (10% Avg of Formulation)

A) Balanced HCF delivery system – Concept is that these precise levels of synergistic vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients support these two key amino acids to pass through the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) and nutritionally feed the brain.
B) List: Vitamin A (as beta-carotene), Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopherol succinate), Vitamin B1 (as thiamine HCL), Vitamin B2 (as riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (as niacin & niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCL), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), Biotin, Vitamin B5 (as d-calcium pantothenate), Calcium (as calcium citrate), Iron (as ferrous fumarate), Magnesium (as magnesium oxide), Zinc (as zinc citrate & zinc picolinate), Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate).

Product Features

Over the years, we’ve also learned a great deal from your consumer feedback, including; A) importance of taking HCF Happy, Calm & Focused on an empty stomach with only water so that the formulation is not altered in the bloodstream and thus able to pass through the BBB (blood brain barrier); and B) the reported hormonal balancing benefits as “F” (DL-Phenylalanine) is the only amino acid that actually feeds your Hypothalamus which is the ‘master over your entire hormonal system (Endocrine System).’

Additionally, not only has our site here been bombarded by HCF feedback, but the company itself has collected over 100+ documented experiences from professionals from around the world that is quite unique in this industry. Not quite the “product owners friends and family fake testimonials” that we see all too common when reviewing products / companies here. But when we see The HCF Company go to lengthy measures to gather feedback on their form with full tracking (attached profile images, documented, time stamped with IP address and kept on file for 3rd party verification) and then displaying the 100+ professionals its been worth our respect.

Sale Price: $39.95

Free Trial* Available: Yes

Store: Amazon.com

Continue Your Brain Product Research: See Our Featured Product.


  • 90/10 formulation (90% F&Q amino acids with a solid 10% associated neuro-nutrient delivery system) which has proven itself over the test of time to a large % of consumers based on their feedback.
  • USA formulated and manufactured in an FDA inspected facility that meets the strictest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.
  • Official product website makes no use of outrageous brain supplement claims, phony testimonial pictures or unsubstantiated claims.
  • No compromise on manufacturing principles or track record of standing behind their products.
  • Simple formula with only proven F&Q amino acids and associated neuro-nutrients. Not cluttered with useless “media hype” fillers.
  • USA trial offer that is available for consumers to assess the effectiveness of HCF for themselves before having to pay the full price for a one-month supply.
  • 3-5 day “anywhere in the world” shipping policy for international consumers.
  • Online customer account access for managing orders and payment information.


  • Manufacturer’s trial is not available in retail stores and you can only find it through their official product website.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO), consult a physician before taking this product.
  • Manufacturer’s trial is not available for orders outside of the USA, but they do ship internationally (seems you can also speak to a customer consultant at USA & Canada Toll-Free: 1-800-HCFCOMPANY (423-2667), United Kingdom +44-20-3582-7192 x 1, Australia +61-03-9008-4237 x 1, New Zealand +64-03-974-4538 x 1, Rest of the World +01-305-306-1603)


Well, choosing HCF Happy, Calm & Focused as our top brain supplement again for the 4th straight year is no accident. Nor is our nominations commission motivated, as you already know by our terms that we are affiliates of 1000s of products on our site (so please use our links) and earn a commission to support our research no matter the product you choose. Our integrity is important to us and its precisely how we evaluate brain supplements in this industry.

HCF has consistently stood out based upon 1) bottom line results – shown through consumer feedback everywhere, 2) common sense formulation approach – opening up any science book and it stating your brain’s neurotransmitters and Hypothalamus need F&Q amino acids everyday is pretty self explanatory, you don’t need to be neuro-scientist to figure it out; 3) easy to order – the “try it before you buy it” concept is attractive to many since its been successfully used now for years with the company and consumers.. and then add a 3-5 day “anywhere in the world” international shipping (seems the company loses money to make it affordable) and the nomination case becomes very strong for those who understand this industry. Additionally, HCF seems to have first-class customer support. All of our calls to their customer consultants went through quickly, compared to 20+ minute hold times we experienced with other product’s support lines. The $5.95 that you spend on shipping gets you a professionally mailed and packaged product; it’s affordable and costs about the same as a latté-a-day habit. We tried three sample orders before writing this review and, two times, it took three business days (during the work-week) and one time it took five business days (order placed over the weekend) to get to our office. For now, we don’t know of any other supplement capable of competing with HCF Happy, Calm & Focused on all of these levels. Will that always be the case? Probably not, but their track record is getting longer each year.

Fixed Product In Review Box,Focus Problems,Review Box – Show On PageHCF Happy, Calm & Focused Review

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused is again our top amino acid brain supplement pick for the 4th year in a row. Although not a real shocker for all you…

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused ReviewBR Moderator52016-05-14 12:09:31

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused is again our top amino acid brain supplement pick for the 4th year in a row. Although not a real shocker for all you…

HCF Happy, Calm & Focused Review
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186 User Reviews about HCF Happy, Calm & Focused
  1. 1

    Can little kids take this? I have a 6 year old boy that i would like to try this with. What is the age limit?

    • 6

      Hello Annette,

      Our recommendation is to contact the company directly using one of the links available inside our review, or the phone number to call their customer support. It is important to tell them if your son is under treatment with prescription medicine or if a medical doctor prescribed him any form of treatment.

      Best regards,
      BR Moderator

      • 7

        What if your child is not taking medication or under treatment but has a hard time focusing and is very “busy”? Is this safe for a 7 year old and how much do you give them?

  2. 8

    Would like to know if this would help our son who has ASD severe anxiety and ADHD. We have found previously inositol which is meant to be calming has in fact made him more hyperactive and SAMe made him quite aggressive. Also in Australia.. how do we purchase this?

    • 9

      BR Publishing

      Hi Linda,

      Based on the information we have on this product, HCF, Happy, Calm & Focus may be effective in treading forms of ADD and ADHD. However, we advice you to contact the company directly (or check their official website which can be accessed via the links we have provided within our review). You can also use the phone number to call to their customer support and find out more about their product.

      Best regards
      BR Moderator

  3. 12

    Andrew Silver

    As a finance executive, I have to switch from a detailed approach to a broad perspective countless times during the day. From refining expenditures to scheduling year-long plans, one day I just found myself overwhelmed. HCF was my first choice and, luckily, it has given me the extra mental energy I needed in my career.

  4. 13

    Winnie Stuart

    As a woman in her early 40s, I suffer from mild anxiety that seems to develop into full panic attacks if I can’t have some time for myself. HCF, Happy Calm & Focused helped me deal with my apprehension and I’m more confident in my abilities than ever.

  5. 14

    I thought of trying out a brain supplement for my last year of college, since things were getting out of hand for me. I didn’t notice any improvements in the first few days, but after a full two weeks my anxiety was gone and I could focus significantly better.

  6. 15

    I am taking Focus + by Excelerol . I notice this site does not review either Focus + or Excelerol’s more potent product which is 3x the price of their Focus +. I like what I read here about your product..but see no price listed. Focus + works for me and is relatively inexpensive but sometimes I need to take 2 a day. or supplement one a day with a 200mg caffeine. I quit taking my amphetamines which I have taken for 60 years , the day I took my first Focus + and have not had any amphetamines since…going on my 4th month…So I know these nootropics do work..

  7. 16

    HCF actually saved my marriage and family life. I was going through an extremely stressful period at work and this reflected on my relationship with my wife and kids. Getting back home in the evening was like going to a hotel to eat and rest. HCF helped me see things clearer and made me realize that I wasn’t on the right track. In the meantime, I changed job and moved to a different state. My kids and wife are delighted with the change and I feel like a different person. HCF gave me the boost I needed to make things better.

  8. 17

    HCF works better than anything I’ve tried before to help me concentrate and stay positive. It helps me sleep well, have a high level of energy and actually feel happy. Considering the number of benefits, it’s definitely worth the slightly higher price compared to other similar products, since HCF actually works.

  9. 19

    I’ve taken HCF for 3 months and it never ceases to amaze me how much more energetic and happier I feel. I wake up refreshed every morning and ready to take on any challenges the day may bring. I’m not sure about other people, but HCF is definitely a life changer for me.

  10. 20

    Hi. I suffer from anxiety and ADHD. Does it help with these? Also how does it interact with other meds ?

    • 21

      Hi Ellen,

      Many people who tried HCF reported that this product helped them with these two problems. Some even said they administered it successfully to their ADHD children. Since this product is entirely natural, based exclusively on amino acids and vitamins, it shouldn’t interact with other medications. However, you should request a medical opinion before administration.

      Kind regards,
      BR Editor

  11. 22

    Happy Calm Focused really helps me get through my work day and daily activities at home. I have more energy and I can multitask better and faster. I don’t get that sluggish feeling in the afternoon like before. I really think HCF has helped me out a lot.

  12. 23

    Loretta Simpson

    I was more than a little skeptical that this would work, especially since I didn’t notice immediate results, however after a couple of weeks I actually started feeling happier, calmer and more focused; after a couple of months, I felt like a different person and the generalized state of anxiety I was in had greatly dissipated! I also started sleeping more soundly for the first time in several years, so HCF is definitely worth its price

  13. 24

    Tamara Simpsons

    Since I started taking this product I’ve noticed I have been able to stay focused longer on things that require my attention. As a bonus I have also noticed I feel more energetic than usually. Some might find difficult having to swallow three pills at once in the morning, but I have no problem with that and I like the fact that there is no aftertaste.

  14. 25

    I never thought results would be quite so visible. However, since I started the use of HCF my brain is focusing more on things and I feel very energetic. Another positive aspect is that I haven’t experienced any side effects. I use 4 capsules every day and they give me all the energy and focus I need for the entire day.

  15. 26

    I’m at my second 90 capsules bottle of HCF and I can already tell the difference in energy and concentration. Plus having all those vitamins and amino acids in one product has saved me a small fortune. I like the fact that there is no after taste and it has no side effects.

  16. 27

    I’ve taken a few similar products in the past that left me with a jittery feeling afterwards. This didn’t happen with HCF. Since I started taking it, I feel more focused at work and throughout the day. I haven’t seen any negative side effects.

  17. 28

    Since I started taking HCF, I completely gave up on coffee and energy drinks. This supplement gives me all the energy I need and keeps me alert even during the days that would have usually worn me out. Taking care of four kids and working at home as a web designer definitely requires lots of energy and attention, but HCF seems to be up to the task.

  18. 29

    I just ordered my second bottle. I’m very pleased with the results so far. Effects were rather subtle, I didn’t feel anything in the first two weeks, but afterwards, my energy levels slowly started to build and I noticed myself being more alert, focused, and in a much better mood than usual.

  19. 30

    James Crawford

    I work very long hours, so I usually find it difficult to concentrate after 2 or 3pm. I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks, because I don’t think they’re healthy, so I started looking for something to give me a natural energy boost, without any jitters or unpleasant side effects. HCF has been a life changer for me. I’ve become more productive and my mood has improved significantly since I started taking my daily dose of HCF. I have a greater sense of focus and drive, which reflects in my work performance. Highly recommended!

  20. 31

    Helena Carlson

    After my 55th anniversary, I slowly started feeling the mental effects of getting older. I forgot things all the time, I couldn’t concentrate the way I used to and I lost my temper in a matter of minutes, especially with my grand kids. I can honestly say that HCF helped me get back on track. I gained my lost focus back, I have more patience and I’m in a much better mood, which reflects on my relationship with the other members of the family. I can’t recommend this product enough!

  21. 32

    I am usually pretty skeptical of anything that promises everything but the moon and the stars, because it’s usually just a scam and, in the case of supplements, it might even make you feel worse. However, I decided to give HCF a try because it had so many positive reviews and one of my friends said she vouched for it, too. In my case, it took about 2 months before feeling a difference, but in 3 months the difference was life changing. I found myself to be visibly less stressed and frustrated, I slept much better and I could tick off every point on my daily tasks list.

  22. 33

    Mark Donaldson

    I work 2 jobs to help support my family and at one point I started getting tired very easily. I noticed I would get distracted all the time and could barely stand on my feet until the end of the day. HCF provided me with a much needed energy boost and improved my ability to focus on the daily tasks. Plus it is easy on my stomach as well.

  23. 34

    Dale Crawford

    I love HCF! I took it for the course of three weeks and can honestly say it helped me sleep a lot better and be more energetic and focused during the day. The best thing about it is that I had absolutely no negative side effects.

  24. 35

    Hattie Snell

    This product really seems to work for me. I was a little skeptical when I first started taking it, but in a very short while I began feeling less tired and a lot more energetic than my usual self. Now I’ve convinced my mother to try it, as well.

  25. 36

    This is not one of those products that shine from the start. It takes time to work its wonders, for some more than for others; I guess it depends a lot on the person. For me, the effects started being noticeable about 2 months after starting treatment. The only reason I kept taking it for so long was because my sister used it first and was thrilled with the results. Now I feel a lot better in every possible way. HCF can truly transform your life!

  26. 37

    As a working mother of three, I’m on the run all the time and exhaustion was beginning to take its toll on me. After 3 weeks of using HCF, my energy level had improved considerably. After 5 weeks, I was in a much better mood, I felt more calm and could concentrate better. I would definitely recommend HCF to other moms and anyone who could use a little more energy and calm in their hectic lives.

  27. 38

    I don’t have much confidence in supplements and their allegedly “wondrous” effects, but I decided to give HCF a try because of the significant number of positive reviews and because I was feeling exhausted all the time and there were days when I wouldn’t have stepped out of bed if not absolutely necessary. It took me about 3 weeks before I started noticing a difference, because the change was so gradual that it felt natural. But I did realize I was feeling better when my husband pointed out to me I hadn’t complained of exhaustion or migraines for a while. Now I feel less tires and more energetic during the day. I can accomplish a lot of things I don’t feel like collapsing anymore come the evening. HCF helped me tremendously!

  28. 39

    I did some research and decided to give this product a try. It took a little while before I started to see some serious results with HCF, but it was worth it. I feel a lot more focused, and in a much better mood when taking these pills, which is great!

  29. 40

    This product really helps me get through the day. After I take my morning dose, I feel great all day long. This really helps me focus and I feel it improves my memory and gives me energy. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects whatsoever.

  30. 41

    Kevin Stewart

    I started taking HCF 2 months ago. I took the recommended dose for over 2 weeks until I slowly started noticing a difference. I usually had trouble falling asleep, but I began to fall asleep easier and rest better. I didn’t notice any improved metal clarity yet, but I’m happy that I’m feeling more rested which in turn makes me focus a little better.

  31. 42

    Brandi Benjamin

    Awesome product! I wish I would have found this sooner. With HCF I feel more clear headed. I can remember more. I feel like it has given me a better outlook on my day. I heartily recommend this supplement!

  32. 43

    I could tell difference 2 weeks after I started taking this supplement, though it’s very likely that most people won’t notice the difference that quickly. My mood had improved visibly and I really felt more calm and focused. Now, nearly two months later and without any other significant changes in my life, I can actually say that I’m feeling happy, I rarely lose my temper if at all and I have enough patience to handle all the house chores that I hated before (I’ve got 4 kids, so this should give you an idea).

  33. 44

    I was a bit nervous before starting to take this product because I have an active gastritis, so I rarely take pills on an empty stomach and I also try to eat something first thing in the morning.
    However, there were no unpleasant effects associated with taking HCF and in terms of results, it did make me feel more energetic and more focused on my daily tasks. It’s a great product and I’ll keep on taking it for as long as I see results.

  34. 45

    I came across HCF by chance and decided to give it a try after reading lots of reviews that recommended it. after using it for two months, I can’t say much about the calmness effect or perhaps I’m simply a choleric person by nature, but I do feel a lot more energetic and productive throughout the day, and this alone is a great plus for me.

  35. 46

    Jeanette Andrews

    I’ve battled migraines for years, but after taking HCF for nearly a month now I’m already starting to feel the difference. Amazing product!

  36. 47

    susan whitehead

    I was pretty excited when I first came across HCF because of the positive reviews. I got these for work because I was going through a very stressful period. The effects are amazing! HCF is a great brain function booster, plus it makes me feel calm and relaxed. I’ll definitely be taking them for a very long time!

  37. 49

    Dorothy Blackburn

    The product is fine…but when I wanted to cancel my order (due to financial reasons)…it took a few tries get in touch with their customer support. Nothing to complain about HCF…just they customer support can be a little bit more responsive. Thank you

  38. 51

    Yolanda Pearson

    can this products really helps the people with mental disability to become a normal person like really normal, able to function like no metal disability like people with autism. Or this is just a fab or a gimmick because i have known people with disability uses all kinds of products from this company for years but never seen a good result.

  39. 55

    I have only taken these for about 2 weeks and half and I already feel less stressed and less anxious than before, which was the main reason I ordered HCF. It has also helped me focus more on the task at hand and sharpened my memory, so I’ll definitely keep taking it for a very long time.

  40. 56

    I came across this review after searching for something to help with blood circulation. Would this product help with that and also, is this product fine to use for someone who has liver issues?
    Thank you very much.

    • 58

      Hello Michael,

      We have posted a full list of the ingredients in HCF, Happy Calm & Focused. If you want to know more about ingredients and how much of each ingredient actually is in the formulation, please visit their official website, which can be accessed using any of the links included in our review. They provide every bit of information necessarily.

      Best regards,
      BR Editor

    • 60


      HCF Happy, Calm & Focused should perfectly safe in combination with SAM-e. Please note that the formula is based on a unique combination of essential amino-acids, which rarely interact with other medication. There are some precautions in taking HCF, but the supplement should not interact with SAM-e. However, we recommend you contacting their support team because they know exactly which drugs interact with HCF.

      Best regards,
      BR Editor

  41. 61

    Lewis D. Smith

    Taking these capsules daily has helped me understand why being more relaxed often means being more effective, although at first this would seem like a contradiction. Being more relaxed means less stress and increased focus capacity which will eventually lead to a more creative thinking. I think this is the most important merit of the formula: to maximize one’s intellectual capacity while helping him keep stress under control.

  42. 62

    Elmo A. Schroeder

    I have documented a lot about the importance of amino-acids to the human brain before deciding on buying this product. It all started when I noticed that being under a lot of stress was really affecting my professional life and my relations. At work I was unable to concentrate in doing a single task and always ending up with many unfinished things at the end of the day. When I was at home I used to get annoyed and started a fight with anyone who didn’t agree with me. So I started searching for something to improve cognitive performance and help me relax at the same time. This formula does just that, and I am happy to have found something that targets my specific problems without ingesting other unnecessary chemicals. I think this formula is really successful in helping modern man with one of the most important problems nowadays, which is stress.

  43. 63

    Joyce S. Greene

    I am a medical assistant which up till recently didn’t believe in the therapeutic effects of nutritional supplements. I used to think that not enough research has been made in this field, and that this unapproved medicine was all just a big fat lie. Well, a few months ago I got fired, and could not find a job, so I started feeling anxious and restless. After a month or so, I also started feeling depressed as I just could not find a job and I really needed money to support myself and my children. I went to a doctor who recommended some prescription anti-depressant, but this was not helping me at all. I was feeling tired all the time, could not finish my daily chores, and just basically sleeping a lot. I decided to end the treatment and try something more natural. I started searching for a clinically proven brain formula and I read a lot of testimonials and consumers review. This was among the most popular ones. After trying the free sample for two weeks I noticed the first improvements in my general mood, so I bought a full month’s dose. Since then my life has improved considerably. I was able to think clearly and focus on finding the job without letting the pressure and stress affect me. And now I have this job and my life is back on track thanks to this wonderful formula!

  44. 64

    I would like the free sample of this product to try on my daughter who is 12 years old. She has attention issues and can’t do more than 1 or 2 things at a time. She is very moody, easily angered hard to live with sometimes very negative. We adopted her from foster care when she was 8 but have had her since she was 5. I have done only natural things and would like to try this and see how well it would work for her.

  45. 65

    Annette J. Alley

    This has been a great support for me and my brother after our mother had passed away. It helped us get pass the moment and lowered our depression symptoms during that period. I also found it a lot easier to focus on whatever I was doing and not think so much of my mother, which in a way also helped me to overcome that horrible period. I recommend it those who need a reliable support during hard times or are simply looking for an effective brain booster.

  46. 66

    Kevin W. Pompa

    I love how these capsules help me focus and stay focused whenever I’m in need of a brain booster. And each time I stop taking this supplement my performance at work is much lower. It is amazing how such a simple formula (it does contain only 2 key ingredients) can make such a difference in someone’s life! Excellent brain support!

  47. 67

    Vicki J. Blalock

    This supplement was recommended by the pharmacist when I asked for a product that would help me to improve both brain capacity and mental state. I was having a hard period at work, so I just wanted something to help me get through this period easier and not get overwhelmed by stress. Its effects were immediate and haven’t stopped taking it since.

  48. 68

    Chantel W. Rosenblatt

    This supplement has helped me stay focused during studying and training periods, at school and at home. I really enjoy the subtle, yet fast-acting effect of these capsules. I have not experienced any of the side effects reported by other consumers, so I have no complaints about it so far.

  49. 69

    James C. Williams

    My mother has been taking the capsules for a few months now and we have definitely noticed that she no longer has mood swings, and she is now able to relax and be more calm- which she could never do before. This has also improved her relationship with my dad, because before they used to fight a lot due to the increased irritability and agitated temper of my mom. So as long as my mom is satisfied, we are satisfied to. I think this is an excellent anti-stress and relaxing formula.

  50. 70

    I use this supplement for many years and I just wanted to say to all those who accuse its ineffectiveness, that they should stop doing that and understand that certain products don’t always work identically in all people. While some may experience the full benefits of the essential amino-acids included in this formula, others may not get the same results, probably because the cause of their problems is not a deficiency in any of these substances or the neurotransmitters for which they act as precursors. For me, the product has done wonderful things, particularly in alleviating my seasonal depression and reducing stress. So before making any unsupported statement, seek a specialist and find out whether the formula suits your individual needs!

  51. 71

    I love this supplement because it makes my day pass easily without feeling the unbearable burden of the usual stressful situations. I am able to focus on each task separately and finish my work without getting distracted by other problems. This makes me more competitive and effective in doing my job. And I owe most of the appreciation to this wonderful formula that helps me get through each day and keep my life in order!

  52. 72

    Jean R. Marlow

    I like this supplement because it has the ability of acting very fast and reduces depression symptoms considerably. I noticed this on myself and my close friend who have tried the formula. We all lead stressful lifestyles and sometimes find it difficult to keep a positive mood and see the good part of things. I wanted to try a high quality product and avoid low-priced and untested supplements, so I decided to invest the money in something clinically shown to be effective. So after I made a thorough research of this formula and ordered the free sample, I started enjoying its wonderful benefits. Then I recommended it to my friends who also reported feeling happier and less stressed since starting the treatment. I now take it regularly and feel great!

  53. 73

    Can anyone tell me if HCF has been to proven prevent the onset of dementia? Or reversed the signs of dementia? any research supporting this? Also – once you start this – should you expect to be on this for the rest of your life?

  54. 74

    Alexandria Bellot

    Hello, I am interested in taking HCF, because I want improvement with focus, but from the reviews it sounds like this will relax me more-does HCF make you tired? Because I don’t want to be tired, and focused, I fear I’ll just go to sleep instead of focusing.

  55. 76

    Can someone please answer Jill’s email. I am in very similar situation

    Jill December 3, 2013 at 3:38 pm
    I am considering this product for my 16 year old son who has been taking zoloft since he was 12. Can he start this while he is taking zoloft and then wean off the zoloft, or should he go completely off the zoloft before starting this? Encouraged by the possibility of him being prescription med free.

    • 77

      Hello Maria,

      While HCF is advertised as safe to use, the problem with prescription drugs is that they sometimes interact even with the safest supplements. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to discuss this problem with your son’s doctor.

      Best regards,
      BR Editor

  56. 78

    Can this be taken with Adderal, Intuniv, or Busparone. My son has autism and adhd. I would love to get him off meds. Thank you!

    • 79

      Hello Dorine,

      According to the manufacturer, HCF, Happy, Calm & Focused is safe to use. However, we strongly advise you to consult with your son’s doctor in this matter, because he is the only one entitle to decide if additional supplementation is required or necessarily.

      Best regards,
      BR Editor

  57. 81

    I have PAC which is Premature Atrial Contractions. A condition where the heart tends to get off beat. I take Metroprolol for this condition. Would taking this product be a good idea for me?

    Thank you,
    Bob Short

    • 82

      Hi Bob,

      HCF Happy, Calm & Focused should not interact with the type of medication you use. However, they should be taken at separate times in the day because HCF should be taken with only water on empty stomach. Thus, our recommendation is to discuss this with your healthcare provider.

      Best regards,
      BR Moderator

  58. 83

    I am considering this product for my 16 year old son who has been taking zoloft since he was 12. Can he start this while he is taking zoloft and then wean off the zoloft, or should he go completely off the zoloft before starting this? Encouraged by the possibility of him being prescription med free.

  59. 84

    I have been suffering from depression for months after the death of a loved one. I found this product in a dark moment of my life and I am now well and able to enjoy my life.

  60. 85

    Hello Danno,

    So far, there are no reports of negative interaction between HCF and the Exelon patch. As for the extent to which this product works, there are no medical trials that attest to it’s validity; however, there are numerous consumer reports (such as the ones posted above) that reveal varying degrees of efficiency.

    BR Editor

  61. 86

    Can this product be safely administered to someone using the Exelon patch? And can this product actually help someone suffering form Alzheimer’s?


  62. 87

    As a secretary I need to be able to constantly remember things without writing them down and at first this was a problem. But since I started using this product I got better at remembering them.

    • 90

      Hello Pab,

      No, HCF is not the same as Piracetam. The substance/product you are asking about is a nootropic, which is meant to stimulate cognitive abilities, while this brain supplement has a broader spectrum of actions, improving cognition while also reducing anxiety and depression.

      BR Editor

  63. 91

    I used to have issues with my focus, especially in the morning, but now i managed even to quit drinking coffee thanks to the supplement, it keeps me in a high alert state for a longer time and without any stress.

  64. 93

    Question: I take an anti-depressant each day (300 mg), and was wondering if this could be a natural replacement, as honestly, I truly hate the idea of these meds in my body. Would this be safe to switch over to, and is it also good for kids (aged 11 and 8 1/2) with ADHD and mild Autism?

    • 94

      Hello Mel,

      HCF could be a good alternative to prescription medication, but it depends a lot on your condition. We suggest you consult your doctor in regard to your questions, as it can be very situation-specific.

      BR Editor

  65. 95

    I use this especially in autumn, because it keeps me healthy and it helps me to prevent seasonal mood disorder. I feel energized and positive during the day and sleep better at night. Wonderful supplement!

  66. 96

    This product is getting a lot of hype from a lot of sources. I get that many people like it, but this feeling is far from universal. Me and my workmates all tried it for three months and none of us felt very impressed. We were expecting a lot more from it and we barely got like 10 percent.

  67. 97

    While I find nothing wrong with the claims or science behind this formula; DL-Phenylalanine and L Glutamine can both be purchased cheaply (much, MUCH more cheaply) from any number of reputable sources, even in small, non bulk amounts. Add a decent multivitamin and you have the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

  68. 98

    I have tried so many supplements so far, including this one and not a single one made a difference for me. If you are trying to keep balance between work and personal area, this should be enough to keep you healthy, safe and away from troubles… Try this first and keep the pills as a last resort.

  69. 99

    I’ve heard so much about HCF… There are tons of positive opinions on the Internet so I decided to give it a try. Although I have started taking it for a couple of months already, I am not noticing anything spectacular so far.

  70. 100

    I have always wished to be calm and feel good about myself, but the more I’ve tried, the more I’ve failed.It seems imposible for me too achieve this dream until I have found this amazing supplement!

  71. 101

    After taking this, I have noticed a multitude of benefits. First of all I have started to enjoy every minute of my life and try not to concentrate on failures and to move on thinking and fighting for the future. I feel stronger, smarter and healthier. And this way of living is amazing. You should try it!

  72. 103

    My family and I are using this supplement and we are amazed about the results. This is indeed really efficient and it is a must in modern busy families. After taking this supplement I always think that with calm and patience you can do everything.

  73. 104

    My house used to be littered with those small yellow papers called post-it notes, because I used to not remember anything important that I had to do during the day.Now, those days are gone and all the information is now structured in my brain. I feel powerful and more confident in my strength thanks to this superb brain supplement.

  74. 105

    This product is really amazing. It helped my mother to get back on track and get rid of her annoying anxiety and stress. Now, me and my father are extremely happy about the results.

  75. 106

    This was truly a wonderful discovery for me. I have never though of trying a brain supplement because I thought all of the hype surrounding many of these products was a clear indication that they aren’t any good. Boy was I wrong! I started with HCF because it had a free trial and my friends said it was good. Today I am still using it and I have no plans of quitting.

  76. 107

    I have found a lot of positive testimonials about this brain supplement and I decided to give it a try. It worked for me because only after one month of treatment I feel I am calmer and I have more patience to deal with whatever comes along… Thanks!

    • 109

      Hi Lyle

      HCF should be safe for children but as with any dietary supplement for non-adults, make sure to always consult a physician for approval, supervision, and determining the appropriate daily dose.

      BR Editor

  77. 110

    After I have started taking HCF Happy, Calm & Focused, my friends and I can say that I am a completely different woman. I used to lose patience when listening to my friends problems. I am more focused and calm each day and my friends seem to appreciate the change!

  78. 111

    Some supplements cause adverse effects when stopped (i.e., missed or lack of supply — I am not US-based). Would HCF cause something like this? Is it addicting? Thanks for the response!

    • 112

      Hi Ria,

      HCF, Happy, Calm & Focused is perfectly safe to take and non-addictive. However, you can always order the free sample and test it yourself. You should also remember that the formula contains only vitamins, minerals and two important amino acids that can penetrate the brain blood barrier (BBB) in order to deliver the nutrients directly to the brain. The formula has been around for more than 10 years and it had received numerous positive reviews from sites and real customers.

      BR Editor

      • 113

        Thanks, BR Editor, for your reply. Is there a recommended dosage for kids? I am searching for help for my 13 y.o. son who has ADHD and Asperger’s. We do not want medication because of all the side effects they cause. Kind regards!

        • 114

          Hi Ria,

          As a dietary supplement for adults, the manufacturer recommends starting out with (3) capsules 30 minutes before breakfast only on an empty stomach with 8oz glass of water. However, as with any dietary supplement for children, make sure to always consult a doctor for approval, supervision, and determining the appropriate daily dose.

          BR Editor

  79. 115

    Happy Calm Focused is a product that tells everything about what it does in its name. It is a complete brain helper and offers you everything that you would expect. I am almost always calm, I concentrate very well and I am very happy with my life.

  80. 116

    This is wonderful! I five months I haven’t had a single bad day. And it’s all because of this excellent supplement. If you haven’t already found your brand, look no further than this one. You will never regret your decision.

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    I’ve been talking with my friends about this for a few months until I finally decided to give it a try. I’ve never stopped using it since. It’s a very good solution for a reliable boost in you every day life. And with a free trial too!

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    I’ve tried this product because I saw they have a free trial offer. I can’t stress enough how good it is for a product like this to have a free trial offer to back those impressive claims. The result was amazing, I have never felt better in my life.

  84. 120

    It’s truly rare that you can find a product like this. Reliable, potent and with no side effects. I have got over anxiety, sleep and focus issues and episodes of furious anger. You can try it freely and I am sure you will be pleased by it.

  85. 121

    This product is the best thing that I ever discovered on the market. I don’t feel the need to take anything else. It’s simply amazing.

  86. 122

    I have a very stressful job and also a hard time at home… I am the only support for my family and I have to cope with difficult situations every single day. So, this product really helps me to handle stress more effectively.

  87. 123

    This is a very good product. I used it for a year and I feel better in every possible way. I find it a lot easier to deal with stressful situations and no longer rage when things don’t go my way. Try it, you will like it.

  88. 124

    Since I’ve been on Happy, Calm & Focused, I feel I have more energy and my husband tells me I am less irritable than I’ve been for the last 6-7 months, when I think menopause started to kick in. I’ll keep ordering it!

  89. 125

    Can you take this one and also take a “one-a-day” multivitamin together? HCF for your brain and “one-a-day” for the rest of your body?

    • 127

      Hi Barb Moore,

      Brainreference was released in 2011. It is not possible to have comments dating earlier than that :)

      • 128

        They have mentioned it is free trail, but when i fillup details they are asking card number I thought it is only for shipping payment but they are also asking for 1month pack or partner pack , family pack what happen to free trail..

        • 129

          Hi Hary,

          Asking for card number is a standard procedure and is required for shipping payment. As for subscription, you can choose to cancel it at any given time. You will still receive the free sample and in case you are not fully satisfied with the product, then simply cancel the monthly subscription.

  90. 130

    I bought this product for my husband who’s been out of job for three months now and has serious problems with his sleep. He did not want to take any rx drugs so I started looking into herbal solutions. He’s been taking this supplement for about two weeks now and says that his brain is not racing like it used to. He’s now able to sleep without getting up several times in one night.

  91. 131

    I think it’s a matter of personal preferences. The way their subscription plan is build convinced me to try and keep use it. It did wonders for me and for my husband.

  92. 132

    I was ready to order my “free month trial” until I realized it was for a monthly program UNTIL you cancel after receiving 14 days, + 1 week of allowed shipping (21 day total) of free HCF. Two weeks was a decent offering for $9.95, but not an automatic program thereafter. If the product is as good as people are stating why must I opting for monthly payments. Let me decide. Why give me the hassle of canceling if I feel differently. Too bad, I would have liked to try it.

    • 133

      Almost all the top supplements offer a monthly program, but HCF is the only one offering a trial. Also notice its a “free month trial” which you are trying out their monthly program. If you want to try the product itself for free, nobody does that as far as I know. Plus, supplements are designed to be taken regularly so it makes sense to automatically sign up for a monthly program.

  93. 134

    I can’t find specific information on whether kids can take this or not. I just see adult dosage instructions. Can a 10 year old take it?

    • 135

      Hi Michele,

      We have seen many children successfully take the HCF supplement without any issues. In some cases, reducing the dose is necessary for a child so that they can build up and become acclimated to the changes in the brain and body that the supplement’s nutrients will introduce.

    • 138

      Based on the results you get and the prices of competitors, this is very affordable. I mean, how much is a good nights sleep worth or a more relaxed atitude at work?

  94. 139

    I already told all my friends and family and now I’m telling you, this product is great! If you have problems with sleep or stress or anxiety you should totally try this out. You’ll be happy you did.

    • 148

      The company offers a discount if you buy like 3 months 6 months and even 1 year supply. The discount is pretty significant too.

  95. 149

    My memory isn’t so good so I was wondering if you had to take these pills every day or if I could skip a day?

    • 150

      if your memory isnt that good then this formula could help you with that but for best results you should take it as directed

    • 152

      Some people do experience minor headaches when taking a supplement because the body is acclimating to the changes the supplement provides.

      In most cases you don’t need to worry about this as it fades away quickly as you mentioned. However, if it becomes excessive or lasts for longer than a few days it may help to work up to the recommended dosage.

      • 153

        thanks for this information. I noticed that i would get headaches to and I was wondering if it was a coincidence or not

      • 154

        that is kind of imnportant information dont you think it should be part of the review if this is a common side effect???

        • 155

          This is not a common side effect specific to HCF Happy, Calm & Focused, some people do experience this with any supplements. It is a natural reaction by the body when nutritional changes occur.

          Some people may experience stomach pains or bring light-headed among other things but they are not common or specific to this product.

  96. 156

    If you’re looking for a mircale pill that eases all your trobuels, this isn’t it. But if you’re realistic and want something that can make you feel better, like relaxed and focused, then this is what you want.

    • 157

      R.T. hit the nail on the head, I couldn’t have said it better myself. People need to understand that this supplements helps your body do what it should naturally, it isn’t going to make you feel high… just make you feel right.

        • 159

          I am passionate about natural health and I enjoy helping people that are pursuing information about improving their lives naturally.

    • 163

      I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Are you asking about how you feel or what the pills actually do for your body?

        • 165

          No need to get snippy about it I just wanted to make sure. Too many people on the internet giving out crap information.

    • 166

      HCF Happy, Calm & Focused is a natural brain supplement that helps nourish your brain with essential neuro-nutrients and amino-acids that help improve a wide range of various issues.

      • 167

        you also need to understand that not everyone experiences the same types of results from hcf while most resuls are positive some are stronger than others because everyone is different

    • 168

      HCF may relieve DLPA and Glutamine deficiency symptoms by repleting those amino acids b/c it contains DLPA and Glutamine.

    • 170

      I think for now you can only get it online or by phone. It would be nice if it was available at some health food stores though.

    • 172

      A lot of people eating habits depend on there moods. When they are sad or anxious for example people tend to turn to food to make them feel better, so I assume that if you are happy and calm you are less likely to resort to the bag of chips and soda or chocolate.

  97. 173

    If I was going to use one word to describe how great this supplement is, I’d say awesome! Or amazing, or terrific, it’s all those and much much more!

  98. 174

    ever since i was little i was always interested in natural health i read a ton of book went to classes and am trying to a license in natural healing after all these years ive only found a few products i like and fewer i would recommend it, is one of these if you can find one as affordable that does similar results i encourage you to try it but i doubt you ever will so keep doing the good work from all your loyal health fans

    • 175

      Well put, couldn;t have said it better myself. That it helped with my insomnia and my husbands stress is a miracle, that it’s so affordable is a nice little bonus.

  99. 178

    before finding this supplement, my family would tell me i had a bad mood but now im not so grumpy anymore. Even my friends and poeple at work notice that im much calmer with things. i have reccommended it to my boss because he seems to get major stress and upset really easy

  100. 179

    I want to lose weight for the new year, I read somewhere that HCF has helped other people can this supplement help me where so many others have failed?

  101. 181

    I first tried this product about 6 months ago and still swear by it. I suffered from serious sleep troubles and it helped me with it. It got so bad for me that I couldn’t fall asleep without some OTC medicine of some sort. I really got concerned when i felt chained to these drugs. The funny thing is, my husband got the supplement for me to help calm me down, it was never for my sleep trouble. But it definitely worked out and I suggest everyone try it and see how it improves your life.

    • 183

      I don’t think they have soft gels but if pills bother you like they do me, you can crush them up and put them in water. That’s what I do and it still works wonders.

  102. 184

    What more can be said about this amazing product that hasn’t been said before. It’s effective, affordable and there’s a free trial offer so anyone can see with their own experience. What more could you want? Try it now or you’ll always wonder. Keep up the good work.

    • 186

      Yes, the supplement is available out of the USA. I know when I was stationed out of the country I was able to get them for my wife. It costs a bit more for shipping as you might expect.