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Green Tea Standardized Review
Green Tea Standardized Review

PUBLISHED: 04/11/2013 by brreader
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Green Tea Standardized

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Green Tea Standardized is an herbal remedy manufactured by Nature’s Way, a reputable name on the supplement’s market.

The company has been found in 1969 in Utah. During many years of study and tests, Nature’s Way products proved their efficiency. They contain quality ingredients taken from natural sources so that the final product to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

Green tea has been known to be as one of the ancient super foods. It has its origin in China, but it has also been related to many cultures from Asia. Today, it can be found on different forms on the market, such as tea bags, liquid tea concentrate, instant tea, capsules, tablets and many others.

The plant has a lot of benefits for our health. It may help in losing weight process by detoxifying the body, reducing blood fat and cholesterol. It boosts exercise endurance, reduces the risk of heart attack and fights against various types of cancer. It may prevent and treat neurological diseases. It also has hydration benefits similar to water. It keeps diabetes in check and offers protection from ultraviolet rays. Green Tea Standardized is an immune system booster, helping us to fight better against infections and to keep a good general health.

Green Tea Standardized Ingredients

Green Tea Standardized contains the following ingredients: Green tea leaf extract, 95% polyphenols (75% catechins), green tea leaf and plant-derived capsule.

Product Features

Green Tea Standardized is an herbal formula that mainly contains tea extract, tea leaf and polyphenols. The bottle includes 30 capsules, each one having 250 mg leaves extract with 95 % Polyphenols and 200 mg leaf. The recommended dose is 1 capsule, once or twice a day, preferably with food. The manufacturer guarantees that 2 capsules are equivalent in the amount of EGCG with 3 cups of tea.

Polyphenols are chemicals found in plants that have strong health benefits.
There is some evidence regarding the efficiency of polyphenols in Green Tea to prevent diabetes, cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. Some laboratory studies have been made and it has been shown that they may have possible cancer-fighting benefits, by slowing cancer cell proliferation. It also has some possible benefits to heart health, by minimizing the risk of related diseases, reducing inflammation and fat in the blood vessels and preventing blood clots. It has anti-inflammatory benefits, being helpful to prevent many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack, hardening of the arteries, arthritis and allergies. All these diseases are mainly caused by inflammation.

But all the research that has been made is not conclusive yet and it is advisable to have a healthy and balanced diet for keeping optimal health.

Green Tea Standardized is not recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Depending on the dosage, it may lead to nervousness, headache, diarrhea, sleep problems, tremor, heartburn, convulsion, dizziness and others.

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  • It is an immune system enhancer.
  • It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
  • The product contains safe tested ingredients with no additives taken from quality natural sources.
  • The manufacturer is a reputable name on the market.


  • It is not recommended during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.
  • The product might not be suitable for people with anxiety disorders, because it contains caffeine.
  • It may interact with other drugs.
  • If taken too late in the evening It can generate unwanted alertness.
  • There is no free trial offer on the company’s website.
  • There is no possibility of ordering the product from the manufacturer.


Green Tea Standardized is a natural formula containing thistea extract that has been studied, tested and used for years for its benefits.

It is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant remedy that may help in reducing tumor activity, increasing fat burning and preventing many diseases caused by inflammation.
It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties due to its high content of tea catechins.
It may delay some diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson. It offers skin protection, reducing the damaged caused by the exposure to sun.

Green Tea Standardized is a good supplement for weight loss and for improving our immune system’s health.

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