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Green Gunpowder Tea Review
Green Gunpowder Tea Review

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Green Gunpowder Tea

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Green Gunpowder Tea is a green tea which offers amounts of caffeine similar to that of coffee which can improve focus, mental awareness, immune system functions, metabolism, endurance and weight loss. The company that offers this product is Higher Tea which is based out of Wellington New Zealand. The company has several positive reviews and recommendations and is recognized around the globe.

A few other products offered include Chai Tea, Coconut Pu-erk, Cleansing Tea and Cherry Blossom Tea, which are just a few more of their organic teas available for purchase. The company is proud of their repeat business and has garnered positive attention for their products since they first started selling their various tea options.

According to the manufacturer Green Gunpowder Tea is full of polyphenols which make it high in antioxidants which improves health and is helpful in warding off diseases while boosting the immune system. Using the highest quality green tea leaves in every batch the product is certified organic by the USDA. The tea has been shown to improve endurance for three to six hour periods of time making it a popular choice among athletes, business professionals and scholars.

Although some companies use machines to roll their gunpowder tea leaves, Higher Tea takes pride in the preparation of their Green Gunpowder Tea leaves by hand blending them in small batches in the United States to provide optimum quality for their customers. Simple and pure, tea leaves are the only ingredient contained in the product.


Green Gunpowder Tea contains the following ingredients: Green Gunpowder Tea contains the following ingredients: Green Gunpowder tea.

Product Features

Green Gunpowder Tea is a green tea drink which provides many benefits for the drinker that are obtained simply through the course of enjoying a simple beverage. The only ingredient in the product are tea leaves procured from the Chinese province of Zhejian.

The tea is thought to derive its name from its smoky tasting flavor as well as the process of rolling the leaves into small pellets which resemble the appearance of gunpowder pellets used in some of the early types of guns and “explode” open into longer leaves during the brewing process. The tightly rolled leaves allow the tea to remain fresher than other varieties of green tea leaves currently available. Proven effective for centuries for a number of different ailments and provides numerous additional benefits.

Green tea aids in weight loss, both by boosting metabolism and helping in burning fat. It also has been shown to reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and regulate blood sugar. Boosting the immune system the tea aids in the prevention of many diseases, arthritis and can help fight off heart disease. There are no current side effects currently associated with this product. Although used as a remedy for centuries, several studies in recent years have proven the effectiveness of tea in the ability of disease prevention and an increase in marked wellness experienced in a short period of time with regular use. The Gunpowder version offers higher amounts of caffeine than other varieties of green tea.

Although studies of the Higher Tea produced formula of Green Gunpowder Tea have not been reported, several studies of Green Gunpowder Tea in general has affirmed the positive health benefits of consuming the tea. Clearly printed directions, dosage, ingredients and usage suggestions are provided on the package. Many reviews provided from current and previous users of the product suggest that the product does work as described by the manufacturer.

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  • The product is a great addition to any diet because it is a calorie-free, fat-free and gluten-free product
  • The tea is a natural drink and is a USDA certified organic product
  • The manufacturer stands behind the quality of the product by guaranteeing 100% Satisfaction and by offering a full refund for the consumer.


  • It can take a few attempts to find the best amount of steeping time to produce the most desirable strength for each drinkers preference
  • This product is reported to have a very strong – and for some unpleasant – taste
  • The level of caffeine in the product is comparable to that found in coffee and may be too strong of a stimulant for those with a sensitivity to caffeine.


There have been many successfully completed studies on the positive effects of drinking green tea. This specific version of green tea provides a high caffeine count which many appeal to coffee drinkers that would like to experience the benefits of green tea without giving up their caffeine intake. The company uses tea leaves which are certified organic which speak to the quality of the product. It is possible that the tea can provide the benefits introduced and offered by the manufacturer.

Studies have shown that green tea provides health benefits and any version of the tea which can generate a routine habit of consumption should reflect benefits in the user over time.

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Green Gunpowder Tea Review
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