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Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound Review
Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound Review

PUBLISHED: 02/26/2013 by BR Publishing
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Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound

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Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound is an herbal salve advertised as assisting with the healing of scratches, inflammations, bites, and other similar wounds. The company behind the formula is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs is an Oregon based small firm that sells bulk spices and herbs, which can be used for medicinal, culinary and cosmetic purposes. In addition, at Mountain Rose Herbs, they also produce a wide variety of formulations like tinctures, herbal oils, salves, and capsules. They also have a product line dedicated to bath care. In general the products marketed by Mountain Rose Herbs are certified organic or use wildly harvested plants.

According to the producer, Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound is based on organic goldenseal which possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal activities. Thus the producer claims that the salve may be used to heal minor wounds and also avoid the infection of injuries. Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound is made with solar infused certified organic olive oil and with entirely natural beeswax and it does not have any artificial additives whatsoever. The salve comes in a small convenient container therefore it may be used by people who are travelling as well. Mountain Rose Herbs does not give indications as to who this product is best suited for.

Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound Ingredients

Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound contains the following ingredients: Goldenseal root, Myrrh gum powder, St. John’s Wort flowers, Calendula flowers, Olive oil, and Beeswax.

Product Features

Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound is a salve based on herbs with a long historical use in treating mild skin conditions, like goldenseal, calendula, and myrrh, St. John’s Wort is also recommended by herbalists for sores and scratches, however it is mostly an herb used for treating depression.

Goldenseal is an herb familiar to most Americans. It is mostly recommended for small wounds and sores, eye problems like conjunctivitis, sore throat and stomach upsets. Herbalists tend to use it in combination with Echinacea for treating cold symptoms nonetheless there are also products on the market based on goldenseal and myrrh. Goldenseal has not been sufficiently tested on humans, but there have been tube tests done on one of its main compounds, which is called berberine. Berberine possesses significant antibacterial activity, being thus able to treat yeast infections, urinary tract infections and diarrhea. Products containing berberine may also be used as intestinal cleanser as it can help you get rid of some intestinal parasites. Potential side effects associated with goldenseal are skin rashes, and mouth irritations.

Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound is sold in bottles of one ounce and two ounces. The producer does not mention a maximum daily dose or side effects on its website. However, it does state that the formula has not been evaluated by the FDA which, in other words, means its safety and effectiveness cannot be guaranteed.

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  • The price per ounce varies from $4 to $5.75 depending on the bottle size, which would recommend it as an affordable formula
  • It does not contain artificial additives or petroleum
  • You can return the formula in 60 days and get a full refund


  • There are not many online retailers selling the product
  • Shipping fees may be relatively high when ordering from the manufacturer
  • Some of the ingredients could interact with other drugs (e.g. goldenseal with blood thinners)


Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound is an ointment for various types of minor wounds. The salve may be effective if we look at its list of ingredients which consists of goldenseal, myrrh and calendula. You should however be aware of the fact that these herbs interact with some medications, like drugs for diabetes and blood clotting medicine. As a consequence, we advise you to consult your healthcare practitioner to advise you on how to use Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound.

Although in theory the product should work, we have not found sufficient empirical evidence to back this up, as the number of online consumer reviews seems to be quite limited.

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Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound Review
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