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Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000 Review
Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000 Review

PUBLISHED: 01/25/2013 by BR Technical
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Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000

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The main health benefits of Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000 include liver protection and enhancing liver function. The formula is manufactured and marketed by Golden Glow, a major Australian dietary supplements manufacturer, which claims the formula has antioxidant properties as well. The formula bases its core benefits on the therapeutic properties of Milk Thistle or Silybum marianum, an herbal remedy used for thousands of years.

Golden Glow has been a manufacturer of dietary supplements for more than 35 years. Established in 1976 in Australia, the company currently sells, domestically and worldwide more than 300 different products. From Home care and beauty and personal care products, to numerous dietary supplements (herbal remedies, minerals, amino-acids, fish oils, enzymes, natural oils, homeopathic products), the company claims to have successfully delivered more than 6 million orders from its establishment. The company gives considerable attention to their customer care policies. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the entire range of products. Also, through their official website, the company gives their clients and prospects the ability to talk to a specialized naturopath.

Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000 is designed for adults who suffer from a liver condition or wish to prevent liver damage and is suited for vegetarians as well.

Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000 Ingredients

Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000 includes the following ingredient: Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) extract equivalent dry fruit (7g) 7000mg standardized to contain Flavanolignins calculated as silybin 84mg.

Product Features

Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000 is a 7000mg equivalent extract of the plant called Milk Thistle.

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is one of the oldest herbal remedies in the world, with a history of use that exceeds 2,000 years. It was, and still is, particularly recommended against ailments that may affect the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder. Some research concluded that the active compound of the plant has the ability to protect the liver from different toxins. Milk Thistle also contains several substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Results of clinical trials and scientific research on humans are rather limited or showing contradictory results.

Milk Thistle has been recommended against two serious liver diseases, particularly alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis, in which case it works to increase survival rates. Studies showing this have however been contested. The use of Milk Thistle for Hepatitis C has also stirred the scientific world, with mixed results being obtained. Other uses mentioned include treatment of mushroom poisoning and several types of cancer.

In terms of safety, Milk thistle is generally regarded as safe; however some consumers may experience side effects such as stomach upset, diarrhea, and skin rash (from touching the plant). Pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised against the use of this plant.

The manufacturer recommends taking one tablet of Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000 three times daily with food.

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  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee available on the formula, as for all company products
  • Moderate price ($17 for a month’s supply)
  • Excellent reputation of the manufacturer may represent a guarantee to the formula’s potential effectiveness
  • Suited for vegetarians


  • Lack of general information on the product offered by the manufacturer
  • Research on Milk Thistle has been widely contested and results of trials have been mixed
  • Potential drug interactions of Milk Thistle (antipsychotics, birth control pills etc.)
  • Not suited for certain types of consumers


There is a large number of people who worry about their health and take measures to preserving their well-being. May of them turn to alternative medicine for an answer, because alternative treatments are usually less costly, have fewer side effects and are just as effective as other treatments.

Golden Glow Milk Thistle 7000 features milk thistle as the core ingredient and is claimed to provide liver support. Research on Milk Thistle, particularly several clinical studies, has however been contested on many occasions, and hence many of these benefits are not backed up by scientific evidence. Also, Milk thistle may interact with various other drugs. It would be safer if you could ask for a specialized opinion before deciding to use this formula.

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