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Golden Glow Grape Seed Review
Golden Glow Grape Seed Review

PUBLISHED: 01/19/2013 by brreader
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Golden Glow Grape Seed

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Golden Glow Grape Seed is advertised as a dietary supplement designed to strengthen the capillaries and to minimize both risk and appearance of varicose veins. The manufacturing company, Golden Glow, offers extremely limited information on the formula; except for a short description of the main benefits, ingredients, and usage directions, there is no information offered to support any of the benefit claims.

Golden Glow is located in Australia and is an experienced manufacturer of dietary supplements. Founded more than 35 years ago, the company offers a broad range of vitamins, minerals, herbal formulations, as well as numerous beauty, skin and care products. Additionally, all company products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. The company takes pride in its high quality products and quick order turnaround. All customers and potential customers have the possibility to receive free advice from the company’s qualified naturopathic team, which they can reach online.

Grape Seed extract is a popular herbal remedy, with numerous studies and scientific papers having been published on its medical properties. We will detail the entire spectrum of benefits for the formula in the following sections, and assume these also apply to the product being reviewed here.

According to the manufacturer, Golden Glow Grape Seed is recommended to adults regardless of age. If symptoms should persist, consumers are recommended to contact a healthcare provider.

Golden Glow Grape Seed Ingredients

Golden Glow Grape Seed includes the following ingredients: Vitis vinifera (Grape seed) extract equivalent to dry seed (12g) 12,000mg.

Product Features

Golden Glow Grape Seed contains an extract of grape seeds. The extract is often used as a liquid concentrate, oils, capsules, cream or tablets.

Grape seed is a supplement obtained by grinding the seeds of red grapes. It often comes in the form of an extract, liquid concentrate, oil, capsule, tablet or cream and people use it for a variety of health promoting purposes. Although few side effects have ever been associated with the use of grape seed supplements, it is recommended that a healthcare provider is consulted prior to taking Grape seed if you taking anticoagulant drugs, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or planning on using it for more than 12 weeks.

The research done on Grape seed seem to indicate that the extract has significant antioxidant properties. Studies indicate it is 20 times more potent in antioxidant terms than vitamin C and 50 times more potent than vitamin E, two of the most important natural antioxidants. Its benefits derive from the extract’s ability to fight oxidative stress and include prevention or treatment of age related macular degeneration, mild cognitive impairment, heart disease and stroke, liver damage, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, lack of concentration, and mental focus. Mild and rare side effects may appear and include nausea, itchy scalp, headache, and dizziness. Although a recommended dosage has not yet been agreed upon, the daily dosage should not exceed 300 mg.

The recommended daily dosage is one to two tablets three times daily. No Golden Glow Grape Seed side effects are mentioned.

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  • A 30 day money back guarantee is available
  • The manufacturer offers prospects and clients the opportunity to chat online with a naturopath
  • Grape seed has been scientifically researched


  • A general lack of consumer testimonials on most of Golden Glow products including this one
  • Extremely limited amount of information available on this products
  • Potential side effects and special precautions associated with the use of Grape seed extract


Golden Glow Grape Seed features an extract of grape seeds, advertised to benefit capillaries. Generally, Grape seed extracts are recognized for their strong antioxidant capacity, therefore it is highly probable that their benefits will not stop here. The manufacturer offers limited information on the product. The fact that there are no consumer testimonials documented online makes it even harder to evaluate this formula’s effectiveness. Also, there are certain precautions one should take into considerations before using grape seed extracts, such as its blood thinning properties and the fact that long term safety is not systematically studied. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend that a doctor is consulted before using Golden Glow Grape Seed.

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