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Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10 Review
Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10 Review

PUBLISHED: 12/05/2012 by breditor
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Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10

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Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10 is advertised as a source of the Coenzyme Q10 involved in numerous important body functions. The manufacturer Golden Glow claims the formula is especially effective for hearth health, enhances energy reserves and strengthens the body’s antioxidant network.

Golden Glow is one of the most experienced dietary supplements manufacturers. The Australian company has been active for more than 35 years and takes pride in the more than 6 million orders shipped worldwide. According to the company, they are Australia’s most trusted and largest vitamin and dietary supplements mail order and internet business. The company offers vitamins, minerals, herbal formulas, and other dietary supplements, as well as several lines of beauty and personal care products.

Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10 is recommended to adults only, especially to those past the age of 35, when CoQ10 natural production capacity starts to decline significantly. The manufacturer advises people taking Warfarin to start using Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10 only after medical advice.

Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10 Ingredients

Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10 includes the following ingredients: Ubidecarenone (Co-Enzyme Q10).

Product Features

Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10 is based on the therapeutic properties of Coenzyme Q10, a naturally produced enzyme present in the mitochondria of almost all cells in our body. CO Q10 plays an essential role in the energy production process, while also exhibiting strong antioxidant effects. this is why it is present in the organs with the highest energy requirements (heart, kidneys, and liver).

As an antioxidant, CoQ10 has been involved in numerous research studies which investigate its ability to counteract oxidative stress harmful effects. It appears that it also has the ability to recycle radical forms of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, two other potent natural antioxidants. Supplementation is necessary, as the body’s own production capacity decreases by roughly 30% after the age of 30. There is preliminary evidence exists that it may interfere with the progression of Alzheimer\’s disease, by slowing it down. One study showed that CoQ10 may slow down the progression of Parkinson’s disease, a movement disorder for which no cure has yet been found. The Coenzyme has also been studied for benefits against migraine headaches, as associations have been made between low levels of CoQ10 and migraines. Other applications include Tinnitus, stroke, diabetes and fatigue.

Coenzyme Q10 is generally well tolerated even in high doses. Gastrointestinal problems have sometimes been associated. No reviews are available online for Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10. The recommended dosage is one capsule capsules taken daily with food.

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  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is available under specific conditions
  • Coenzyme Q10’s benefits are backed up by scientific evidence


  • Moderate price, as one month supply may cost as much as $25
  • Lack of product reviews available online
  • Lack of general information on the product offered by the manufacturer


Antioxidant reserves are absolutely necessary for the body to function correctly and not be damaged by free radicals which result from the billions of reactions going on daily in our bodies. While the body is naturally endowed with such antioxidants, some of them, as it is the case of CoQ10 tend to be depleted as we age, making supplementation a must.

Golden Glow Co-Enzyme Q10 has not been reviewed by customers. CoQ10 has been researched in numerous studies, and some of its properties are supported by evidence while others are not. The product is no different from other brands of Coenzyme Q10. The manufacturer does however offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which is a strong purchase argument. We advise that you carefully read the label before using the formula.

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