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Golden Glow Chewable Calcium Review
Golden Glow Chewable Calcium Review

PUBLISHED: 02/01/2013 by breditor
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Golden Glow Chewable Calcium

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Golden Glow Chewable Calcium is marketed as a dietary supplement which features Calcium in the form of chewable tablets. The product manufactured by Golden Glow is claimed to maintain and support the health of bones and potentially prevent diseases that affect bones, such as osteoporosis. The manufacturer offers little information regarding the formula’s core benefits and main ailment claims, however Calcium’s role in the body has been scientifically established and will be detailed in the following sections.

The company behind this formula is called Golden Glow, and was founded in 1976 in Australia. Today, Golden is one of the largest and most experienced Australian manufacturers, with a market experience which exceeds 35 years. The company is particularly recognized as a customer oriented business, due to numerous extra services attached to the purchasing experience. Among these services, we mention the 30 day money back guarantee which covers all company formulas. Additionally, the company facilitates for their customers and potential clients access to a team of naturopaths (natural remedies specialists), who can be reached through the manufacturer’s website.

Golden Glow Chewable Calcium is recommended to be used by children and by adults who experience a calcium deficiency or a calcium imbalance related disease. The manufacturer has stopped manufacturing Golden Glow Chewable Calcium for undisclosed reasons.

Golden Glow Chewable Calcium Ingredients

Golden Glow Chewable Calcium includes the following ingredients: Calcium (from Calcium carbonate).

Product Features

Golden Glow Chewable Calcium features one of the many forms that the mineral calcium is found in dietary supplements: Calcium Carbonate.

The body needs Calcium for a variety of reasons and Calcium, among which the most popular are its support function for the skeletal system, its role in regulating the heartbeat and its role in muscle contraction. In addition, research conducted on Calcium and its properties revealed the mineral has beneficial effects on the nervous system, and blood clotting function. Calcium deficiencies can lead to serious health problems and diseases, such as osteoarthritis. This is why imbalances have to be diagnosed in due time and treatment (supplementation) is applied. The daily recommended dose for men adults aged less than 71 years old is 100 mg, equal to the dose recommended for adult women younger than 51. Women are more likely to develop a Calcium deficiency during such periods as menstruation or pregnancy; hence prevalence of bone disease (Calcium related) is larger.

One significant drawback to this particular form of Calcium, respectively Calcium carbonate is that it is not as well absorbed by the body as other forms of calcium (lactate, ascorbate, etc). However, there are certain benefits superior to other Calcium types. The carbonate particle reacts and neutralizes stomach acid, resulting in an often effective treatment for mild acid stomach.

There are no consumer testimonials regarding this formula. The recommended dosage varies according to the age of each individual, from two tablets daily with meals (for children aged between 2 and 9) to four tablets for children older than 9 and adults.

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  • Calcium Carbonate may also help with acid stomach
  • Chewable tablets, easy to take by children and by the elderly


  • The Carbonate form is not so well absorbed by the body as other types of Calcium
  • The formula has been discontinued


The importance of vitamins and minerals in overall health can’t be denied. These essential nutrients support the core bodily functions and ensure an optimum balance so that organs and systems function as they should. Golden Glow Chewable Calcium is a dietary supplement which features the essential mineral Calcium, in a carbonate form. The fact that the product comes in the form of chewable tablets gives it great advantage over numerous other products. Although the producer offers a limited number of details on the formula and consumer testimonials seem to lack, the product is likely to achieve its purpose, as extensive research on the benefits of Calcium seems to indicate.

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