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Golden Glow ACE Review
Golden Glow ACE Review

PUBLISHED: 01/21/2013 by BR Technical
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Golden Glow ACE

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Designed as a dietary supplement which promotes overall well-being, Golden Glow ACE is a combination of three vitamins (A, C and E) with numerous benefits on human body functions and processes. The manufacturing company is Golden Glow, a lead Australian manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements and healthcare products. According to the product description made by the producer, the formula is able to offer antioxidant protection, boost the immune system, promote good circulation and assist with wound healing and pressure sores.

The manufacturer is a company with more than 35 years of market experience. Founded in 1976, the company has grown in one of Australia’s most important manufacturers of health care products, including dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies), beauty products (skin and hair care) and home care products. All company products carry a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company also offers its potential and current customers the opportunity to consult a specialized naturopath, reachable online by using the manufacturer’s official website.

Golden Glow ACE is recommended to be used by adults who wish to prevent depletion of these three vitamins or simply to achieve and maintain an overall good health. Unfortunately, the product has been discontinued for undisclosed reasons.

Golden Glow ACE Ingredients

Golden Glow ACE includes the following ingredients: Beta-carotene, Ascorbic Acid, d-alpha Tocopherol, and Lecithin.

Product Features

Golden Glow ACE is a blend of three essential vitamins which are particularly effective as free radical scavengers. According to the manufacturer, the formula contains no artificial preservatives.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which has received much praise from scientific research all over the world. Some of its most commonly recognized benefits include immunity support, hypertension and cataracts prevention, and preventing cardiovascular disease. One of the most intensely researched areas of vitamin C benefits refer to its potential benefits in improving and maintaining cardiovascular health. Vitamin C appears to positively impact several aspects of cardiovascular health, including blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant itself, but helps with the production of other antioxidants as well. Vitamin E production is supported by vitamin C. Additionally, it has come to the attention of researchers that vitamin C may boost mood and alleviate symptoms of stress. Particularly, people with a vitamin C deficiency often feel increased fatigue levels and experience depression. Further research is required to fully establish a relationship between these two.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin which also exhibits powerful antioxidant benefits. Important to the health of hair, skin, nails, the immune system, eyes function, bone, and reproductive system, this vitamin works by neutralizing free radicals. In combination with other nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids), it may be able to prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney and bladder problems, stomach disease, stroke, and heart failure.

The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule three times per day.

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  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee covering the formula
  • The three vitamins included in the formula are essential to numerous processes and functions of the body


  • The formula has been discontinued for unknown reasons
  • There are no customer testimonials available to support the product claims


Vitamin A, C, and E are important to various functions of the body, many of which are essential to a normal, optimum function of the organs and systems. The three vitamins have their antioxidant properties in common, making Golden Glow ACE particularly effective in fighting oxidative stress and free radical damage, which could otherwise lead to conditions including cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative dysfunctions and more. Supplementation is necessary when diet alone is not enough to ensure proper amounts. A physician should recommend use of vitamins and dietary supplements, a rule which also applies for this product. You should take into consideration that Golden Glow ACE has been discontinued.

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