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GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex Review
GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex Review

PUBLISHED: 05/21/2013 by BR Publishing
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GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex

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GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex is an herbal supplement that claims to have a normalizing effect on the brain, meaning it should support mental balance and function and promote mental performance. The product is offered by the Golden NeoLife Diamite (GNLD) Company, based in New Mexico, USA, that was founded in 1958 and that currently has international coverage. They claim to manufacture all their supplements under strict quality requirements and have a Drug Manufacturing License, although it is not required as they specialize in dietary supplements manufacturing.

Mind Enhancement Complex is an herbal formulation that contains herbs well-known and traditionally used for improving mental function. The manufacturer claims that its product will improve and support nervous system health, leading to improved mental acuity, mental focus, and clarity due to a unique blend of nutrients from seven herbs. The product is a 100% natural with no chemical and animal products, non-addictive, and claimed to have no side-effects. The manufacturer does not specify whether the product is safe for use in children and in pregnant or nursing women, so it is best to consult a physician in such cases. Mind Enhancement Complex is available for purchase on the GNLD NeoLife website, where members are offered a 15% discount.

GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex Ingredients

GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex contains the following ingredients: Ginkgo biloba- leaf (5:1), Gotu Kola – leaf (5:1), Red Sage – leaf (7:1), Rosemary – leaf (5:1), Sweet Basil – leaf (6:1), Thyme – leaf (6:1), and Skullcap – flower (5:1).

Product Features

GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex is an herbal supplement that contains a formulation of seven herbs meant to promote nervous system health, especially brain function and mental acuity. The supplement is claimed to contain 100% natural herbal extracts and no chemical or animal products. The supplement contains Gotu Kola extract, known for its multiple health benefits. It is believed to improve circulation and strengthen the blood vessels. Also, Gotu Kola is known for its positive effects on the central nervous system, proven in a series of human studies. It was found that the leaf extract administered over a longer period of time eases anxiety and even improves certain mood disorders.

GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex also includes Rosemary extract, a plant found in gardens all over the world and used as an aromatic herb to flavor certain foods. The herb has also a multitude of health benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to cancer prevention. It was also found that rosemary extract improves cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and was found to improve mental function in healthy subjects.

The supplement is offered in the tablet form, each bottle containing 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is one tablet each morning and night. Use on children and during pregnancy and nursing should be avoided, as the manufacturer makes no statement regarding it. Although the manufacturer states there are no side-effects to the product, GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex should be taken only as recommended as some of the ingredients may present severe side-effects in case of high dosage.

Sale Price: $57.99

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  • Proven effectiveness of some ingredients
  • All natural product
  • No animal ingredients
  • Available directly on the manufacturer’s website
  • Discounts for members


  • No evidence to support formulation effectiveness
  • Not registered with the FDA
  • No free-trial


GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex is an herbal supplement meant to maintain and improve nervous system and brain health and which promises users improved mental clarity and focus. The product contains a combination of seven herbs, known for their effects on brain health and is all natural, chemical free, and contains no animal products. Unfortunately, GNLD NeoLife offers no actual evidence to the formulation’s effectiveness and simply states the effects of some of the products’ ingredients. Users should further research the product and even ask for professional advice before beginning use as some of the herbal extracts it contains may have some side-effects.

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GNLD NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex Review
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