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Fused Focus Review
Fused Focus Review

PUBLISHED: 04/21/2017 by BR Publishing
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Fused Focus

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Fused Focus is a premium brain supplement that is supposed to improve your brain’s focus, energy, and memory recall. It is a Nootropic brain supplement that contains caffeine, Teacrine, and Alpha GPC as the key ingredients. According to VitalFuse, the product maker, the supplement is loaded with a powerful blended formula that has been used for many years as a remedy for stress. Fused Focus uses high-quality ingredients that are meant to boost your mental performance. Using the product is supposed to help you focus and increase your brain’s efficiency. VitalFuse is based in the USA; they assert that the product has undergone independent third party testing before launching in the market.


Fused Focus contains the following ingredients: Fused Focus contains the following ingredients: Bacopa Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Alpha-GPC 20%, and Theacrine.

Product Features

Caffeine: This is a natural stimulant commonly found in tea, coffee, and chocolate. It stimulates the brain and the central nervous system. Caffeine will get rid of the feeling of being tired and fatigued. Also is responsible for hyper energy, improved memory activity, and increased reaction time.

Teacrine: Acts as a stimulant. Increases the body’s energy levels. Produces enough energy that can take you through an endurance exercise. With Teacrine you feel motivated and enhances brain focus. Acting as an antioxidant, it promotes quick recovery and safeguards the immune system.

Alpha GPC: it is an active ingredient in the cure for dementia, stroke, and mini-stroke. Can be used to improve memory, thinking skills, and learning. The primary role of Alpha GPC on Fused Focus is to increase the production of acetylcholine, a chemical responsible for memory and learning functions.

Fused Focus is a Nootropic formulated supplement that increases mental stimulation. This is made possible by the increased blood circulation in the brain. The product page claims a scientific formulation is behind the product. It naturally increases your mental acuity even when under stress. Each tablet is a combination of high-quality natural ingredients blended to keep you going without losing your energy. A combination of caffeine and Teacrine is a natural energy booster.

The Alpha GPC compound is added to Fused Focus to improve your mental performance at the cellular level. Fused Focus will modulate neurotransmitters, activate dopamine receptors, and inhibit adenosine receptors. That way, more room for energy production in the brain is created.

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  • Boost mental performance and focus
  • Tames anxiety and reduces its effects
  • Energy levels lasts longer
  • Use of high-quality ingredients


  • Addictive because of caffeine
  • Linked with anxiety and nausea
  • May interfere with sleeping pattern
  • Likely to cause eye tingling on some people
  • Increase heart palpitations


If you are an active individual and want to increase your brain power this is exactly what you need. This is as opposed to investing in separate food supplements for your muscles and another one for your brain. Fused focus has a powerful combination of both. Fused Focus will also give you the extra power that you need to last you through your workout session. Using it before a workout will also help you burn fats and experience less fatigue.

It is said that a combination of Teacrine and Caffeine does not lead to addiction or withdrawal syndrome associated with stimulants. This claim has not been substantiated. Caffeine being one of the primary ingredients is an indicator that side effects associated with caffeine may show up in some patients.

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Fused Focus Review
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