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Formula 303 Review
Formula 303 Review

PUBLISHED: 04/11/2016 by BR Technical
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Formula 303

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Formula 303 is a homeopathic remedy advertised as a natural relaxant. The company behind this supplement is Dee Cee Laboratories, an US manufacturer present on the nutraceuticals market since the beginning of the 1960’s. The company is dedicated to protecting the environment, and as a proof of that their entire manufacturing facility is powered by solar energy obtained from a self-owned solar panel system. All the aluminum used to pack their products comes from recycling, and part of their revenues is donated to a charity foundation that helps critically ill children. The plastic bottles and containers are also recycled.

Dee Cee Laboratories manufactures and sells a broad spectrum of nutraceuticals classified by purpose or ingredients. For example, some formulations are classified as Hormone Support, Weight Management, Sleep Solutions, Vision Health, or Immune Support products, but there are also categories like: B-Complex vitamins, Mushroom Products, Amino Acids, Minerals, or Antioxidants.

Formula 303 is designed to help people who suffer from muscle spasm, tension, or stress associated with conditions like leg cramps, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, nervousness, PMS menstrual cramps, pulled muscles, back sprain and strains, and mild insomnia.


Formula 303 contains the following ingredients: Formula 303 contains the following ingredients: 6 parts Valerian Root (Quad-Strength), 3 parts Passiflora (Quad-Strength), and 1 part Magnesium Carbonate.

Product Features

Valerian Root is a well-known natural remedy against nervous system and smooth muscle problems. Valerian has been traditionally used to promote relaxation and improve sleep in people who suffered from nervousness, anxiety, or overexcitement. Today herbalists commonly prescribe the extract for the same purposes, but science has found several other potential uses for this complex herb. Valerian supplements are now used to treat headaches, reduce rheumatic pain, alleviate symptoms of PMS, and reduce cramps. Clinical trials have confirmed its ability to improve sleeping patterns, with a clear effect on the duration to falling asleep, without negatively affecting sleep quality. Valerian is non-addictive and its side effects are also reduced in severity and number. Another important thing to remember, given that Valerian is a sedative, is that it does not alter one’s ability to function normally. It doesn’t cause drowsiness or slow reactions.

Passiflora or Passion flower has been traditionally used as a sleep aid and to treat nervous exhaustion and pain. The antianxiety effects of the plant have been extensively researched in recent years. Studies have shown mixed results so far, although there are some positive results recorded. Some studies have managed to show that the plant potentiates the benefits of other herbal extracts like that of the antidepressant St. John’s Wort. The study showed that when combined with Passiflora extracts, lower dosages of St John’s Worth had similar benefits to higher dosages when used as a stand-alone treatment.

Magnesium Carbonate is a form of Magnesium, an essential mineral with numerous functions in the human body. Adequate levels of Magnesium have been associated with healthy heart, kidney, and muscle function, healthy teeth and bones, and optimal energy levels. Magnesium has also been attributed with potent detoxifying properties as it is required for the proper functioning of Glutathione, a key antioxidant in the human body. Magnesium prevents contamination with toxins, pesticides and herbicides if present in adequate amounts.

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  • The formula is based on natural herbal extracts and one mineral. A reduced number of ingredients may be an indication of a low number of chemical interactions and fewer side-effects.
  • The formula comes in three sizes: 45, 90, and 250 tablets. Considering that the daily recommended amount is of approximately 6 tablets, the 250 tablet bottle may be the most suited alternative for those who want to purchase at least 1 month’s supply.
  • A large number of consumer testimonials are available for online consulting. The general opinion about the formula is positive.
  • The formula is available for online purchase and at this time it has a 56% discount (on Amazon.com)


  • The formula is not scientifically tested for potency and safety.


Considering the number of positive reviews received from those who have already tried the formula we could classify Formula 303 as a high-quality supplement. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to support any of the claims issued by its manufacturer. The formula has not yet been the subject of human clinical trials, although it is a patented product of Dee Cee Laboratories. We advise all consumers who would like to try this formula, to first ask their doctor if it would be the right approach for their specific health claim.

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