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Antiaging Institute of California Folic Acid & B12 Review
Antiaging Institute of California Folic Acid & B12 Review

PUBLISHED: 09/04/2012 by BR Publishing
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Antiaging Institute of California Folic Acid & B12

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Antiaging Institute of California Folic Acid & B12 is a dietary supplement based on the combination of two essential vitamins: Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin B 9 or Folic Acid. These two vitamins are essential for methylation, the process of energy creation that continuously happens in the body.

The manufacturer of the product is Antiaging Institute of California, a company headquartered in California, USA. The company manufactures a variety of products designed to assist with age-related health conditions, to the higher purpose of slowing down aging processes. The product portfolio includes beauty products, anti-oxidants, weight-loss products, digestion support, women and men targeted products.

Vitamin B-12, B-6 and folic acid participate in the biochemical process of methylation in the cells. The core benefits advertised for the product derive from the importance of the vitamins in the methylation process. Particularly, when B12 and folic acid is supplied in adequate dosages, aging processes are slowed down. Furthermore, problems such as cardiovascular disease, depression, cognitive decline, cancer, liver disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney disorders, diabetes complications or impotence could be triggered as a result of B12 and folic acid deficiencies.

Antiaging Institute of California Folic Acid & B12 Ingredients

Antiaging Institute of California Folic Acid & B12 includes the following ingredient: Folate (as folic acid), Vitamin B-12 (as cyanocobalamin), rice flour, gelatin, and beet juice powder.

Product Features

Antiaging Institute of California Folic Acid & B12 is a blend of two essential vitamins Folate (Folic Acid) and vitamin B 12. The two vitamins can be absorbed from different foods or through supplementation.

Sources of B12 include dairy products, meat, eggs, poultry and shellfish, whereas folic acid can be found in green vegetables, dried beans, cereals, cornmeal, peas, nuts and certain fruits. One of the most important functions of the two vitamins is within the red cell formation process. Red blood cells only live for 120 days and their importance in transporting oxygen to tissues and carbon away from the tissue is essential. Therefore, B12 and Folate are extremely important to continuously supplying red blood cells.

Research published in 2002 concluded that people with the highest intake of dietary folic acid were 21% less likely to have a stroke and 40% less likely to develop colorectal cancer. Also, the vitamins are important to normal fetal development, as the vitamins are transported through the placenta and helps develop the child’s spinal cord and brain.

We could not identify any consumer reviews regarding Antiaging Institute of California Folic Acid & B12. However, this may be considered a generic product. Side effects associated to Folic Acid and B12 are rare and generally occur in case of high doses. They include insomnia, nausea, dizziness, skin reactions or diarrhea. The recommended daily dosage is 1 capsule.

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  • The benefits of folic acid and Vitamin b 12 have been scientifically proven
  • Mild, rare reported side effects
  • Wide spectrum of benefits


  • The product bares little differentiation from similar products
  • No consumer reviews available


Antiaging Institute of California Folic Acid & B12 is a combination of two essential vitamins for the normal functioning of the body. Research has been conducted on each vitamin and showed their importance in essential body functions (such as red blood cells formation or methylation) as well as in the prevention or treatment of some frequent health conditions (ranging from cardiovascular problems to depression and cognitive decline). Folic Acid and B12 are extremely important to fetal development in the first trimester of pregnancy, therefore most doctors recommend this supplement to pregnant women. Little rare side effects have been reported and only in case of high dosages.

Still, for an adequate evaluation of the need for Folic acid and/or Vitamin B12, you should see a healthcare provider prior to beginning use.

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