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Focus Max + Review
Focus Max + Review

PUBLISHED: 07/19/2017 by BR Publishing
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Focus Max +

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Focus Max + is a nootropic supplement that features potent herbal extracts and aims to improve cognitive activities such as memory, alertness, and concentration. It consists of high-quality natural ingredients that keep your mental performance on the track and allows you to concentrate. It is manufactured by “Root Down Supplement,” who claim that this supplement provides the brain with the essential nutrients that help improve energy levels, mental performance, cognitive function and increase your memory. This formulation is specially designed for use by students, professionals, and people who offer presentations.


Focus Max + contains the following ingredients: Focus Max + includes the following ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba 24% leaf extract 50 mg, Phosphatidylserine 4% Complex 125 mg, N-Acetyl-L Carnitine HCI 50 mg, St. John’s Wort flower heads extract 250 mg, L-Glutamine 150 mg, Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate 50 mg, Bacopa Monniera leaf extract 20% bacosides 100 mg, Vinpocetine seeds extract 2 mg, and Huperzine-A aerial plant extract 10 mcg.

Product Features

Focus Max + is an excellent nootropic brain pill designed to improve cognitive abilities such as concentration, memory, and alertness. The product is ideal for men and women over 18 years. You will find this product a useful supplement for multiple tasks, including studies, business presentations, and other jobs.

First, Focus Max + synthesizes and reinforces the main chemical in the brain; “acetylcholine” that is responsible for the promotion and development of connections. The improved connection allows your mind to function better so you can imagine, think clearly and focus on your tasks and succeed. Acetylcholine also increases the production of other stimulant neurotransmitters that work together to enhance cognitive functions.

Second, the supplement also promotes blood and oxygen flow towards the brain. With higher levels of oxygen and blood reaching your brain, you will have more nutrients and energy levels, and ultimately, your understanding and mental clarity will improve. The higher oxygen levels, minerals, nutrients, and blood means that you can always function at your optimal level.

Finally, the product also enhances brain plasticity. The plasticity has a way of strengthens the synapses in the brain. With that, the formula enables you to perform better on a daily basis, to feel confident in what you are doing and attain the mental energy that you need to keep going.

With these unique properties, you can feel confident that this formula will work well for you and your needs. By providing you with the high-quality nutrients and by increasing blood and oxygen flow, you can maximize your cognitive function and mental performance on a daily basis.

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  • It is made in the United States following good manufacturing processes and contains high quality and natural ingredients.
  • The main advantage to this nutritional stack is that it increases your focus, memory and improves your task management abilities.
  • With this nootropic supplement, you’ll have more stamina, your energy levels will be better, and your blood flow will increase.


  • This nootropic product is not intended for use by children who are below 18 years.


Focus Max + is an advanced herbal supplement which is designed to enhance cognitive functions and help improve your brain health. It features natural and potent herbal ingredients which are safe and effective for use on your brain. It is primarily designed for use by both men and women who need to boost their brain activities. It supplies your brain with the energy required to drive daily activities. Incorporating this herbal formula in your daily routine will better concentration, enhance memory, increase alertness and focus and coordinate brain activities.

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