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FloraHeal Brain Focus Review
FloraHeal Brain Focus Review

PUBLISHED: 09/13/2012 by brreader
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FloraHeal Brain Focus

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FloraHeal Brain Focus is an all natural mix of highly efficient herbs that improve memory and concentration capacities. The formula is manufactured by FloraHeal, a company established in Israel, which claims to base their research and product development on the work of Moses Maimonides, the most prominent Jewish medieval physician, who believed that prevention of disease is just as important as its treatment.

All herbal ingredients used are grown in a 100% natural and organic manner, whereas the drying process is also claimed to be completely natural so as to ensure full potency of the plants.

According to the manufacturer, the formula works by neutralizing the causes of memory and concentration weakness, although no further details are offered. FloraHeal Brain Focus is designed for adults who need support for their memory and concentration or who wish to counteract age related decline in these two functions.

FloraHeal Brain Focus Ingredients

FloraHeal Brain Focus includes a Proprietary Herbal Blend (400 mg) of the following ingredients: Ginseng (Panax ginseng), Mistletoe (Viscum album), and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis).

Product Features

FloraHeal Brain Focus is a proprietary blend of three herbal ingredients: Ginseng, Mistletoe and Rosemary. Panax Ginseng, also known as red, Asian or Korean Ginseng, is one of the most widely used types of Ginseng. It is mainly known for its adaptogenic properties, hence a powerful tonic that supports overall physical and mental health and vitality.

Panax Ginseng is used to treat high blood pressure, heart conditions, fatigue, neurological disorders and even depression. There is promising evidence to support its use for brain function enhancement such as thinking, reaction time, math skills or memory (when combined with Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract). However, opinions are mixed, and more research is needed. It may cause side effects (insomnia, high blood pressure) and may also interact with other medications, herbs, or supplements.

Mistletoe is believed to reduce blood pressure, although reliable human studies have not yet been published. Still, there are some clinical trials on rats which show effectiveness for a 2 weeks Mistletoe treatment. Its brain enhancing memory benefits are hence directly related to its blood pressure reducing capacity, as Mistletoe may be effective in memory disturbances associated with hypertension.

Consumer reviews report the formula is effective in increasing focus and restoring memory (particularly mentioned by elder consumers). The manufacturer mentions no potential side effects. The recommended dosage is 4 capsules daily, preferably taken with food.

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  • Kosher, vegetarian formula
  • Positive consumer reviews report the formula is effective
  • Rare, unique combination of ingredients


  • Side effects associated to the main ingredients
  • Lack of research on some of the ingredients, hence the formula’s unknown health implications


The unique combination of herbs in FloraHeal Brain Focus is claimed to help enhance both memory and concentration by neutralizing their causes. And while the manufacturer gives no extra details on how this formula actually does that, we know that memory problems (and cognitive function impairment in general) may have numerous causes from bad blood flow circulation to aging, lifestyle, neurodegenerative decline, or other imbalances of essential nutrients. However, by looking at the ingredients we may assume the product aims to treat memory and concentration problems caused by hypertension.

The product is likely to work and achieve its goal, especially since consumer reviews confirm its effectiveness. However, due to a lack of research for some benefit areas regarding part of the ingredients, you should take into account that they may interact to other medications and supplements in detrimental ways, so caution is advised.

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