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Fenu-Thyme Review
Fenu-Thyme Review

PUBLISHED: 01/31/2013 by BR Publishing
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Fenu-Thyme is a popular herbal blend manufactured by Nature’s Way, mainly advertised as promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The main ingredients are fenugreek seeds and thyme leaf, ingredients which have been used for centuries as remedies for diverse illnesses, ranging from cough and bronchitis to diabetes.

Founded in 1969 in Utah, Nature’s Way is regarded as being United States’ largest herbal supplement manufacturer. They use technologically advanced facilities and processes to manufacture their products and have submitted their infrastructure to public scrutiny in order to increase customer trust. Their many products are sold in most countries of the world in pharmacies, herbal stores and also online. They cover a large variety of health concerns.

The blend acts as an aid in the proper functioning of both respiratory and digestive systems, combining the decongestant and expectorant properties of thyme with the bowel regulatory properties of fenugreek. It can help relieve allergies, treat bronchitis and cough, while also thinning the blood and lowering blood sugar levels. Therefore, it can improve most people’s health if taken properly. Users have responded positively to the product, reinforcing the well-known fact that the two main ingredients of Fenu-Thyme have been widely used in many cultures worldwide.

Fenu-Thyme Ingredients

Fenu-Thyme includes the following ingredients: fenugreek seeds, thyme leaves, a proprietary blend, and gelatin.

Product Features

A bottle of Fenu-Thyme has 100 capsules of 900mg each, containing a mix of Fenugreek Seeds and Thyme Leaf. For regular use there is a recommended intake of two capsules, two to three times a day, preferably with food. For a more intensive usage, you may take it up to four times a day.

Thyme can be effective in treating coughs and bronchitis and also acts as an expectorant. A significant number of pharmaceutical products use the Thyme constituent named thymol. It can also treat indigestion and halitosis.

Fenugreek has a high fiber content, which makes it a good constipation remedy. It also contains about forty percent mucilage, which is an emollient that can help regulate digestion. Its properties also increase the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and lower high cholesterol, making it a good aid in treating diabetes.

As side effects, Fenugreek can cause stomach aches and nausea in large doses. Pregnant women may experience uterine contractions so it is not recommended during pregnancy. It blocks the absorption of iron, which is bad for people with anemia. It lowers blood sugar and blood density significantly, so it is important not to associate it with other substances that have similar effects. When it comes to Thyme, very few side effects are documented, but it is strongly advised against using it while pregnant or if you have stomach ulcers or thyroid problems.

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  • A wide range of benefits
  • Very few side effects
  • Main ingredients have been used and studied for centuries
  • It is an affordable product that can be easily stockpiled
  • Many places where it can be bought, including online
  • A large number of consumer reviews available online


  • The manufacturer does not provide a free trial offer by default
  • Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women
  • Manufacturer website does not provide detailed product information or testimonials


As one of United States’ leading herbal suppliers, Nature’s Way is trusted by many consumers from all corners of the globe. Their products have participated in many clinical studies and have received consistent feedback.

Fenu-Thyme is being used worldwide as a supplement, as both ingredients provide well known benefits for most people. These benefits are well documented by many academic sources, confirming popular wisdom regarding the use of fenugreek and thyme. Feedback from Fenu-Thyme users is mostly positive and it can surely help in living a healthy life.

If you have an interest in the benefits provided by fenugreek and thyme, Fenu-Thyme is definitely a solid choice.

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Fenu-Thyme Review
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2 User Reviews about Fenu-Thyme
  1. 1

    Gilbert Odai

    I started using fenu-thyme 4 days ago and am experiencing slight dizziness…can it be one of side effects of the medicine?

  2. 2

    I suffer from bronchial asthma and this product always manages to relieve my symptoms during an attack. I’ve used it for years and it helped me a lot.