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Epiphany D1 Review
Epiphany D1 Review

PUBLISHED: 09/03/2013 by brreader
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Epiphany D1

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Epiphany D1 is a nootropics stack developed by Dynamic Life Support in order to help with enhancing memory and mental clarity, but also recommended in prolonged depression and stress caused by the agitated everyday work-sleep cycle.

The product aims for better coordination between the brain and the body, while boosting general visual, auditory, and spatial perception. It may also help with the “tip of the tongue” syndrome and brain aging.

According to the official website, the company states that this product is different from other nootropics found on the market and that it has proven helpful in cases of memory loss, depression, lack of motivation, stress, and critical fatigue. As a positive side effect, it can be useful in appetite control and weight gain.

Other official information claims that this is a product that doesn’t mess up with your brain and which uses nootropics (renowned for improving the brain’s oxygen supply) to provide a balanced and better functioning of the brain processes.

Epiphany D1 is presented as helpful for boosting short and long-term memory, solving problems, developing organization skills, gaining better focus, and growing a positive attitude towards life. All these and even more without a prescription.

Epiphany D1 Ingredients

Epiphany D1 contains the following ingredients: Bacopa Monnieri, Acacia Rigdula, Aniracetam,Oxiracetam, Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Vinpocetine, Mucuna Pruriens, Alpha GPC, Sulbutiamine, Phosphatidylserine, Caffeine, Theobromine, and N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid (NMDA).

Product Features

Epiphany D1 is sold as a non-prescription mix of ingredients which also includes nootropics.

The product ingredients are generous and vary from natural plants known from Ayurveda to racetam compounds such as Aniracetam (helps with short and long-term memory loss issues), and Oxiracetam (which supports cognitive improvement).

One of the key ingredients in this formula is Bacopa Monnieri, renowned from Ayurveda as one of the most efficient nootropics used in memory enhancement, cognitive improvement, nerve relaxation, and protection and also detachment from negative thoughts.

This product seems to work just fine according to mainstream opinion. People who used it state that it stands up to its goals and observe improvement in their visual perception, better mind and body coordination, better focus, and a noticeable change from lack of motivation to an positive attitude.

There is a downside to all this, though, as the product contains caffeine and it shouldn’t be used with other stimulants or products based on caffeine. Also, daily users of MAOI inhibitors should consult with their physician first.

Low-blood pressure may limit Epiphany D1’s use due to the chance of passing out. Also, a vague study lights up the fact that Bacopa may negatively influence male fertility.

Some ingredients (especially Aniracetam and Oxiracetam) are a bit under-dosed, though a higher dosage of the pills is not recommended, as it may result in an over-dose of other ingredients in the formula (such as Vinpocetine).

The dosage of ingredients present on the official website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, but the product is GMP certified.

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  • Boosts short and long-term memory
  • Enhances visual, auditory and spatial perception
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Might help with appetite control and weight issues
  • Improves focus and attention with details
  • Helps regain a more positive view towards daily issues
  • Secure online payment through Paypal
  • The product claims are realistic and effective even after short-term use
  • The supplement is GMP certified and developed by doctors


  • A 1-month supply is a bit over the budget
  • Might cause anxiety due to caffeine content
  • May cause passing out for people with low-blood pressure
  • The dosage of ingredients posted on the official website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Might interact with medication based on MAOI inhibitors
  • Might cause passing out to people with low-blood pressure
  • Should not be used with other stimulants or products based on caffeine


Epiphany D1 is a success in its field, helping people who are affected by the stress of everyday living. Noticeable benefits include an immediate clearance in visual and auditory perception, accompanied by a rejuvenated spatial perception that comes along after short-term use of the formula. Productivity in work is enhanced, short and long-term memory work visibly better (as a fact, you may experience recalling information thought to have been lost forever). There is also an improvement in attention on details and a switch of mood between focusing on negative aspects to feeling more detached from problems.

There might be a bit of anxiety coming in from time to time, due to the caffeine contained in Epiphany D1. Just to make sure, ingredients are listed on the official website, so you can get a fairly good idea if Epiphany D1 matches your needs.

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Epiphany D1 Review
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