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EMPowerplus Review
EMPowerplus Review

PUBLISHED: 01/27/2014 by breditor
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EMPowerplus is advertised as a highly effective natural alternative for maintaining optimal mental health. The formula is created by Truehope Nutritional Support, an American independent producer of nutritional formulations since 1996. They are specialized in formulating products that are designed particularly to identify the core causes of mental illness and mood conditions. By identifying the causes instead of simply treating the symptoms, these supplements may provide long-term benefits for their users.

This formula is the single product included in the Advanced Natural Medicine line of supplements. Truehope’s EMPowerplus comes in three forms: the EMPowerplus Classic, the EMPowerplus Advanced, and the EMPowerplus Powders. Generically, the product is advertised as the most studied micronutrient in the world featuring next-generation compounds. The main difference between this formula and other brain boosters is that this formula is much easier assimilated in the brain due to the special processing technology called the Apex Biosynthesis Conversion Technology.

EMPowerplus ingredients include a total of 36 nutrients in the form of minerals, vitamins, and a proprietary blend of herbs, amino acids, and antioxidants, most of which are researched substances. This supplement is offered as a base daily supplement suitable for adults and children alike who suffer from conditions like depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, or ADHD.

EMPowerplus Ingredients

EMPowerplus contains the following ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Copper, Selenium, Phosphorus, Iodine, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Molybdenum, Manganese, Chromium, Glutamine, Choline bitartrate, DL-phenylalanine, Citrus bioflavonoids, Grape Seed extract, Nickel chelate, Vanadium Chelate, Boron chelate, Germanium sesquioxide, Choline bitartrate, Inositol, L-methionine, L-glutamine, Ginkgo Biloba leaf, capsule shell (gelatin, titanium dioxide), microcrystalline cellulose, glycine, Magnesium stearate, citric acid, Silicon dioxide, and shilajit extract.

Product Features

EMPowerplus is a multi-vitamin supplement features a large number of substances from various classes of compounds (vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, plant extracts).
The B-complex of vitamins is also present in the composition of this formula. This if formed from a total of 8 vitamins, each with specific functions within the body. However, when recommended together, the substances are believed to provide an overall support for the skin, heart and cognitive function, effective in alleviating depression and anxiety symptoms. The richest food sources of B vitamins are cereals, whole grains, eggs, nuts, kidney beans, bananas, and green leafy vegetables. Deficits in vitamins B cause various malfunctions in the body, resulting in symptoms like reduced appetite, mood problems, muscle cramps, hair loss, or skin disorders (mostly eczema). From all the B-vitamins, the most important for the brain is vitamin B12, which has been related to improved memory in both healthy and sick people (affected by degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease).

Ginkgo Biloba is known as the oldest species of trees on the planet. The therapeutic properties of this plant are owed to a large amount of antioxidants present in its leaves. The compounds are known as flavonoids and terpenoids and have been clinically studied to determine the extent of their anti-oxidative properties. As an alternative remedy, Ginkgo Biloba extract is used in the treatment of a broad spectrum of symptoms, from memory decline (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease) to circulatory problems. Side effects of this herbal extract include nausea, dizziness, headaches, and increased risk of bleeding (Ginkgo Biloba has excellent blood thinning properties).
EMPowerplus side effects are not indicated by the manufacturer.
Aside from the reviews found on the official page, EMPowerplus reviews are mixed and in an unconvincing number, so a valid opinion regarding the potential side effects experienced and success of the formula among users cannot be currently issued. The suggested serving size is 4 capsules per day.

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  • The supplement offers a complete multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant support
  • The ingredients are clinically researched compounds
  • A 100% money-back guarantee is available in the first 30 days after ordering the formula
  • Online ordering is possible directly from the manufacturer’s site
  • The formula has been researched with encouraging results concerning its mental benefits (22 medical journals involving this supplement are available for downloading on the manufacturer’s web page).


  • The monthly price starts from a moderate price of $35 and may reach up to $70 for the Advanced formula, which is a high price for a multivitamin supplement
  • No free sample is offered by the manufacturer
  • EMPowerplus reviews are rare and consumers report mixed results


The formula is a dietary supplement which at first sight does not seem any different from any other multivitamin formula. However, the product is marketed as obtained through unique processing techniques (micronization and chelation) and based on balanced amounts of compounds to ensure optimal nutrition for the body.

The manufacturer offers several personalized plans that involve the use of this product in combination with several other formulations offered for the treatment of the following disorders: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic, and ADD and ADHD.

EMPowerplus is also advertised to be an effective replacement of psychiatric drugs with fewer and less severe side effects. The formula is however an unapproved dietary supplement which does not seem to be the subject of a serious clinical trial. Most of the benefit claims do not check out unfortunately, since a limited number of consumer reviews is available and evidence derived from clinical trials is not published for the public to consult.

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EMPowerplus Reviewbreditor32016-05-20 12:09:31
EMPowerplus Review
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3 User Reviews about EMPowerplus
  1. 1

    I first learned about Empowerplus from a Discover magazine article in about 2003. At the time I was oping with my daughter who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age. She had been hospitalized regularly and suffered delusions only moderately regulated by antipsychotic medications. From the first day of taking Empowerplus, she was calmer and the voices were more manageable. Through six years of rehab, Empower plus helped her remain stable. Now, 10 years later, whenever she seems to relapse, we start her on this product. It’s expensive yes, but it’s been a godsend.

  2. 2

    I can not say enough about this product to date. Life changing benefits being observed in my Adhd ,odd,ocd , anxiety,depressed child. Our relationship was strained as Parenting of a child with such needs is stressful to say the least. Nothing most likely will ever work for everyone but this has been a pivotal component for us. There is hope. Truehope!

  3. 3

    Does this treat bipolar disorder? (Which is different from depression.)

    Also I did get a free sample from EMPowerplus and they did NOT ask for a credit card.