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Double Ginseng Tea Review
Double Ginseng Tea Review

PUBLISHED: 12/02/2013 by BR Publishing
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Double Ginseng Tea

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Double Ginseng Tea is an herbal product that was created with the purpose of detoxifying the organism and reducing fatigue symptoms. On the long run, the formula developed by Flora may prevent development of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Furthermore, the product may also help with mental health by enhancing some related parameters that include attention, focus, memory and concentration.

The business responsible for launching this product on the market is called Flora, and it was founded in Burnaby, British Columbia, in 1965. Its owner goes by the name of Thomase Greither and initially started selling natural supplements at a local store because he wanted to help people lead a healthier lifestyle. Ever since its creation, the company has been trying to providing remedies to uplift and purify the human body. These remedies are sorted out on their website in eleven categories.

The combination of ingredients used to create Double Ginseng Tea features an ingredient which is included in a wide array of supplements, but it is still viewed as controversial due to some controversial research findings. The core ingredient is called Ginseng.

Double Ginseng Tea Ingredients

Double Ginseng Tea contains the following ingredients: Organic Panax ginseng root, lemongrass herb, organic Siberian ginseng root, and organic lemon myrtle leaf.

Product Features

Double Ginseng Tea is promoted as a natural remedy which contains several herbal extracts and is meant to enhance mental and physical energy, protecting the cardiovascular and cognitive tissues. However, the research referencing this herb is quite limited in this area and the manufacturer only states that the product works because it helps with the detoxification processes.

The core ingredient of this formula is Ginseng which was obtained from two sources: Siberian Ginseng and Panax Ginseng. Panax Ginseng is believed to have heating properties, which means that it enhances blood flow, thus improving the quality of the cardiovascular system. By doing so, individuals who suffer from high cholesterol or type-2 diabetes may have their symptoms minimized and their overall life quality improved. Despite the fact that there are no major safety concerns linked to this ingredient, some side-effects that include rashes, dizziness and mood changes may occur if the daily recommended dosage is not properly followed.

Another ingredient found in Double Ginseng Tea is lemongrass which was added due to its lemon-esque aroma. Although it is usually used for cooking, some manufacturer introduced it in dietary supplements in order to facilitate their consumption.

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  • The manufacturer has an extensive background on nutritional health with more than 40 years of experience
  • The tea may help the body detoxify
  • It can be used by anyone and it doesn’t come with serious side effects


  • The presentation of the product is quite limited in information and there is little relevant information on the manufacturer’s website
  • It can’t be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website, but the page redirects towards other distributors
  • It doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee


All in all, Double Ginseng Tea represents a natural product sold in a form of tea bags which may help the organism go through periods of detoxification, fatigue or stressful times. The product features a Ginseng herbal extract whose properties have been tested in a series of clinical studies, with mixed results nonetheless. However, the research is incomplete, particularly when it comes to Panaxa Ginseng and opinions are divided. The tea doesn’t come with any major side effects and it can be consumed by anyone who wants to give it a try. Considering existing customer testimonials as well as its price, the supplement represents an affordable and effective addition that should be regarded as it is, a help to a healthy diet and not a replacement of it.

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