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DHEAbsorb Review
DHEAbsorb Review

PUBLISHED: 06/19/2013 by BR Moderator
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DHEAbsorb is advertised as a dietary product which was particularly created to maintain energy levels during the day by normalizing the functioning of the adrenal gland. In addition, it positively affects mood and because of this, potential emotional imbalances caused by lack of sleep, stress, or unhealthy diet are to be minimized. The business behind this remedy is called Botanic Choice.

The company was built by a Joseph E. Meyer in 1910. Since his death, his grandson David Meyer and great-grandson Tim Cleland took control of the business. On the other hand, it was only in 1990 that they began to specialize towards nutritional supplements meant to either impact the entire body or just specific areas such as heart, liver, or weight management.

DHEAbsorb is based on a single ingredient which is in fact a hormone that even though naturally manufactured by the organism, it can be obtained with the help of a substance called disogenin usually found in wild vams or soy. Individuals often require it after twenty years of age when the levels in the body begin to lessen, thus potential medical issues may appear. It is important to maintain its consumption with recommended parameters in order to avoid possible damage.

DHEAbsorb Ingredients

DHEAbsorb contains the following ingredients: DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone).

Product Features

Promoted as a natural product that seeks to enhance resistance regarding radical damage, energy levels, immunity and the proper functioning of adrenal gland, DHEAbsorb is suggested for people of older ages that are dealing with DHEA level decline. Moreover, the interest linked to this type of supplements bloomed after research revealed that this component is linked to the apparition of some medical problems like osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

Despite the fact that studies conducted so far are inconsistent when it comes to the relationship between this ingredient and anti-aging effects, there are plenty of people who believe in its usage and regard it as a positive influence. For example, there are some older men and women who take it to improve bone mineral density which is one of the common causes of osteoporosis and osteopenia. In addition, there is some research that supports these properties.

However, the quantity consumed on a daily basis is very important and people should be careful if they want to take it in a supplementation form because some side effects may appear. The most common DHEAbsorb side effect is acne, but others like hair loss, insomnia, and fatigue may also appear. Moreover, interactions with medications including Insulin, allergy medication, corticosteroids, and Lithium may happen.

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  • It’s a single ingredient formula whose beneficial effects have been studied
  • The product is meant mostly for older people, but in these situations it proved beneficial in preventing some diseases
  • Its price is affordable and with the Auto Refill Program it gets even cheaper


  • People who are under treatment with Lithium, Insulin, corticosteroids or allergy medication should avoid its usage or consult a personal healthcare provider
  • There is no information linked to a long-term consumption
  • The shipping from the manufacturer website can only be done on US territory


Relying on the effects provided by a hormone produced in the adrenal gland, DHEAbsorb’s core target is to balance levels of this ingredient within the organism, as its name point out. Due to these properties general health is to be improved, thus people who are under the treatment may avoid inflammations and infections determined by fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Additionally, the energy is boosted so people should feel more vivid and happy.

However, people suffering from diabetes or allergies are advised to consult a personal physician before beginning this treatment. Most of the customer testimonials found online revealed positive results.

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