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CTD Labs Piracetam Review
CTD Labs Piracetam Review

PUBLISHED: 01/11/2014 by BR Moderator
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CTD Labs Piracetam

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CTD Labs Piracetam is a nutritional supplement offered as an effective support for healthy cognitive and cardiovascular function. The formula is offered by CTD Labs, a company founded in 2006 as a manufacturer of fitness formulations. The producer claims to be dedicated in serving the best interests of their clients by investing only in innovative products of the highest quality.

CTD Labs Piracetam is designed to help adult individuals interested in maintaining cognitive and cardiovascular health, using a formula based on a very popular ingredient form the Nootropics class of compounds. This substance is called Piracetam and is advertised as extensively recommended by healthcare specialists and organizations throughout the world. Piracetam is a derivate of an important inhibitory neurotransmitter occurring naturally in the human body known as GABA.

The claimed benefits of CTD Labs Piracetam can be observed on multiple levels including on the cerebral circulation and mental energy, neuron communication, speech, thinking capacity and ability to be more creative, and blood flow in the brain. It also offers a proper neuro-protection and antioxidant defense by strengthening the neurotransmitter receptors. The formula is also offered in the form of Piracetam Powder featuring a dose of 1000 mg of active substance per serving.

Although Piracetam is still sold as a dietary supplement by some consumers, it seems like the FDA is currently trying to include products based on this active substance in the prescription drugs category. Many producers recommend their clients to only take this type of supplements under the strict supervision of a healthcare practitioner and following the prescribed doses.

CTD Labs Piracetam Ingredients

CTD Labs Piracetam contains the following ingredients: Piracetam (2-oxo-Pyrrolidine Acetamide), gelatin (capsule), and rice flour.

Product Features

CTD Labs Piracetam is based on a single active ingredient generically known as Piracetam. Its scientific designation is 2-oxo-1-pyrrolidineacetamide.

Piracetam is commonly described as a psychoactive drug. Piracetam effects are in stimulating the brain’s activity by acting on the Corpus Callosum, a part of the brain responsible for the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. The products that include this substance as an active compound are commonly known as smart drugs (Nootropics) and are classified as highly potent products that have a simultaneous influence on a large number of physiological systems. This type of products are used on a large scale today in the treatment of a large various conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, myoclonus, dyslexia, Down’s syndrome, anemia, amnesia, heart disease, and other diseases related to the circulatory system. The major concern with these drugs is that studies involving Piracetam have not been conclusive in most of the claims (and the majority of trials did not involve human subjects). Piracetam side effects, warnings and drug interactions is another concerning issue. Human studies are currently conducted trying to determine the actual benefits of Piracetam in the treatment of specific conditions (such as myoclonus). The combination between Piracetam and Choline (a natural substance made in the liver) has also been shown to have increased effectiveness in improving information retention capacity in rats. Although there is a lot of controversy around this nootropic substance, there are also a lot of voices that support the health benefits of such a compound.

Such supplements are not recommended for the following categories of people: pregnant and nursing women, people with blood clotting problems or those who have recently undergone a surgery, people suffering from kidney, liver affections or those with known allergies. Those who are already under other medication should warn their healthcare practitioner before starting a treatment. The most common side effects reported are: nervousness, weight gain, and hyperactivity. Other more uncommon adverse reactions are: depression, sleepiness, bleeding problems, anxiety, nausea, and bleeding problems.

A unanimous opinion regarding CTD Labs Piracetam dosage in terms of safety has not been issued. CTD Labs Piracetam is currently discontinued by the manufacturer.

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  • The active ingredient is a researched substance, on which several documented research studies exist
  • The formula has generally received good reviews from consumers
  • Piracetam revealed positive results in clinical trials (a special attention was drawn towards the combination Piracetam-Choline due to increased potency)


  • There is no scientific evidence of the formula’s effectiveness and the active substance is a highly controversial chemical unapproved by the FDA for the use as a dietary supplement ingredient
  • A large number of side-effects may occur, disclosed by the manufacturer
  • The supplement should not be taken without the consent of a healthcare practitioner
  • Various drug interactions may cause unwanted reactions in certain categories of individuals
  • CTD Labs Piracetam seems to have been dscontinued


CTD Labs Piracetam is advertised as a potent formulation that addresses the specific needs of adults particularly those related to cognition and cardiovascular system. Although the supplement is described as a perfectly safe product that acts on multiple levels to improve the user’s health, taking a closer look at the active substance, it seems that Piracetam is considered rather unsafe when used as a nutritional supplement. In its attempt to reclassify Piracetam as a prescription drug, the FDA has been trying to retract all dietary supplements containing this substance off the market. GNC Lab’s formula seems to also be discontinued at the moment at this review.

Still, a large number of people support formulations such as this for its numerous benefits claiming that the CTD Labs Piracetam’s positive effects on the overall health outweigh the potential side effects. These allegations are not supported by conclusive evidence of current scientific research.

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