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CortiCept RX Review
CortiCept RX Review

PUBLISHED: 10/18/2011 by BR Technical
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CortiCept RX

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CortiCept RX is produced by Nature’S Rx Direct Inc, located in a low overhead rural area near Paoli, Oklahoma, United States. The product is an herbal supplement, advertised as a cortisol regulator (Cortisol is often called the stress hormone) and weight management supplement. According to the producing company, this supplement was formulated to eliminate belly fat in women and men who are 40 years of age and older. However, the product can be used by adults of all ages and fitness levels.

Based on a popular theory, maintaining balanced Cortisol levels can help with weight management and it may result in weight loss. CortiCept RX is not a unique product or concept, but one of the many similar supplements available at this moment and it claims to help reduce the stress and anxiety levels as well by supporting the optimal Cortisol levels in the body.

CortiCept RX Ingredients

CortiCept Rx contains: Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate), Calcium (as calcium carbonate and calcium ascorbate), Magnesium (as magnesium chelate), Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate), Magnolia Bark Extract (1.5% honokiol), Beta-Sitosterol, Suntheanine (as 100% L-Theanine), Green Tea Leaf Extract, 50 EGCG, Bitter Orange Peel Extract (providing 5% synepherine), Banaba Leaf Extract, 1% Corosolic Acid, and Vanadyl Sulfate (providing 5mcg of vanadium).

Product Features

CortiCept Rx contains a wide range of ingredients, from vitamins (like Vitamin C) to Banaba Leaf and Green Tea Leaf extracts. Vitamin C is a commonly used ingredient in weight loss supplements, and it is believed to have powerful antioxidant properties, as well as, aid in supporting a healthy and balanced metabolism.

Another important ingredient used in CortiCept Rx is the Magnolia Bark Extract. This extract is one of the most common extracts used in the traditional Chinese medicine, especially due to its properties in treating digestive problems. As for modern medicine, Magnolia Bark Extract is usually utilized to overcome stress without exposing the patient to serious side effects.

Green Tea leaf is another major important ingredient incorporated into this supplement’s formula. However, the Green Tea Leaf contains a fair amount of caffeine. People who are taking blood-thinning medications are often advised to avoid caffeine or to consult their doctor before taking additional caffeine. While the Green Tea Leaf is a great source of antioxidants (just like Vitamin C), excessive caffeine is also known to cause insomnia (for some people) and restlessness. We advise those who are sensitive to caffeine to avoid this product because it can lead to various side effects such as nervousness and muscle tremors.

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  • The product is considerably cheaper than many other similar supplements: $12 for 60 tablets (the recommended dosage for one month of treatment)


  • No free trial sample available
  • CortiCept Rx contains caffeine; those who are sensitive to this substance should avoid the product
  • It is recommended to consult with your doctor before taking this supplement
  • Pregnant women or nursing women should not use this product
  • No testimonials can be found on the producer’s website at the time of writing this article


CortiCept Rx doesn’t come with anything special over the rest of the Cortisol regulating and weight loss products available on the market. In fact, this product may not be an effective weight loss supplement because it doesn’t seem to contain any proven appetite suppressants in it. Those who are looking for a weight management product with appetite suppressants in it may want to focus on other products.

However, we do appreciate the use of many natural ingredients and extracts in the formula. Natural ingredients are far less dangerous and usually better than prescription drugs but we do not feel like the formula behind CortiCept Rx is unique or even the best available at this moment.

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