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Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound Review
Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound Review

PUBLISHED: 02/25/2013 by BR Publishing
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Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound

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Comfrey-St. John–s Wort Compound is an all natural salve advertised as being effective in the treatment of minor skin wounds, vaginal dryness and diaper rashes. The company behind the product is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs sells herbal alternatives for body care and health care, as well as bulk spices and herbs. It also specializes in developing infused herbal oils, salves, tinctures, lozenges, and bitters as well as aromatherapy essential oils. Its products do not generally contain artificial additives. The company primarily uses organic ingredients and it is a certified organic processor of plants.

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound is a natural alternative to treating mild skin inflammations and injuries, cracked heels and hands, as well as minor nerve damage. It is also recommended for diaper rash and as vaginal lubricant for women suffering from vaginal dryness. The product does not contain synthetic preservatives like parabens, and it is entirely based on wildly harvested or certified organic plants infused in olive oil to which beeswax was added for more thickness. Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound is supposed to help even people with sensitive skin, babies and women with vaginal irritations caused by tender or dry skin.

Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound Ingredients

Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound contains the following ingredients: Comfrey leaves, St. John–s Wort flowers, Calendula flowers, Olive oil, and Beeswax.

Product Features

Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound is an ointment based on comfrey, St. John’s Wort and calendula which have been infused in olive oil. Beeswax is a common ingredient in salves whose purpose is to thicken the mix. The Food and Drug Admnistration has not evaluated the formulation to check its safety and whether it works. However, this is a common characteristic among herbal solutions. Mountain Rose Herbs recommends not using the salve on open wounds. It is highly likely this is because of the alkaloids in comfrey (please see below).

Comfrey has been added in the compound for its wound healing, anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used in Asia for hundreds of years for mild skin conditions, coughs, angina, gout and stomach discomfort. However, in USA, the Food and Drug Administration does not allow manufacturers to add comfrey in products for oral use. This is due to the fact that it contains some alkaloids which can cause severe liver damage even in very small amounts. These substances may be absorbed by the skin as well that is why some specialists believe it may be better not to use comfrey creams and oils for more than ten days.

The product also contains calendula, which has skin regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties as well as some antimicrobial activity. Calendula can be used on minor injuries therefore it should bring value added to Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound. The product may also be used for skin conditions, although its main ailment claim is relative to mild depression.

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  • It costs $4-$5.75 per ounce depending on the bottle size, therefore it is an affordable formula
  • It does not contain artificial preservatives
  • You may return the formula in two months and get a full refund


  • Shipping charges are quite expensive if you place your order on the producer’s website
  • There are not many online retailers selling the product
  • Comfrey contains some substances which are very toxic to the liver even in small amounts


Comfrey-St. John’s Wort Compound might be useful in treating minor skin conditions in adults and babies, but it is also recommended for vaginal dryness. It does not seem to be a popular product as we have not found online consumer testimonials.

It is based on well known herbs used in folk medicine for skin disorders therefore the formulation may indeed work. However, researchers have shown comfrey contains some phytochemical compounds which can cause liver damage when taken orally. We believe you should ask a doctor about the best way to use it.

It does not contain synthetic flavors, coloring and preservatives, which is a plus especially as Comfrey -St. John’s Wort Compound is recommended for babies.

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