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Comfrey Herbal Oil Review
Comfrey Herbal Oil Review

PUBLISHED: 02/07/2013 by BR Technical
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Comfrey Herbal Oil

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Comfrey Herbal is an herbal solution advertised for being useful in the treatment of bruises and skin injuries in general, but it is not recommended for open or infected wounds. It is manufactured by Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs is an herbal supplements producer with an experience of some twenty years on the herbal remedies market in the United States. It produces a wide range of body care products, infused herbal oils, syrups, elixirs, and teas. It also distributes tea supplies, candles, games, containers, and packaging. Its products are generally not widely available at online retailers, however they can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website.

According to the producer, Comfrey Herbal Oil includes only high quality organically grown ingredients, which offer it a strong fragrance and deep color. Mountain Rose herbs specialists had comfrey oil infused for more than three months in olive oil which ensures the formula’s high potency. The product is addressed to people with bruises and wounds as it encourages the reconstruction of skin tissue. It should not be used by individuals with open or infected wounds however because of the potential side effects of comfrey: it contains some chemical constituents which are very toxic to the liver.

Comfrey Herbal Oil Ingredients

Comfrey Herbal Oil includes the following ingredients: Comfrey leaves and root (Symphytum officinale), and Olive oil.

Product Features

Comfrey Herbal Oil is based on comfrey, as its name implies. This is a plant used for centuries in several parts of the worlds, for its wound healing properties. People have also used comfrey oil for bone fractures and torn ligaments. It is especially useful for the parts of your body where you cannot put a cast, the rib for instance.

Laboratory tests have shown that comfrey contains chemical substances with anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating properties. Scientists have also found pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the herb, which means that comfrey may be very toxic to the liver if taken by mouth or applied on open wounds. Nonetheless, even if used on unbroken skin, these toxic substances may still reach the liver, therefore it is safe to use comfrey only in small amounts and for short periods (preferably for maximum ten days). There has been a clinical trial on humans which has concluded that comfrey is effective in treating superficial wounds, and in addition it is also safe if used correctly.

The formula behind Comfrey Herbal Oil does not need FDA evaluation, therefore its effectiveness and safety cannot be guaranteed. As regards suggested use for Comfrey Herbal Oil, Mountain Rose Herbs does not offer clear directions on its official website, such as the recommended dose or frequency of use. It does not mention potentially adverse effects either.

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  • The average price per ounce of around $3-$3.5 (depending on the bottle size) recommends it as an affordable formula
  • Specialists have showed that comfrey is indeed effective in treating skin abrasions


  • It is not widely available over the Internet
  • Shipping charges may be a bit expensive when you order online from the manufacturer
  • Comfrey has some serious side effects if is not used correctly


Mountain Rose Herbs advertises Comfrey Herbal Oil as effective in tissue regeneration in the treatment of wounds and bruises. The product’s main benefit claims are backed up by scientific research, which should prove that the formula is effective. Nonetheless, we would also have welcomed some online consumer testimonials to see what customers actually think, but we did not find any. This shows that the product might not be a popular one. We advise you to ask for advice from a healthcare practitioner before starting treatment with Comfrey Herbal Oil, due to the fact that comfrey may cause liver damage when used in a too large amount, for too long or when applied on broken skin.

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Comfrey Herbal Oil ReviewBR Technical32016-05-01 12:09:31
Comfrey Herbal Oil Review
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