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Cognisure Reivew
Cognisure Reivew

PUBLISHED: 07/21/2013 by brreader
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Cognisure Reivew

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CogniSure is a supplement which is primarily used for increasing your brain function, rejuvenation, and maintenance during the aging process. It has been developed by Metagenics, a company founded in 1983, with its own specialty which is the study of genes within foods, in order to find out more about ingredients and how do they work, but this is not all, they can also modify the structure of a supplement, in order to increase its effectiveness and also make it safer. CogniSure is also claimed to reduce the harmful effects of free radicals, such as pollution in our environment or cigarettes, and it also reduces the oxidative stress caused by aging, so that you will be able to age with a more relaxed and better brain function.

Every person who has gone past 40 years of age should consider trying out Cognisure, as it will help your brain in many other ways than increased cognitive function and reduced oxidative stress. There have been made some studies regarding this supplement, and the results were great, as it has the ability to increase the lifespan of cells and even animals. It is recommended not to exceed the dosage prescribed by your healthcare practitioner, in order to avoid any possible side-effects.

CogniSure Ingredients

CogniSure contains the following ingredients: Proline-Rich Polypeptide Complex ( from colostrums), Fructose, sorbitol, Dutch processed cocoa, natural flavors, stearic acid (vegetable), proline-rich polypeptide complex (milk), and silica.

Product Features

The only ingredient contained by CogniSure, and the only active one, is Proline-Rich Polypeptide Complex, which comes from colostrums. It has immuno-regulatory properties, which contribute to a healthier immune system. This PRP controls many important things in our body, such as cognitive development, and the activation of cells in case of an infection or wound, in which the signals are able to move much faster to the infected area in a person with a healthier mind, rather than an older one, in which the response is weaker. This process of modifying the activation of cells can be used against a severe disease, like Alzheimer’s disease. Although CogniSure may not be used as an official treatment of that disease, it still might provide some benefits. Through this active and unique ingredient, you will activate the way of healing which was intended for us naturally, before the discovery of pills and other similar forms.

There have not been reported any side-effects of CogniSure, simply due to the fact stated above, about how it helps us heal naturally. The recommended dosage is one tablet per day, which should be chewed and swallowed. It is strongly recommended going to a healthcare specialist in order to prevent any side-effect from occurring.

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  • Enhances your brain function
  • It is possible that it might even be used as a form of treatment against Alzheimer’s disease
  • Well-reseached supplement
  • It is easy to purchase directly from the manufacturer


  • CogniSure is not an product which has been evaluated by the FDA
  • There is no free trial available at the moment


CogniSure contains a great formula, with only one active ingredient, which is Proline-Rich Polypeptide Complex. It has many therapeutic properties regarding the immune system and brain function, as it enhances your brain during the aging process, allowing it to function properly despite the action of free radicals, because it reduces the oxidative stress, and it the harmful effects caused by these free radicals. There are no better alternatives, since the only product that contains this formula other than CogniSure also belongs to Metagenics. Keep this supplement away from children or pregnant women, as it may cause side-effects or unwanted results.

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Cognisure Reivew
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