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Clear NRG Review
Clear NRG Review

PUBLISHED: 02/02/2017 by BR Publishing
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Clear NRG

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Clear NRG is a blend of herbs that is keenly formulated using high standards of homeopathic compounds. The main purpose is to maintain the body’s energy levels and alertness. It is appropriate for those people with demanding lifestyles and who end up being fatigued frequently.

Clear Products Inc is the world’s leader in homeopathic herbal solutions. It is based in San Diego California. Thanks to their products that pass through high control standards, they are able to improve people’s lives through promoting high health standards. Their productions guidelines have an FDA compliant.

The company says NRG Plus compounds have adaptogenic properties that work to improve immunity, overall body physical wellness, and mental alertness. It is further claimed that this product restores body balance and good health. Other famed products under their banner are Clear Titinus and Clear Motion & Digestive Aid.

Individuals with highly demanding lifestyles that end up fatigued and with low energy levels are required to use Clear NRG Plus. The company says that it helps improves one’s immunity.


Clear NRG contains the following ingredients: Kali Phosphoricum 6x, Phosphoricum Acidum 6x. Other Ingredients (Herbal Extracts): Rhodiola Rosea, Eleuthero Root, American Ginseng, Astragalus Root, Green Tea, Gotu Kola, Tangerine Peel.

Product Features

Clear NRG Plus is a natural herb extract that has been combined with other homeopathic compounds to help one maintain energy levels and improve alertness. Its main ingredient derived from Phosphoricum has been used by the Chinese Traditional Medicine for many centuries to improve alertness. It is thought to be effective for increasing metabolism, improving mental alertness, enhances the immune system, and the improvement of the overall body performance.

There are no reported side effects or any dependency syndrome. Women who are nursing or pregnant are prohibited from using this supplement. Avoid caffeine products when using Clear NRG Plus because it may over stimulate your nervous system. It is also advised not to be used 6 hours before bedtime.

As indicated on the Clear NRG Plus package, take 1-2 capsules every 3-4 hours for the best results. Do not take more than 6 capsules within a span of 24 hours.

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Sale Price: $49.96

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  • It is gluten and lactose-free.
  • No habit forming compounds.
  • Easy to swallow capsules.
  • Can be used to manage stress due to its adaptogenic properties.
  • Good for people with low immunity.
  • Good for people with mental alertness problems.


  • Can possibly react with caffeine products.
  • Too many capsules to be taken to realize results.
  • Needs a diet change when using Clear NRG Plus .
  • Too many complex ingredients which the body may not need.


Mental alertness, loss of body energy levels and low physical body performance are day today’s problems bearing in mind the nature of work environment that surround us. This leads to the demand for such products as Clear NRG Plus to help maintain overall body performance as well as increase one’s immunity. It is lined with so many ingredient sand compounds it may be difficult to point out which active ingredient is the most effective. From the reviews, the product seems to work well by increasing metabolism, stress management, improves mental health, improve on body performance, and boosts the immune system.

The complex ingredients used may not be needed by everyone because some may just need an ingredient that brings back the energy or maintain alertness which may render other ingredients useless.

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