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Cerebral Superfoods Review
Cerebral Superfoods Review

PUBLISHED: 05/28/2014 by brreader
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Cerebral Superfoods

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Cerebral Superfoods is one of the numerous brain boosters available on the nutritional supplements market. The formula is developed by BioScience Nutraceuticals, a subsidiary of Cerebral Health Company. The manufacturer produces numerous other products of this type including protein powders, Nootropics (from the Racetams class of compounds), Omega-3 based formulations, hormones, and amino-acid based supplements.

Cerebral Superfoods is claimed to feature adequate quantities of potent ingredients such as micronutrients, vitamins, Omega-3’s, and amino-acids that naturally support brain function and regeneration of brain cells. The formula is also advertised to boost immune function and provide energizing effects which results in a healthier, more active lifestyle. Cerebral Superfoods formula is offered as the perfect augmentation to a proper nutrition helpful not only in boosting cognitive abilities (memory, concentration, mental clarity), but also supporting nerve transmission and renewal of neuronal connections (providing its users with long-term benefits).

However, a complete list of nutrients does not seem to be available on the official web-site of the manufacturer. Several active ingredients include exact amounts of herbal extracts such as Blueberry extract, bee pollen, green tea extract, and Spirulina. There is no indication that this is the complete list of active substances or if there are more nutrients that contribute to the formula’s effectiveness. Cerebral Superfoods suggested dose is 2 capsules daily.

Cerebral Superfoods Ingredients

Cerebral Superfoods contains the following ingredients: Blueberry Extract, Bee Pollen, Green Tea Extract, Spirulina, and vegetarian capsule.

Product Features

Green Tea Extract is a popular ingredient in various products promoted as beneficial due to the powerful antioxidant substances found in its composition. Another advertised benefit is that of lowering body weight and promoting healthier eating habits. The weight-losing benefits come from its caffeine-like effect that increase the fat burning rates, helping the body to break down fatty cells much faster.
The active compounds found in this plant that give its antioxidant effect have determined researchers to study this plant intensively. Benefits on the cardiovascular system, heart, joints, brain, and important anti-cancerous effects have been revealed as a result of the numerous trials and studies conducted so far. However, there are some worrying side effects to consider when using a green tea supplement such as digestive discomfort (including diarrhea), vomiting, liver problems, irregular heartbeat, confusion, and dizziness. In case any of these symptoms occur, the consumer should cease consumption and alert a specialized physician.

Spirulina is classified as blue-green algae scientifically known as Arthrospira platensis. It is a unicellular microorganism that lives in freshwater environments. It is considered beneficial for the human health due to its antioxidant qualities. The plant is one of the richest sources of beta carotene, the actual antioxidant chemical in its composition. Anti-cancer protection is one of the most advertised benefits of Spirulina, particularly of the natural sourced one.

Synthetic Spirulina does not seem to provide the same benefits. Other important benefits associated with consumption of adequate amounts of algae are the anti-ageing effects on the eyes and vision. As one of the richest source of vitamin B-12, it also offers brain protection and supports healthy cognitive function. Important amounts of essential minerals like Iron and Magnesium also seem to be provided by Spirulina. The most common side effects associated with these algae are allergic reactions. Also, consumers should be careful to choose high quality products due to toxic contamination of the harvesting environment.

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  • The formula is sold for a moderate price for a month’s supply and comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee
  • The formula includes researched active substances that seem to be generally safe for short term use
  • An order can be placed directly on the site of the manufacturer


  • Cerebral Superfoods reviews are unavailable at the moment
  • A list with all the active/inactive ingredients is not provided
  • The formula is not available in a free sample


Cerebral Superfoods is a dietary food promoted as the perfect support for healthy brain functions, an energy booster, brain cell growth and neural communication.
The manufacturer of this supplement is not a very popular company among nutritional supplements producers, but seems to offer numerous such products based on popular ingredients at the moment (amino acids, Nootropics, vitamins and minerals, Omega-3’s, etc.)

This formula is sold in 60 capsules bottles that ensure a month’s dosage for a user that sticks to the daily recommended dose. We could not find any information about the drug interactions associated with the formula or any special warning to be considered when using such a supplement. More so, it is not mentioned weather the supplement is also suited for children/adolescents under 18 years old.

The active ingredients in Cerebral Superfoods are indeed clinically researched nutrients, but the entire formula does not seem to be the subject of any clinical study. Our recommendation is to consult a healthcare professional before purchasing the supplement and make sure that it fits the individual needs of each consumer.

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