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Calm Essentials Review
Calm Essentials Review

PUBLISHED: 05/20/2013 by BR Publishing
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Calm Essentials

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This product is manufactured by Europharma, a company that was founded in 1997 in Green Bay, Wisconsin with the purpose of helping people from all over the world with revolutionary products and ingredients. Their leader, Terry Lemerond, has well over 40 years of experience in the supplementation domain. The company benefits greatly from this wealth of experience, which really shows in their merchandise and the way in which they make it. The supplements contain all type of bio plant oil softgels. Through this formulation of ingredients, their beneficial number of effects is considerably large. Their use will fight help the fight against stress, sleep deprivation, and other effects caused by nowadays society. It also boosts mood and helps relieve tension in the body.

Calm Essentials should be combined with a healthy lifestyle for the best results. If it is taken by smokers, people that tend to have a chaotic diet or are lazy, the beneficial effects are greatly reduced, due to the fact that their body is too weak. This product also has sedative properties, so that people who take it can really kick-back and enjoy some rest and peace, away from the crowded society and its noise.

Calm Essentials Ingredients

Calm Essentials contains the following ingredients: Citrus Reticulata, Bio-typed oil softgels, Basil, Exotic Verbena, extra virgin olive oil, gelatin, glycerin, and water.

Product Features

Calm Essentials is a supplement particularly made for people on which our busy, modern society take a great toll. Being able to relax in our days seems such a hard thing to do, mostly because of factors such as pollution, excessive noise, and an overflowing river of information.

Basil is one of the ingredients contained, and it has been tested and proven to have soothing effects, reduce stress, and promote relaxation, suggesting that this product promotes more mental than physical relaxation. If you stop and think about how the power of thought affects your entire life, you will be shocked. So this important factor can also bring our whole life up, or down, at extreme speeds.

Improving your mood is almost the most important thing of all, as positive thought has the most healing properties. This is all possible due to Calm Essentials and its relaxing and sedative properties, that should help most people take the edge off. There have not been any significant side-effects reported, but if this supplement is combined with other form of medicine, the side-effects are not yet known. Before taking any kind of pills you should always consult a doctor, or specialist in this matter.

Sale Price: $19.95

Free Trial* Available: No

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  • It will help the fight with stress and fatigue
  • It has sedative properties, for relaxation
  • It improves mood and reduces tension
  • Has a money-back guarantee and it can be purchased online safely


  • There is no free trial
  • Might trigger some allergies


The product is manufactured by Europharma, a leading company in the supplementation domain. Calm Essentials is particularly designed for people that have a hard time getting through the day without feeling stressed or fatigued. The ingredients contained are mixed in such a way that by taking this product, you will be able to relax and kick-back, while enjoying some of its benefits regarding mood. There are similar products available, but none of them have the same mix of ingredients, thus, they might not work as well as Calm Essentials. It should be taken only after consulting a health care practitioner, or a doctor.

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