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Cal-C-Life Assist Review
Cal-C-Life Assist Review

PUBLISHED: 11/03/2013 by BR Moderator
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Cal-C-Life Assist

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Cal-C-Life Assist represents a natural remedy that seeks to enhance some bodily systems and functions which include the immunity system, the bones, cartilage and teeth and skin aspect in adults whose aging effects have started being noticeable. The supplement manufactured by Future Health should consequently prevent some diseases such as common cold or the flu, and fasten wound healing.

The name of the manufacturing company is strongly related to their beliefs and reasons for which they’ve built this business in the first place. The company states that the power of integrative medicine is really important and that each individual should have a personalized therapeutic plan that should help promote healthy aging. Furthermore, the manufacturer states that the future of natural medicine relies in a combination of emerging tests and ways that help people receive personalized treatment in order to enhance overall well-being and prevent certain illnesses.

Cal-C-Life Assist is based on Vitamin C, an essential nutrient which enjoys great antioxidant effects. However, there are some herbal extracts which were included to improve the effects of the vitamin in the long run.

Cal-C-Life Assist represents a good diet addition for individuals whose health condition has been influenced by bad dieting and lack of exercising.

Cal-C-Life Assist Ingredients

Cal-C-Life Assist contains the following ingredients: Vitamin C (Buffered Ascorbic Acid), Acerola Cherry Extract, Rose Hips Powder, Broccoli Sproud Extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids, and stevia Extract.

Product Features

Cal-C-Life Assist is promoted as a product designed to provide daily recommended amounts of Vitamin C in order to enhance bone structure and prevent the damaging effects of free radicals in people over 30 years of age. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins with multiple benefits against free radicals. most often, it is recommended to boost the immune system function, but may also assist with accelerated wound healing capacities, hypertension and anti-allergenic properties.

Cal-C-Life Assist also features a Stevia extract, from a plant originated in South America. We assume that the herb was included in this formula due to it high content of glycosiders such as steviosides. Studies revealed that steviosides possess antifungal and antimicrobial properties which help the organism protect better.

Another essential ingredient found in Cal-C-Life Assist is Rose Hips. This herb is rich in Vitamin C and basically shares the many uses of Vitamin C that include treating flues and colds and preventing potential deficiencies. On the other hand, there are certain side-effects that may appear along with its consumption which include headaches, stomach cramps, constipation, irritation and inability to sleep. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid its use unless under medical surveillance.

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  • The formula features an important vitamin, important for overall health as well as some herbs that were included to enhance its effects
  • It is good for elderly people because it reduces unwanted aging effects
  • The formula can be taken by vegetarians and vegans


  • There isn’t sufficient information linked to the potential side-effects of the product
  • There is no mention about FDA and GMP approval
  • The manufacturer’s website is unfunctional at the time of this review, hence you may come across some trouble in your quest for aditional information


Presented as a multifunctional remedy that influences a wide array of bodily processes, Cal-C-Life Assist is mainly suggested as a natural approach for individuals who want to benefit from healthy aging. This means that the product helps reduce some negative effects that free radicals may have throughout time. If the treatment is followed accordingly, people can avoid developing some common diseases like colds and flus while also preparing the organism to face some bacteria or viruses. All in all, this may be a good nutritional supplement for who who think their dieting and exercising aren’t enough to ensure health as they approach old age. The formula bears little differentiation from other Vitamin C based supplement, making it one of the numerous supplements out there.

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