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BSN Nitrix Review
BSN Nitrix Review

PUBLISHED: 06/13/2013 by BR Publishing
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BSN Nitrix

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BSN Nitrix is presented as a dietary supplement which targets the enhancing of physical endurance as well as strength in healthy individuals who have an exercising program on a regular basis. The business that designed and it’s currently delivering the remedy to the public is called BSN which is in fact an abbreviation for Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition.

The company was founded in 2001 and has become in time one of the leaders of the nutritional supplementation market on a global level. Their success can be observed through their awards which extend to fifty in a six year basis. Nowadays, it possesses more than forty thousand trailers and reached areas from more than ninety countries. Moreover, it possesses GMP certification, meaning that the manufacturing processes are of good quality and apply to the current standards of natural supplements.

BSN Nitrix contains ingredients such as amino-acids, minerals, as well as some patented ingredients which should have a positive impact on specific areas of the organism, thus leading to an improvement in the muscular tissue. On the other hand, during its use individuals should properly hydrate because otherwise there are increased chances of causing more harm than good to the body.

BSN Nitrix Ingredients

BSN Nitrix contains the following ingredients: Folate, ACE3, L-Arginine (AKG and Ethyl-Ester), L-Citruline, Phosphoplexx, Di-Calcium, Di-Potassium and Sodium Phosphates, AVPT, Beta-Alanine, Malic Acid, Nicotinamine, Adenine Dinucleotide, Creatine-Alpha-AMinobutyric Acid, and Hydroxypropyl Mettylcellulose.

Product Features

Presented as a dietary product that focuses on the enhancement of muscular strength as well as endurance in individuals who don’t suffer from medical conditions, BSN Nitrix features a mixture between minerals, amino-acids, as well as some formulas patented by its producer. For example, within its main ingredients, folic acid may be mentioned.

Studies showed that this component is in fact a water-soluble vitamin from the B group. Some foods such as asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, bananas, yeast, and beans contain it in reliable quantities. Moreover, in 1998 it was added to flour, bread, cereals, pasta, cookies, and crackers due to some requirements from the government. On a more specific level, this ingredient is used to increase the health of the cardiovascular system.

Due to the fact that it is a part of the normal development of the human body and it’s involved in the DNA production and other bodily functions, it positively affects the entire body. Therefore, it may increase cognitive circulation, thus enhancing memory and preventing oxidative damage. During the workout, its levels are normal, the workout has less chances to result in fatigue and other muscular issues. On the other hand, there are certain side effects that can appear on its use which include skin reactions, confusion, rashes and an upset stomach.

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  • There is a military discount attached to BSN Nitrix on online purchases
  • The company is GMP certified
  • Specifically targets endurance and strength enhancement linked to the muscular tissues


  • BSN Nitrix may be difficult to use at first
  • Some people believe it’s too expensive
  • There is a high number of ingredients, thus people who are hypersensitive to any of them should avoid its consumption


Advertised as a supplement suggested for individuals who follow a regular exercising program and want to improve their muscular endurance and strength, BSN Nitrix contains a reliable number of ingredients within which the ones with the higher impact are amino-acids and vitamins, some of which scientifically proved. The producer is GMP certified, meaning that the manufacturing processes are of good quality and according to the current standards of nutrition. On the other hand, it is suggested to avoid utilization of other gluten-based products because it may interact with its effects which can lead to either complications or uselessness of the treatment.

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