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BrainStrong Adult Review
BrainStrong Adult Review

PUBLISHED: 07/23/2012 by brreader
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BrainStrong Adult

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BrainStrong Adult is a brain supplement designed to support the protection of the brain against cognitive decline caused by aging. The formula is designed for adults of all ages.

The manufacturing company is i-Health, a division of the global science-based company DSM. i-Health specializes in developing, marketing and distributing of branded products which support a healthy lifestyle. BrainStrong Adult belongs to the BrainStrong line of products.

The formula contains 900mg/serving of the essential Omega-3 fatty acid DHA. According to the manufacturer, the product contains life’s DHA, a fish-free source of DHA from algae.. The manufacturer claims a recent clinical study conducted on adults over 55 years old with mild memory issues who took 900mg/day of life’s DHA for a period of 6 month revealed improvement in their short-term memory.

BrainStrong Adult Ingredients

BrainStrong Adult contains the following ingredients: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid from algae oil), BrainStrong Proprietary Blend (L-theanine, green tea extract), rice bran oil, vegetable wax, gelatin, glycerin, water, and colors (annatto, carmine and carob).

Product Features

BrainStrong Adult is a formula advertised as a nutritional supplement designed for adults of all ages for the support of brain health. The main active ingredient is a premium DHA extracted from microalgae harvested and processed in specialized facilities.

There is research which claim that DHA extracted from vegetable sources is more efficient than the one extracted from fish oil. The deficiency of DHA has been linked to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. The Omega-3 fatty acid is considered vital for the brain and eye development in infants which use maternal milk as main source of DHA.

L-theanine, another core benefit of the formula, is a widely-researched, non-essential amino acid, with proven benefits in increasing focus, immune system strength, and inducing a state of relaxation for the body and mind.

BrainStrong Adult recommended use is 3 soft-gels daily taken at once or separately. It is not necessary to be taken with food. It is not suitable for children.

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  • Clinically researched ingredients
  • Vegetable source for the extract of DHA
  • Contains a form of DHA claimed to be the only one clinically shown to improve memory
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Reviews generally positive from consumers


  • Contains colorants and glycerin;
  • Not FDA approved.


BrainStrong Adult is marketed as an effective product for the protection of the brain against mental decline caused by natural aging and for increasing mental clarity. The formula contains a total of 900mg/serving of life’s DHA Omega-3 fatty acid.

One of the particularities of the formula is that the DHA used in this formula is from a vegetable source (microalgae) produced in a facility approved by the FDA and with the compliance with the current GMP practices. However, this is not a FDA approved product, and informing the healthcare professional before using it, as with all nutritional supplements, is mandatory.

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BrainStrong Adult Reviewbrreader22016-04-29 12:09:31
BrainStrong Adult Review
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4 User Reviews about BrainStrong Adult
    • 2

      Please head to the manufacturer’s website for information on benefits and potential side effects. A consult with your healthcare provider would be most appropriate to establish whether this may work for you in particular,

      BR Administrator

  1. 3

    I am trying to find something for my mother to help with her memory. Shehad a stroke about three years ago and her merory is continueing to decline since then. My concern is how Brainstrong with interact with
    her prescription medications. SHe is on several different Medications. THank You for your reply

    • 4

      Hi Linette,

      Brainstrong contains DHA, which is generally safe in both children and adults. However, the formula also contains a proprietary blend of L-theanine and Green Tea extract. The Green Tea extract may contain caffeine and it may interact with your mother’s medication. Therefore, we advise you to discuss this with her doctor (the one who prescribed the medication). Based on her treatment, the doctor is the only one entitled to say if Brainstrong is safe or not.

      BR Editor