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BrainSense Review
BrainSense Review

PUBLISHED: 09/25/2017 by BR Publishing
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BrainSense is a nootropic dietary supplement that promotes better focus, concentration, and memory. It uses several ingredients that have been used in the traditional and modern system to treat problems relating to ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and other health conditions. It is sold in bottles that contain 60 capsules at an average price of $70 per unit. The supplement is designed and manufactured in the USA by “Leading Edge Health” who offers a 60-days money-back guarantee that client can take advantage of to try the supplement without financial risk.


BrainSense contains the following ingredients: Vitamin B12, Panax Ginseng, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Blueberry extract, and Phosphatidyl Serine.

Product Features

BrainSense is a nootropic supplement meant to enhance the body’s natural concentration and memory. Individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental condition that affects their memory or concentration can direct any queries they may have with their healthcare provider. No adverse effects have been reported for the supplement when used as directed.

This product was formulated to be used daily and features mostly natural ingredients to promote increased concentration. Clear directions are not indicated online; however, the 60-capsules bottle can be considered a one-month supply of the supplement. It has following important ingredients.

Vitamin B12: this essential vitamin ensures that the brain, the nervous system, the blood cells and other vital organs develop and function properly.

Blueberry Extract: contains vitamin C and several antioxidants. It could also help reduce the risk of urinary infections.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: It is an amino acid that is naturally found in the body and assists in energy production. It is used to address Alzheimer’s disease, memory problems relating to age and lack of concentration caused by alcoholism.

Phosphatidyl Serine: This ingredient is used to increase physical stamina, treat concentration and attention problems related to Alzheimer’s disease and issues relating to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Panax Ginseng: It is an adaptogen compound that helps the body better deal with stress and anxiety. It has also been used to repair muscle injuries after a workout or extended periods of exercise. Furthermore, it improves memory, treats chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and anxiety.

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  • The supplement used ingredients known to address memory and focus issues related to various conditions affecting the brain.
  • A 60-days money-back guarantee backs the product.


  • The cost of the product is a bit high for some potential customers.
  • The amounts of ingredients are not disclosed.
  • Little evidence is provided that the supplement works as the manufacturer claims.
  • Consumer reviews are not available on established retailer websites.


BrainSense contains several ingredients that have been traditionally used to address memory problems relating to ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and other health issues that can decrease concentration and memory. Most of the active ingredients used in the supplement are disclosed, and the manufacturer also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. The cost of the supplement is a bit high for individuals who may want to use it in the long run. Also, little evidence is provided that the product works as it claims. Customers may prefer a supplement that has been more rigorously tested to prove its claims and is sold at an affordable price. Considering that such options are available in the market today, perhaps consumers can choose a supplement that can meet such basic informational demands.

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