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BrainON Review
BrainON Review

PUBLISHED: 06/06/2017 by BR Publishing
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BrainON is a proprietary cognitive enhancement product for anyone who wants to increase their memory, focus, concentration and learning ability. This product is ideal for anyone looking to perform at a higher level. The company behind this product is “E3Live” who claims that they are the only harvester of the AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae Algae) and that they can bring it while in the form of fresh-frozen liquid. The AFA is natural blue – green alga that is found in Klamath Lake, Oregon, United States. This alga is rich in various nutrients, including more than 65 vitamins, amino acids, minerals and essential fatty acids.


BrainON contains the following ingredients: BrainON includes the following ingredients: Concentrated Organic and Kosher E3AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) extract of Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Phycocyanin, vegetable cellulose capsule.

Product Features

Almost everyone has heard of blue-green algae as it was sold in the United States for over half a century. However, the United States now seems to have little awareness of E3Live blue algae and its potential health benefits. Blue-green algae (AFA) are the most ancient food and very first protein on our planet! At the bottom of food chain, the blue-green algae are literally the most nutrient rich food (ounce per ounce) ever created by nature. Only a few of the 30,000 species of algae are blue-green, having been the first body on Earth to use solar energy for food (photosynthesis).

BrainON is an organic E3AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) extract of phenylethylamine (PEA) and phycocyanin (both are the natural ingredients found in blue-green algae). It contains the AFA, an ingredient that can help promote focus and balanced mood. The PEA (often found in chocolate) is a natural extract from the AFA and research suggests that it can support a positive mood balance and will give you the ability to handle daily stress by modulating the release of neurotransmitters (noradrenaline and dopamine). It can also promote clear thinking and an approach to give you optimal cognitive function. Clinical research suggests that phycocyanin can support healthy responses in cases of inflammation of the entire body. This product is free of chemicals.

Ready-to-use (gelatin-free) capsule forms of BrainON are perfect for traveling and camping when refrigeration for frozen BrainON is available.

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  • Improve the mood with PEA and provides all the possible benefits of AFA
  • Contribute to improving focus and concentration, lowers stress, one’s ability to function at higher level and promotes health and well-being


  • Because of its organic ingredients, this supplement tastes mild therefore some people may have a problem taking it straight up.
  • It is one of the most expensive supplements when you compare it to other products of the same potency and efficacy.
  • If precautions are not taken into account, drug interactions may occur like nervousness, headache and confusion.


BrainON is one of the most expensive cognitive booster supplements on the market today. It is a supplement for anyone who wants to increase the capacities of memory, focus, and attention for an extended time. If you experience side effects from using this supplement, stop using it and contact your doctor immediately. Do not take this product if you are taking prescription medications, plan to become pregnant, pregnant, or breastfeeding. Otherwise, consult your family physician or healthcare professional before use. Keep away from children in a cool, dry place to avoid getting hydration that may decrease its quality.

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BrainON ReviewBR Publishing32017-06-06 05:03:03
BrainON Review
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