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Brain Shield Review
Brain Shield Review

PUBLISHED: 05/29/2014 by brreader
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Brain Shield

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Brain Shield is a nutritional supplement advertised to nourish and offer support to the brain’s own natural defense and regenerative mechanisms. This way, the formula manufactured by Life Extension is claimed to help consumers achieve better cognitive performance under a number of aspects, including memory, occasional stress and headaches associated to daily tension. The manufacturing company offers more than 350 different formulations developed for a broad spectrum of conditions. Over 30 years of industry experience and millions of dollars invested in research and development make Life Extension one of the most popular U.S. dietary supplements manufacturer. The company periodically issues a magazine dedicated to health, as well as others books on prevention and treatment of wide-spread diseases.

The formula being reviewed is based on a single active ingredient, which is an extract of a traditional Chinese orchid called Gastrodia elata. The substance derived from this plant is known as gastrodin and has enjoyed quite a lot of attention from the scientific world over the past decade. Studies have focused on demonstrating the substance’s brain performance enhancing effects.

Brain Shield is offered for the general use of adults who may experience age related cognitive decline or who wish to overcome the potential negative impact of daily life tension and stress. The supplement is claimed to produced noticeable effects in as little as thirty days from use, however dosage should be established taking in account other dietary supplements or drugs a patient is using at the same time.

Brain Shield Ingredients

Brain Shield contains the following ingredients: Calcium (as dicalcium phosphate), Brain Shield Gastrodin, vegetable cellulose (capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, silica, and vegetable stearate.

Product Features

The formula manufactured by Life Extension suggests an innovative approach to brain health through the protective action of the gastrodin compound derived from an exotic orchid originated in China. Apparently, Chinese medicine practitioners have been using this plant for a long time to treat a range of cognitive issues including vertigo, seizures and paralysis.

One of the most impressive properties of the extract seems to be its neuro-regenerative benefits, meaning it can help brain cells regenerate. In the light of recent research, it appears that what once was believed impossible is in fact possible. The brain has its own self-healing mechanisms that gastrodin can access and catalyze. Brain aging and related processes (memory loss, depression, mood swings, etc) can therefore be prevented at some level.

Research has shown that the key active substance can enhance blood flow to the brain for optimum oxygenation of brain cells. Also, gastrodin can boost production of GABA, the key inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. This way, a calm state of being is promoted and brain hyperactivity is prevented.

The substance has been shown to reduce seizures probability, diabetic neuropathy and migraine headaches.

Brain Shield reviews are available in moderate numbers and people praise the formula–s increased level of effectiveness and safety Brain Shield side effects are not mentioned by the manufacturer, and existing research indicates that daily doses of less than 600 mg are safe for most people.

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  • The active substance is clinically researched with positive results being noted for cognitive and brain health
  • The formula is based on an innovative ingredient extracted from a Chinese orchid species
  • Money back guarantee available
  • Consumers generally report positive results after using the supplement in as little as 30 days
  • Additional discounts offered for members


  • No side effects, precautions or interactions are mentioned for the formula
  • Research involving the core ingredient is in its incipient phase


As with most dietary supplements, the answer to the question “What is Brain Shield” is never straightforward. Many brain formulas advertise benefits that cannot be proven or can only be partially proven by existing research. This dietary supplement makes no exception. The main ingredient gastrodin seems to have been studied in relation with a number of health concerns, including vertigo, memory loss, anxiety, seizures, diabetic neuropathy, migraine headaches, and brain blood flow. However, clear conclusions cannot be drawn at the time of this review.

The manufacturer is an experienced company, which offers membership advantages for consumers who decide to join their program, including an auto-ship option and additional discounts. Numerous other alternatives exist which promise similar results, this is why we recommend that you talk to a healthcare provider and take an informed decision.

Consumer reviews can also be consulted online and help you make up your mind.

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Brain Shield Review
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