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Brain Salon Review
Brain Salon Review

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2013 by BR Publishing
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Brain Salon

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Brain Salon is a collection of recordings offered to improve mental state and advertises benefits like increased focus and concentration, enhanced mood and energy, increased creativity and a restful sleep. This audio compilation of MP3s is developed by Inspire3 which has created other top products designed to improve brain performance, such as Hypnosis Live, Brain Salon and Sleep Salon.

The starting point for the development of such products is the belief that the potential of the human brain is incommensurable, but without proper techniques the brain does not function at optimal levels. Using techniques based on sounds created to resonate with the brainwaves frequencies, important parts of the brain can be accessed improving essential abilities and skills.

The compilation comes as a scientifically proven and highly effective tool that will alter your mental state in a positive way in 6 sessions of only 30 minutes each. Brain Salon is suitable for adults who believe in the benefits that a healthy mind can bring on their entire way of thinking and living.

This set of audios promises to offer a highly effective support through a total of six sessions designed to bring specific states of mind. The MP3s are claimed to be the result of 100 years of brainwave research. The audios are advertised to combine inaudible pulses with soothing natural sounds that recreate certain brainwave signatures and have the power of bringing about certain beneficial states of mind.

Brain Salon Ingredients

Brain Salon contains the following ingredients: Not applicable.

Product Features

Brain Salon is a collection of 6 audio recordings that promises to promote positive states of mind within minutes. The technique is known as brainwave entrainment which is used to recreate the brain’s unique electrical patterns specific for each state of mind (focus, relaxation, sleep, happiness, etc.). The six MP3s are described as follows:
“Happy Pill” is designed to help you enjoy an extraordinary boost in your mood that allows you to overcome stress and day-to-day problems more easily.
”Creative Spark” will help you get a different perspective on things and create, conceptualize and come up with innovative solutions in any type of situation.
The “Power Chill” is designed to promote a deep relaxation while helping you recharge and improve mood.
The “High Energy Espresso” is marketed as the perfect antidote to a lethargic mind, guaranteeing a sharper thinking and optimal physical and mental edge.
The “Razor Sharp” is marketed as perfect for those situations where intense concentration and focus are required.
The “Ultra deep Sleep” promises to gently guide you into a deep and reinvigorating slumber.

Brain Salon is highly popular among users of such products. Positive testimonials are available for online consultation from various different sources. This collection is not recommended for pregnant women and people who suffer from epilepsy or severe mental disease.

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  • The price is lower than that of similar compilations
  • A 100 Money-back guarantee and free trial are available (for a period of 60 days)
  • A large number of customers support the claimed benefits
  • The company behind this compilation designed other top products highly appreciated by the users.


  • The product is not clinically researched
  • Shipping charges are not included in the price and vary depending on the country of delivery
  • The product is placed in the high end of the price range


Brain Salon is a compilation of audio tracks containing 6 CDs in an MP3 format. It is claimed as an innovative product for people who believe in the many benefits of brain entrainment technique. The audio collection comes to complete the Brain Evolution System program offered by the same developer. A lifetime support, a User Manual (containing instructions with the best ways to use this product) and 100% money back guarantee also come with your audio compilation.

Although this is relatively expensive, this product seems to be a cheaper alternative to those offered by the competitors and bring similar claimed benefits. The developer offers the alternative of two equal installments. Given the fact the some side effects of brainwave technology have been reported, it is best to ask a specialized opinion before using it.

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Brain Salon Review
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