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Brain Formula Review
Brain Formula Review

PUBLISHED: 06/02/2017 by BR Publishing
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Brain Formula

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Brain Formula provides a healthier and alternative method to improve cognitive performance compared to things like Adderall or caffeine pills. Prescription medications can have many side effects and are not ideal for long-term use, but most natural nootropics are highly efficient and virtually risk-free. It is designed and manufactured by a reputable company called “Optimal Effects.” They claim their product can help those with memory problems and short attention spans and reaching the levels they need to be active members of society. The brain formula is another example of brain stimulants on the market today, seeking to increase your ability to focus and concentrate while using a combination of safe ingredients.


Brain Formula contains the following ingredients: Brain Formula includes the following ingredients: Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene) 2,400IU 48%, Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 125mg 417%, Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol) 100IU 25%, Vitamin E (as dl Alpha Tocopheryl 50%) 30 IU 100%, Thiamin B1 (as Thiamine Mononitrate) 3mg 200%, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.7mg 100%, Vitamin B3 (Niacine) 12.5mg 75%, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal Phosphate) 12mg 750%, Folate, Folic Acid Pure 400 MCG 100%, Biotin 1% 3 MCG 3%, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 12 MG 120%, Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate) 20MG 2%, Iron (as Ferrous Fumarate) 1 MG 6%, Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide 58%) 50MG 12%, Zinc (Oxide) 10MG 67%, Selenomethionine (Amino Acid Chelate 0.2%) 50MCG, Copper (Gluconate 13%) 52MCG 3% Magnesese (Sulphate 20%) 400MCG 20%, Chromium (Oolynicotinate) 12MCG 10%, Molybdenum (Amino Chelate) 10MCG, Potassium (Citrate 36%) 50MG, Synergistic and Proprietary Formulation 692MG – DMAE Bitrate (Dimethylaminoethanol), L-Glutamine, Glutamic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Bacopa Extract, Choline (Bitartrate), Inositol, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Gaba (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) Grape Seed Extract, Grape Fruit Seed Extract, Olive Leaf, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Boron (Citrate), DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 14%, Vanadyl Sulfate 19%, Phosphatidylserine 20%, Huperzine A. Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose (Vegetable Capsule), Rice Flower, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

Product Features

Brain formula works by combining a mixture of organic ingredients that contribute to a particular target; helping you concentrate. It can increase your learning skills and cognitive abilities by taking advantage of the many natural vitamins and compounds that have been shown to help the principal parts of the brain associated with the focus and attention. Many of these ingredients have been researched to help focus and memory because of their beneficial effects on Alzheimer’s. Read on to find exactly what ingredients go into the preparation of this supplement, and exactly what each of them contributes.

Vitamin C – naturally helps the body with balancing stress hormone levels as well as muscle recovery. Prevalent in many vegetables and fruits, those lacking should definitely consider taking this supplement.

Vitamin B6, B12, folic acid – are all B vitamins that help in the transformation of cellular energy as well as cellular reproduction. They have a critical role in brain processes and performance.

DMAE – it increases the levels of neurotransmitters that are specific to memory and learning. The primary neurotransmitter DMAE works with is acetylcholine. Since glutamate and acetylcholine are the two most essential neurotransmitters in memory and learning, so it makes sense to see this ingredient in this supplement.

Alpha-lipoic acid – a powerful antioxidant that is responsible for ensuring the least damage caused by free radicals.

Vinpocetine – this ingredient is an extract from a plant called “vinka.” It is associated with benefits for people struggling with dementia and short-term memory loss.

Huperzine-A – This is a compound that is firmly bound to acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is one of the most powerful neurotransmitters in the brain when it comes to focusing, learning, and retention. There are some enzymes in the brain that are responsible for the degradation of acetylcholine. The function of huperzine-A is to inhibit the function of these enzymes, which leaves more acetylcholine.

Choline – This is a natural neurotransmitter associated with memory and learning. It is essential for communication between the brain and the body.

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  • The formula is entirely natural and improves various aspects of cognitive function
  • Price discounts are provided for larger orders and is also backed up by a 30-day money back guarantee


  • Some people have reported negative experience using this supplement like a headache, nervousness and GI distress.
  • It does not stack up to some of the top dogs in the nootropic’s market.


This supplement is recommended for those who want to combat a cognitive decline on multiple levels. The product is offered at a reasonable price, especially if consumers take advantage of the multi-buy discounts. It would be useful to see the details with regard to the ingredients as then the actual potency, quality and efficacy can be judged effectively. While brain formula is not enough to fight the advanced stages of cognitive impairment, it will help slow down the process, keeping the brain healthy and alert.

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