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Brain Evolution System Review
Brain Evolution System Review

PUBLISHED: 11/21/2013 by BR Technical
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Brain Evolution System

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Brain Evolution System is offered as a highly effective and scientifically based method to achieve important physical and cognitive benefits such as: increased energy, reduced negative thoughts and stress, increased focus and ability to cope with daily problems, enhanced social skills, higher creativity and innovative skills, etc. This product is the creation of Infinite Minds, a company that was founded in 2010 with the purpose of helping people reach their full potentials through various products like Ultimate Memory, Think Fast: How to Increase Your IQ, and Brain Salon (currently being developed).

The product promises to double the learning ability of its users. The product uses the brainwave entrainment technology based on the premise that the brain responds positively to certain sound frequencies. This enables the brain to increase its potential and in time to learn how to access all the information without any external stimuli. This is called “brain entrainmen” and is one of the newest and most effective meditation technologies.

Brain Evolution System is marketed as a non-invasive solution to achieve peak brain performance through a set of advanced techniques integrated in an effective sound therapy that includes a combination of binaural beats and isochronic/rhythmic tones.

Brain Evolution System Ingredients

Brain Evolution System contains the following ingredients: Not applicable.

Product Features

Brain Evolution System is created to offer a large variety of health benefits by enhancing the brain’s capacity to optimal levels. This allows people to experience unprecedented mental acuity, learning capacity, creativity, focus and concentration while being able to better respond to stressful situations and negative events.

Research in this field has demonstrated that certain sound patterns have an unimaginable influence on the cognitive function and can activate parts of the brain responsible for learning, problem solving, creativity, motivation, and stress response. The program also guarantees to give you almost limitless energy that allows you to fulfill daily tasks and reduces the sleep requirement.
The program is structured as a six-level meditation program divided into 30-minute brain entrainment audio tracks. For maximum benefits, a total of 6 tracks per week are recommended. The CDs provide enough tracks for 6 months. Each audio consists of special sounds designed to influence the brainwave progressively and create patterns that help the brain achieve new performance levels.

Brain Evolution System is not unique in terms of the support used (audio recordings) or the techniques and technology used. Other reputable developers have created audio compilations to induce meditation state and offer similar benefits. However this is claimed as the best product on the market and those who have used the formula seem to support the claimed benefits of the program.

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  • There is a 30-days free trial period available
  • A money-back guarantee is offered in the first 7 months
  • Online purchasing is secured
  • There is a large number of positive reviews
  • A large number of audio tracks is available for an advanced support


  • The developer is not very experienced (it was founded only three years ago); however, the product is new in terms of technology and research
  • There is no scientific evidence that the program is effective
  • The price is considered moderately high by some clients


Although Brain Evolution System seems an expensive product it is only fair to say that the support if offers is complex (the first month is for beginners, the next five are designed to help the user to reach advanced levels). The developer offers several important additional benefits such as: a user manual, lifetime support, a 30-day free trial period (which is more than the competitors usually offer) and a seven-month guarantee. Moreover, if the user expresses his will to terminate the program anytime within the 30 days of trial, he will not be charged for the product. All information regarding the ordering conditions are available on the dedicated presentation site.

Considering the large number of positive testimonials and the many benefits that come with using this product, it is our advice to at least try the free trial period and draw your own conclusions regarding the potential benefits.

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