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Brain Dust Review
Brain Dust Review

PUBLISHED: 03/13/2016 by brreader
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Brain Dust

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Brain Dust is a dietary supplement available in the form of powder and advertised to possess potent adaptogenic benefits. It is a blend of botanical extracts, including Astragalus, Lion’s Mane, Shilajit, Maca, Rhodiola, Stevia, and Gingko Biloba which will work to help the body better cope with stress (emotional, physical, or mental). Direct benefits may include support for the immune system (which is usually lower when faced with stressful situations), improved cognitive capacity in terms of clarity, alertness, memory, and creativity, and improving the body’s capacity to respond to stress and reach a balanced and optimal state of well-being as soon as possible.

The formula is manufactured by a company known as Moon juice, a brand that enjoys a large amount of popularity among Hollywood’s famous people. The brand strives to offer access to a holistic lifestyle, offering a variety of health foods and drinks (bars, nuts, smoothies, powders, etc) as well as natural beauty products. The company is based in California.

The supplement comes in glass bottles to preserve its potency and effectiveness. The ingredients are organic and wild-crafted, according to the manufacturer.


Brain Dust contains the following ingredients: Brain Dust proprietary blend (4g): Astragalus, Lion’s Mane, Shilajit, Maca, Rhodiola, Stevia, and Gingko.

Product Features

The formula features six ingredients, plus Stevia as an herbal sweetener. One of the ingredients is the famous Ginkgo Biloba, which has important antioxidant and brain enhancing properties. Traditional Medicine practitioners have known its healing properties for hundreds of years, and modern medicine does not fall short in making the most of this ancient knowledge. Modern day research involving ginkgo is trying to find applications in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, cochlear deafness, macular degeneration, cerebral atherosclerosis, dementia, peripheral vascular disease, short-term memory loss, tinnitus, or vertigo, and the list can go on. Ginkgo Biloba works by improving blood flow to the brain and other peripheral areas, this is why it is particularly beneficial to the brain’s oxygenation.

Ginkgo usually has few side effects which include stomach upset, headaches, skin reactions, and dizziness. It may increase the risk of bleeding and interfere with blood clotting medication.

Lion’s Mane or Hericium Erinaceu is a mushroom and one of the most reputable natural nootropics known to men. It apparently works by increasing Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) levels in the human brain, a hormone linked to increased neuronal growth rates and which may boost synaptic plasticity of the brain. The mushroom is yet to be scientifically proven effective; nonetheless it is known to contain approximately 30 active substances such as minerals (Potassium, Zinc, Iron, and Selenium), amino acids, and polypeptides and polysaccharides. No signs of toxicity or side effects (other than minor allergic reactions in rare cases) have been associated.

Four grams of Brain Dust should be dissolved in hot or cold water (vegetable milk, tea, etc) and consumed as such, daily. No side effects or precautions are mentioned by the manufacturer.

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Sale Price: $50.00

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon.com


  • The formula is highly popular and enjoys good reviews
  • The ingredients are organic and wild-crafted, and the formula is low in sugar (hence can be used by people on diets or suffering from diabetes)
  • The formula received a large number of positive testimonials


  • The formula is a premium product, hence the price is high
  • The manufacturer does not mention the potency of the ingredients used
  • There seems to be no money-back guarantee policy available for any of the Moon Juice products


Brain Dust is a nootropic supplement designed to assist people in times of stress, irrespective of its origin. This is not a unique formulation. What is different about it is that the ingredients are organic, wild-crafted and it comes in glass jars that help better ensure its potency. This is a premium product; therefore the attention to details is increased. The price is high, and a jar can last for approximately 15 days of use at the daily recommended dose, which means that for a full month’s supply you have to order two jars.

In case you are on the go, the company also offers the formula as an 8oz bottle, for the price of $8. A jar with 15 servings costs roughly $50, and the formula can be bought both online and offline, from the two shops the brand operates at the time of the review.

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Brain Dust Review
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